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Back from Bosnia


Image of Mostar Bosnia near bridge photograph by Colette Dowell




Back from Bosnia

Submitted by Colette M. Dowell on Fri, 11/08/2006 - 12:05am.


Hello, it is Colette.

Image of stecci in Radimlje cemetary in Bosnia Illirian photograph by Colette Dowell

Robert and I made it back to the states late yesterday. It has been long and hard times. I was to work on the reports and send Greg some graphics but an emergency situation has come up and I must leave.


I thank you for your comments. Right now I have much to think about. We were to work on the graphics and such, but there is going to be a delay. I will be flying once again and traveling. Please allow me some time to heal from all of this and get my mind and heart in order before I write. Also with the delay on the graphics it will be awhile before I can send some to Greg.


Image of ancient stecci of Bosnian heritage in Radimlje Cemetary photograph by Colette DowellYes, I made it to Bosnia, I had a purpose, and that was to find out what was going on and to learn about Bosnia and its culture. I succeeded in this and saw many things and went many places. There were long days and there was much to endure, I was not really a tourist, I was probably on my routine explorations that the old Colette use to do before my injuries. I did have some moments of peace when I was in some place near the Adriatic Coast (I can’t pronounce it or spell it –I might be able to later.) and there were very old rock monuments and I actually crawled into a Image of paleoltihc cave near Daoron in Bosnia photograph by Colette DowellPaleolithic cave (just stuck my body in with my ankles hanging out so I would not fall down 40 or more feet and held the flashlight in my mouth while I took the shots with a flash.) and shot some pics. I was very happy then.


There were moments of being able to have a glimpse of the past and see and feel what it

must have been like so long ago in that very far away land to me -- Bosnia. I met 2 very nice men --they just happened to author a book about the area and the ruins which a professor from New Mexico has also been studying and thinks it might me the ancient site of Troy. Image of Ancient ruins of Daoron in Bosnia photograph by Colette Dowell[Daoron] I took many photos of the area and had a nice chat with the one man and he gave me the book, so I will have to translate it somehow with a dictionary and grammar book so I can learn about the area. ( I can not pronounce his name or even attempt to spell it)  I saw my first stone "spheres" [I will write up a separate article on the stone spheres]….I saw many things. Bosnia has a very rich geological and archaeological history I was not too aware of and now I am very excited about learning more.Image of ancient Muslim Mosque in old town Sarajevo photograph by Colette Dowell




Top right: Robert standing stecci in the ancient cemetery of Radimlje.

Top left: A stecci in the ancient cemetery of Radimlje.

Photograph below it.: The ruins of Daoron.

To right of Daoron: Entrance to Paleolithic cave a few hundred meters from Daoron.

Photograph to far left: Old Mosque in Sarajevo.

Big photograph in middle: the famous pile of huge conglomerate rocks  Semir clams are "Mad Made" concrete molded blocks.

Photograph below: "Man Made" block split to show it is completely natural.

Below middle: Visocica Hill Fort.

Bottom left: 2 staff workers for the Foundation.

Below more: Bad excavation techniques tearing out fossils and artifacts.

To right: Robert looking of Visoko Valley.

Below left: Natural bedrock Semir claims is "Man Made."

Below right: Semir presenting slide to audience to ask for 20 million dollars to excavate.

Below left: Semir presenting slide to audience of deceptive photograph of a false inscription.

Below that: 2 of our photographs of the same stone showing no arrow, but a mark that looks somewhat like the letter M.


How do you tell some one who has a faith system ingrained into them that their beliefs are not maybe the truth? If you are a kind person you must find a gentle way to educate them so they can understand that there is something that contradicts their beliefs and can be proven scientifically.


 Image of Bosnian Pyramid hoaxed concrete block photograph by Colette Dowell



[Semir says these blocks are "Man Made" concrete blocks molded in place with 90 degree angles. Do these look like "Man Made" stacked blocks that were once polished? No, they do not. Or do they look like a pile of thick layers of bedrock crumbled and stacked through shifting of the terrain during many thousands and thousands of years? These huge stones were not molded blocks creating walls that fell down from a wall of a pyramid many thousands of years ago. I know, you are going to say, prove it. All I can say is wait for Dr. Schoch's report or take a few classes in geology is the best I can say. I do not mean to be sarcastic, but there is no other way for you to understand until you are educated about such things in geology and nature. Semir is not educated in geology, he has read books written by far-out authors and has no qualified scientists on the Foundation's board or on staff to deal with the matters concerning his claims of the pyramids. Semir does have an author though on the Foundation's Board of Directors who specializes in the occult and endorses Semir's claims.]


[Part of the original report from the University of Tuzla report can be found here, - it was supported by the  Research and Teaching Council of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, as  well as the Association of Geologists of Federation of Bosnia and  Herzegovina.  It not only argues that the hills are natural geological  formations, it also shows how Osmanagic has misused work by his own  geologist Nadia Nukic.

