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Comments on Mr. Doug Weller’s Letter About

Semir Osmanagic and the Phony Pyramids in Bosnia


Image of Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun created by Colette Dowell


A Picture of Semir Osmanagic Scheme of Bosnia's Pyramid Farce.


I (Colette) get pretty cynical in this reply…………..

I am sick of Semir and his exploitations, lies, schemes and all of his followers.

They are telling lies and insulting scientists and researchers who have many credible degrees.

Yes, I (Colette) hit hard on this………read it if you choose.

Bosnia and Semir with his groupies have been most unpleasant to deal with

and to us and many others, it has been (and still is) a very gross experience.………….

so ----just warning you here on this….

Thanks, Colette


Thank you Doug –you made some very strong points.

  Image of Bosnian Pyramid Builder with Semir Osmanagic photograph by Colette Dowell

        The propaganda spreads on Semir's pyramids, but only on forums dedicated to this subject. This means it is starting to die off, that is good; Bosnia is becoming an international dead issue. We are taking a break from all of this and are sitting back watching as Semir plays his game out with the politicians, the economy, the believers, the non-believers, the whole bit in Bosnia. In the future it should die off at a loss of respect rather than a gain for respect for Bosnia if the true hearted Bosnians do not get this under control and stop it now. This is not the fault of most of the Bosnians, but a result of the few in charge of the economy and politics. As predicted, the children are now being mislead and schooled in a false history of Bosnia. This image below was created for an article that is in progress that will state actual events that transpired on the main street in Visoko concerning a little girl and the ‘pyramids.’


Image of Bosnian Pyramid in Visoko with girl photograph taken and created by Colette Dowell

        It is terrible this grand farce has gained so much negative attention for Bosnia instead of credible undertakings and wonderful aspirations for years to come. Instead, ‘the pyramids’ will be a bad memory of milking much money from the pockets of tax-paying citizens and anxious tourists alike. The people who were interested in the archaeology of Bosnia now realize there are no pyramids there. Bosnia and her pyramids are not even in the international news any more. However, some European producers are taking advantage of this scandal and are making documentaries for television --hey, they have to make money too from this --any one who can squeeze some dough from this will try to.


        The only press Semir Osmanagic is getting for his pyramids and books is promotion from politicians & investors that plan to build hotels and interstates or people who have hidden agendas. (”Violeta” – a paper company distributing toilet paper; that is a superb subliminal marketing technique and great for national pride --pyramids all the way - everyday.) Oh, and there are the ‘players’ in cyber space who promise to promote and get money for Semir and the foundation by spreading disinformation. Great --it is all perfect; perfect players, perfect setup, and it will all fall flat on its face one day at the cost of the vulnerable. But, egos will be fed, (that is more important than the babies) and big corporations will make much profit while tax payers will loose. But hey, in 2012 it will be all right. Bosnia will beam out cosmic signals and everything will be spiritual and surreal and the whole world will be --


 Oh, so much better!

Oh, so much better!”


        Anyway, now that the elections are over and hopefully the proper ‘people’ are in, new things will come to Bosnia's infrastructure. However, they will not last as you cannot continue to eat ice cream in a cone while it melts and drips through the bottom of the cone and becomes yucky-sticky goo. Where will these interstates take tourists? What hotels will house tourists when there are no credible pyramids to go to and the public has been spoofed? It will end up either the educated will leave Bosnia saying, Good grief, I got suckered into that?” or the ignorant ones leaving and thinking, Boy, this was really grand, we must do this again.” Is it the latter some Bosnian’s are wagering on?


        There are rumors and fears of the Easterners being afraid of the Westerners, the Muslims are against the Christians, the Nationalists vs. the anti-Nationalists and bla-bla-bla; it gets complicated and somewhat stupendous when you follow the message boards and read the postings. There will be a few remaining reports to fulfill and images to publish, but, in the future, Bosnia is in the past. The ‘believers’ can have their hero and they can yell and insult each other, play foul, name call, send hate mail, make stupid remarks and post perversely plagiarized material.


