'Bosnian Pyramid' Doubts



Close-up of rock layers at Pljesevica ("Moon")


Bosnian 'Pyramid' Not Man-Made


[Dr. Robert Schoch, Ph.D. Geology and Geophysics: Analyzing aspects of Semir Osmanagic's claims of "man made" pyramids, blocks and pavements. Dr. Schoch could not find any evidence of man made ancient ruins that would be supportive of an ancient pyramid thousand and thousands of years old; only recent modern man made structures or ruins from  previous cultures, possibly dating back to the Roman era and/or medieval times.]


Some important news out of Bosnia, with a new blog post here on TDG from Colette Dowell and Robert Schoch concerning their expedition to the so-called "Bosnian Pyramid". Going on early indications (and Colette is at pains to point out that the investigation is not complete), the alleged monument is a natural formation:

“We do not know what to think – well, we do, but do not know yet how to express it without hurting anyone or taking away from any persons’ dream. There will need to be more evidence somewhere to make me believe it is an ancient pyramid, and I will speak little for Schoch, but he feels the same – we have many samples, none of which are showing ancient man made intervention to create a pyramid.”

Beyond that, there seems to be more than a hint of collusion in misleading the public - Colette talks of a false report on the tunnels they investigated, of people knowing the truth but going along with everything for the good of the economy. More information will be forthcoming when Robert and Colette's investigation is complete:

“There has been many deceptive happenings here I have become aware of through my investigations. I am to write that up, Robert will write up the geology.”

Thanks to Colette and Robert for keeping us up to date with everything, and for following the data rather than the hype. You can view their original blog entry (on arrival, and with first images) here, but the important news is in this latest update.


'Bosnian Pyramid' Doubts

Submitted by Colette M. Dowell on Sat, 05/08/2006 - 10:53pm.



Excavated layer of natural sedimentary stone slab that has cracked on Plijesevica Hill - now called "Man Made" pavement or tile.

Please notice continuation of matching ripple and shading on each stone, and the matching curvature of the cracks.




Sorry for the lack of updates, but we have many problems with little time to post anything, plus there are incompatibilities with the software we are using.


Robert sent one photo to Greg of a close up of the layers of strata underneath the so-called “stone pavement” to show scale and size. He placed his hammer on the ledge of strata, unfortunately Robert did not compose a proper letter to Greg to explain the graphics as he wanted to show how the pavement is of natural formation and not manmade, but in a subtle way, not just come out and say, “hey, this is natural and not man made.” It is only man made in the areas it seems when it is deemed needed to create a pyramid structure; that is, like a manufactured pyramid. Photos do not do justice, you must see for yourself or be an educated geologist to see how the strata folds and the layers they are calling pavement are of natural stone and not man made block. I hate to break the news like this, we were hoping to send more photos but find it very difficult. The angle of the Pyramid taken from the air was to show the other sides that are not shown, as the only side that really looks like a pyramid is the only picture that is usually portrayed. We have been to the top and looked hard for any evidence of man made or another involvement of ancient origin, and we are not finding it. We have not talked to Sammie about this yet as he is in Croatia right now.


View of the summit of Visocica Hill; in the bottom left-hand corner by the wing of the plane can be seen some of the excavations.




Dr. Schoch in disbelief hearing translation of Semir Osmanagic's presentation by Foundations' Archaeologists, Sylvana Cobanov, during the "formal" Pyramid of the Sun Foundation meeting with the Members of the Board of Directors, media and special invited guests in Sarajevo, on July 31st, 2006.


We do not know what to think – well, we do, but do not know yet how to express it without hurting anyone or taking away from any persons’ dream. There will need to be more evidence somewhere to make me believe it is an ancient pyramid, and I will speak little for Schoch, but he feels the same – we have many samples, none of which are showing ancient man made intervention to create a pyramid. I was thinking of the Rorschach test or however you spell it, one person can see one thing and another a very different object form the same picture, but when you use scientific methodology and really understand geology, fault lines, plastics, clay, sedimentary rock, bedrock, breccia ...on and begin to see how time has created a weird picture form one die that can be interpreted as a pyramid, but, well, how can I say it? So far no scientific evidence of a pyramid, and there is one picture Greg has that he did not know what it was because Robert did not write out and compose a letter to explain more properly due to this. So he was very terse in his captions and did not state that the picture of the hammer and the close up of the strata underneath the pavement would explain very much to the educated eye or even the eye of a person who has the ability to figure things out. We are in a difficult position here; I will have to explain later when I am able to write.


Local store owner on main street in Visoko selling  pyramid souvenirs.