Another report, from the Institute of Contractors in Tuzla, is  sometimes also referred to as the Tuzla report. But this is a new and  controversial report, suggesting the big blocks are made with concrete, which is kind of dumb when you  think about it as concrete is a mixture of organic material and can  naturally be composed  with various ratios of the natural elements  hardening through time and compression. Nature can create its own form
of concrete.



Image of Bosnian Pyramid block  photograph by Robert SchochYou must be considerate and not harsh towards people who have been through literal hell and they have found something that has given them a positive goal to work towards and help their economy. Well, let’s say rather it was given to them, they did not find it. So, Image of Bosnian Pyramid block of the Sun photograph by Colette Dowellthe many volunteers who wake up each morning to go to work on something that in their minds is going to change the world and they help make that happen, well, how do you ease into the facts with out ripping their hearts out? I do not know, except to just write as I feel when able and show grapimage of Bosnian Pyramid Old Roman Fort  photograph by Colette Dowellhics and explain geology, excuse some people’s behavior and kindly hold their hand and let them know that they are still making a positive contribution to Bosnia and the world, they just need to shift directions – Bosnia has much to offer with it many cultures. There are many sites to work on and to uncover that are well worth the efforts. I realize there is much to gain in my own personal knowledge about Bosnia by what I have seen that is real.


Image of Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia excavations photograph by Colette DowellI was told to be patient that Visoko will be under excavation for the next 100-250 years uncovering the great civilization that once was there and thriving. I do not know if I have the patience for that; there will have to be more evidence revealed to me then what I have seen to believe there was once a Image of Visoko Valley and Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun photograph by Colette Dowellgreat civilization that covered the Valley of Visoko. However, that does not mean there were not other civilizations that did endure and did thrive in the various vicinities; their artifacts and ruins need to be located and cataloged to recreate the history. Some of their artifacts and locations have been found. (I want you to know that Sammie did go to great lengths to get Robert and me to these other locations and to museums to see past civilizations to help us understand what we were looking at. He was a very gracious host.)



You can only recreate the history while you find the evidence. (Yes, I know you can have a working hypothesis.) I do not see how you can say something is there and define a civilization that once occupied a specific area until there is some evidence that significantly shows some past human intervention. Image of Bosnian Pyramid man made tile  photgraph by Colette Dowell( I also understand that means excavations.) There needs to be more revealed on the hills and that will just take time. There are some fascinating mounds there that might be significant and there needs to be more excavations done. I would like to be able to explore and helpImage of Slide Bosnian Pyramid Hoax photograph by Colette Dowell learn about the history and help it unfold in an order that is balanced and not prewritten. I want to go back to Bosnia.


Well, I must go now and I thank you very much for the nice comments, I really just wanted to share what was happening in Bosnia, but I was not able to use the computer there much and there were many problems to resolve and just keep up with the pace and try to be open minded. It was all very challenging. I did not know what to expect, I just left the States to Bosnia with an open mind and a spirit of exploration and discovery. I had no preconceived notions, only to see for myself what was going on and to be of service. Some how I survived all of this and will write at a later time after I have had a chance to heal through it all and put into perspective all that I have experienced and learned. Robert will write his report when we are able to process the data and comprehend all that we have gathered and he is able to coherently write his findings and analyses.


Image of Bosnian Pyramid presentation photograph by Robert SchochThere will be other geologists and other archaeologists on the site at various times and I am sure there will be many conflicting reports. So, I suggest just go with the flow and some where in the middle there will be the truth. After all, we are only two people who are commenting from our perspective on what we examined, there have been others too, and there will be more. Maybe there is the possibility that there is something there besides the known ruins. I would like to see it though and know that what I am looking at is the real thing --that is all. As far as the hills being pyramids, well, I just do not see them yet as such.


I will be gone for awhile now. I do not know when I will be back online here to write.

Thank you once again for everything, sorry I could not get more photos to you. I am glad to be home in one way, but sad to leave Bosnia as it was very beautiful and there were some very nice people there.


Ok, until later…………..






[Our photo of the same spot on the stone shows a mark that resembles the letter M, not an arrow, there is no arrow there.

There is a grainy part in the stone that creates the look of a fin of an arrow on the right side. But, look at the angle of Semir's right fin on his arrow compared to the grain in the stone. The angles do not match up and there is no carved markings on the stone as such to create an arrow fin. I am preparing the graphics for the other article, it just takes time. CMD]


Image of Bosnian Pyramid Tunnel inscription phony photograph by Colette DowellImage of Bosnian Pyramid Tunnel inscription phony photograph by Colette Dowell


Photo on left is original color -- Photo on right lightened to about the same degree of Semir's photograph

 to show the same problem, no arrow.


And then there is Sammie's father, Muris Osmanagic with his new report on the inscriptions

written on August 14th, 2006.

Take a look at that report. It is so obvious what is going on here, they did a lousy job on the graphics and even added more inscriptions on the stone that were not on it when we were.




















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