        The ‘Bosnian Pyramid’ situation has left many in outrage on both sides --pro and con. Bosnia just really didn't need this. The politicians misjudged along with the investors and they fell into Semir's ‘international economical political science trap’ --now Semir is a puppet and must keep acting out the drama while his father Muris, ‘the Marionette’ helps by yanking his strings behind the curtain choreographing the ‘song and dance.’ Sorry state for Bosnia to be in now. They may be raking in the money and as some have stated raping the archaeology of the land.” But, beyond all of the desperateness some of the Bosnians feel already, it is only going to get worse because of the bad rap from Semir, the politicians, and the believers. ‘They’ like the way Semir poses in front of the camera. They say he is nice to the camera, the camera likes him. And Semir eats it up, he loves it. The perfect man for the job, smooth talking and poised. The problem is that he lacks education in the natural sciences, so he cannot hold articulate intelligent conversations or debates with scientists. His radio interviews are repetitive and filled with fraudulent –oops, I mean flamboyant freaky folklore. He just repeats his party line, Years from now this tiny little country will be known as Archaeological Giant.” and dodges questions just as a perfect politician or spokesperson should do. (In Semir’s case, I think he is just uneducated and does not understand science.)


        The believers are the strangest in ways and then there are some non-believers who are very nasty, as nasty as the believers --sometimes even nastier. Semir said this was to be a spiritual mission of cosmic beams from outer space hitting the central zone of Bosnia and elevating world consciousness. All that has been seen is a lot of hate and anger if you do not believe, and a lot of hate and anger if you do believe; and so there you have it in an eggshell.


        Oh, it will all die off soon and only be on the websites of some travel agencies and the ‘New Agers’ who are looking for something to fill a void within themselves; like the people who still think there is a ‘Face’ on Mars. It is their right to do so, likewise though, it is not right for the Semir, his Foundation and ‘others,’ to fraudulently mislead the public to donate money and visit superficial structures unless otherwise marketed as simulated ‘Maya’ stepped pyramids. Oh the needy and greedy --they can be so disconcerting and dreadful, you must be careful when you follow the path of a guru. Following the yellow brick road is not all that simple and clear, you must not have your blinders on and only look linear down that yellow path. Watch out for dogs, your pocket book, and your hearts as well.


        Concerning the letters we sent to Greg Taylor of the Daily Grail stating what had happened previously in Bosnia, and what was transpiring during our stay in Visoko investigating the ‘so called pyramids,’ if there was no truth to what was initially written, Semir would not have gotten so defensive and even brought attention to those letters. Semir got radically distraught when he read that more than just geology had been commented on. As a result, his maniacal moments created more attention to the ‘scary politics’ and ‘fake reports’ than the letters did themselves. His insults to us were even more revealing of his fears of being ‘found out,’ ‘caught,’ ‘nailed,’ ‘hung,’ or more politely one could say, ‘exposed.’  Semir misjudged the ‘American Experts’ , as one messenger stated and also, Semir gave more away then he should have when he remarked on the comments of Schoch and Dowell…..” meaning Semir should have kept his mouth shut. He gave away his secrets he was trying to conceal by drawing attention to them. He speaks publicly and writes, We have no secrets, everything is free! Yet, not only does he claim staggering tales, piramidasunca his Foundation’s website claims the following:  Foundation has a Copyright © on the following (Bosnian language, English language and other translations): 1. Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun;  2. Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon;  3. Pyramid of the Bosnian Dagon;  4. Bosnia's Valley of Pyramids;  5. Foundation logotype. Commercial use of this Copyright names is not allowed without permission of Foundation. Bookprint, brochureprint, production of souvenirs, plastic or textile ready-made clothing, must have a Foundation permission.” His website is : Designed by: PROPAGANDA –Developed by BIJELO & ADI --phew….really now !!! (Source:


        The letters were not articles, they were letters, they were personal and directed to the Daily Grail and its members --as in a journal one would write. What shown was honesty and the personal feelings of betrayal we felt from the deceit of a man and his gang operations in Bosnia. It is really amazing those letters could create such a storm and raise such havoc --Oh my God! Well, it was all for the good as those letters finally answered the basic question of, Are there pyramids or not?” Finally it was accepted by the general populace, that no, there are no pyramids in Bosnia.


        Television, new papers and websites (Bosnia News, and others) announced our arrival in Bosnia as the American Superstars, who would credit the claims of Semir’s pyramids and Bosnia would receive its glory. It was a terrible position for us to be placed in. Semir would make a point of introducing us to investors and politicians and have us all stand around posing together for our pictures. The media was reporting and editing words Dr. Schoch never spoke and made it seem as if he was agreeing with Semir or that the excavations were a scientific challenge and he needed more time to evaluate them. The media even reported Dr. Schoch had a twinkle in his eye! We were always polite but never, never did Dr. Schoch agree with Semir’s claims or make any of those statements as I was right there with him the whole time and I also was being interviewed as well. Dr. Schoch and I avoided many interviews, we knew what was going on. We were being used, exploited and given the ‘red carpet’ treatment as we were told many times to gain our favor. I think the term I am looking for here is schmoozing; ‘They’ were schmoozing us. We did not confirm Semir’s pyramids after all of the so-called special treatment we were receiving when Semir was hoping we would. So when the letters were published on the Daily Grail, well, that must have been very embarrassing to Semir –that is understandable. The same media outlets also edited my words from the letters the Daily Grail received and published and posted them on their sites as news.


        Interestingly enough, we were taken away from Visoko the day the High Representative of BiH, Christian Schwarz-Schilling arrived as to not be in the area to answer any of his questions. Schilling never did meet us to ask us directly about the nature of our investigations and opinions --or let’s say proof concerning the pyramids. Schilling was only there for 2 hours to witness Semir's presentation. Then reports are posted all over stating Schilling walks away speaking about the ‘Experts’ saying “If they think that this is natural, they should prove It.” What a dumb set up that was; the geology could have been explained in less than 15 minutes. Semir made sure we were out of town so we would not meet Schilling and the other investors and politicians to hear our say and scientifically explain the ‘IT IS NOT A PYRAMID’ factor.  We found it to be too obvious when we were deliberately removed from Visoko after Semir knew we did not agree with his claims. We were sent to remote places and strangely enough kept out much later than what was on the itinerary for the day --way after dark assuring every one would be gone from the site or in bed.


        One night our driver happened to get lost on a back road short cut that kept us out until 2:00 am. This was during the time when Semir’s ‘Big Brothers’ were around Visoko doing the ‘Lookie Loo’ on the hills in their suits and ties, publicly praising him for his wonderful contributions to Bosnia and all of mankind. There was a deliberate attempt to keep us away while the ‘Omnipotent Ones’ were in Visoko campaigning and fund raising, it was oh soooooo obvious. We knew what was up, but enjoyed our outings on our last few days in Bosnia to see the natural stone spheres in Zavidovici and the real ancient stecci in Radimlje. Those outings away from Visoko, as strange as they were, were the best times we had and we really enjoyed ourselves.


        Now all we have are the stone hard believers and the individuals with their hidden agendas who still try to brainwash every one and they will play the game until the money runs out. The bummer is it will be Bosnia and the bewildered Bosnians who will go down, Semir will run back to the ole US of A with bulging pockets and a wild eyed grin;Run Semir, run…you can do it, you can do it... There will be empty interstates and hotels with no visitors for soon the word will spread; there are no ‘real’ pyramids in Bosnia. People will not like that. That is like paying big money for the best ride and getting the broken taxi driving down the dirt road leading to no-where. FUN! Then everyone will start wondering if anything is really authentic in Bosnia anymore. Bosnia will loose respect along with people’s trust and goodwill.


 Is anything really real any more or is it all just fake?




        Tourists who Semir Osmanagic can get to donate money to hike the carved steps will see a lot of unusual geology and natural formations, and they will undoubtedly hear the wildest story of their life. If that is how they want to chose to spend their vacation time, fine, however, in all reality, it is fraudulent marketing. Although that might be allowed in Bosnia; while in Bosnia, there are no laws supposedly; We have no laws here, we are free! it was stated. They are doing all they can (the ‘Industrious’) to take the money and rebuild, but for what --what in the future? (Control over the territory for routes needed for construction of the oil pipeline maybe?) Many of the real important and historical artifacts are getting destroyed and it might just be no one will ever trust any future reports of new archaeological findings in Bosnia. Maybe they should build a Bosnian theme park of Pleiadean cosmic beam ships with twirling teacups riding through tunnels and around psychedelic pyramids. I suggest to leave it to the Bosnians, it is their nation, they can figure it out; if not, at any rate, every one else can duke it out for themselves.


        Thank you Mr. Doug Weller for your astute letter. I have never been as cynical as I am now in my writing before my encounters with Semir and the pyramid believers with their lies and insults. But Semir and his Foundations and the people involved with the pyramid scheme are so distasteful, crude, untruthful and self-serving, I am so very disgusted at what they are doing. In many ways, I wish I never went to Bosnia because I saw so much corruption in Semir and his organization and other (greedy and selfish) Bosnians. I do not like having to write and make statements such as I have, but the record needs to be set straight. We were there, we had to interact with these people. We did meet some very nice Bosnians, and those are the ones who are going to have to tough this out. We still feel Bosnia is very beautiful and full of wonderful landscape and historical architecture. It is the phony pyramid scheme and the people who are involved with it that is upsetting.













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Dr. Colette Dowell





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