You understand my problem with writing, now it is even more difficult with this keyboard and lack of energy. There are many people who are living for this and many people who do not understand what is going on, but are just going with the flow. I am so glad I have been able to see for myself. I will have to wait and write an article – I have taken many pictures. There are many people who believe, many people who know what is going on, but go along with it as it helps the economy. I feel very sad. I feel bad to break the news that maybe there is no pyramid, but I came here to find out for myself as other newspapers were writing contradicting articles and were wrong and rude and too much gossip. I now know, and I feel terrible for the many people whom I must be responsible for easing them into another form of future hope to put their heart into. It is hard to explain, it will be better when I get home.


Yes Kat, I know, I remember about the ice, but there is no ice here for that. It is terribly hot, I must get up at 5:30 AM to start my medication then I meet up at 7 through 9 with the other people or I have drivers. Many things change daily and I do not know what to do until the actual morning. I hope to fly on Monday, and shoot some aerial shots on the video.


Dr. Dowell videoing inside the tunnel.


 I am very tired. Robert is working on comparing some photos of what we took with another person, and I am here, then I go to dinner and will do some interviews if this man shows up. But I am too tired. It is very emotionally draining in many ways. The tunnels, well, as I told you I had received a report before I left...well the report was not true, I do not know why that geologist would write a false report. I would have never gone into the tunnels if I would have known what they were really like, they could have caved in man times and I told Sammie about the problems with the report, but he had never received it as he told me. So I wonder why would I be sent a false report or a report that does not match up to what the tunnels really are. I will not go into them again, although it was worth the experience, but very hard. I got some video of it


New inscription on the monolith inside the tunnel.

I will also report on the tunnel  inscriptions and the new ones that are now being created and presented as ancient writings to public audiences Semir Osmanagic lectures to. He then asks for monetary donations; large -- up to 20 million dollars, or small -- to continue excavating so Bosnia will  gain respect by having the world's largest and greatest ancient civilization.


Also, the inscriptions, the letter E on the famous rock that as found in the tunnels. Well, sorry to tell you this, but those inscriptions were not in the tunnels on that rock initially, I spoke many times with the geologist who first entered those tunnels and found the rock and was in the tunnel many times – those inscriptions were never there, then one morning they just showed up. Now there are more. So, the inscriptions that are on that rock are not true. I hope for the people who thought and wished them to be evidence of some ancient language understand that I am not trying to hurt any one, I am telling the truth. There has been many deceptive happenings here I have become aware of through my investigations. I am to write that up, Robert will write up the geology. I help with half of the geology by pointing things out I see and then I photograph and assist and such, and then discuss and interview. I have talked to many people, so I know quite a bit now. [I will write more on the inscriptions on a separate page. Most of you know by now that we were told by the Foundation's geologist that those inscriptions were not there when the stone was first found and then after some time they just appeared. Then articles about them started appearing on the internet about them being an ancient script or language. (Semir has people infiltrated in forums passing out information that is false, and they start a discussion about it as if it is serous. This is the problem that was occurring before we left for Bosnia, that is why we went to see for ourselves.) Semir presents slides of touched up photos of the stone showing an arrow, where we found a thing that looked like an M. Our photographs clearly depict the image, and I am preparing the graphics now to show how Semir's photographs that he presents to the public are very mis-leading and deceptive. THEY ARE HOAXED. His father just wrote an article now as well on August 14th, 2006 about the inscriptions and posted it on their Bosnian speaking site -- piramidasunca --no kidding. His father has added symbols to the stone now that were not even on it when we were there.  I have photographs and video footage of the stone in its entirety. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND ON THAT STONE ARE THE INSCRIPTIONS SEMIR'S FATHER, MURIS OSMANAGIC CLAIMS THERE ARE.  -- BY VIEWING HIS DIAGRAM OF INSCRIPTIONS ON THE STONE IN HIS NEW REPORT, HE HAS ADDED MORE NOW. Can these people be this blind to their own deception? Are they that desperate ? CMD]


Please click here if you have not done so yet above on the links I have added to this article taking you directly to Muris Osmanagic's report. (Semir's father who is well known and famous in Bosnia for mining and politics.)


I wish to get more pictures to you, but they are on my video and on my camera and memory cards, also Robert’s camera, but he has problems with the time to focus on getting things done as there is much demand being placed upon us. Today I just slept, and then tried to walk later and take a break. There were some Germans to come and do some geo-radar, but they were stopped at the Croatian border and were not allowed by Croatia to cross the border with the equipment, or so the story goes...who really knows?


[Me, Dr. Colette Dowell, N.D. & a California State Board Certified Licensed General Contractor: Sitting and thinking about everything that Dr. Schoch and I have analyzed, investigated and been exposed to concerning the Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, and Semir Osmanagic's claims of Bosnia's largest, greatest and most ancient "man made" pyramids and other goodies in the world. Wow........................He only asks for $20 million dollars for Bosnia to gain its respect back by excavating the hillsides and exposing its forgotten ancient lost culture and heritage with its unknown hi-tech technology we do not understand because we are not vibrationally  in tune yet. (Wow.....we must wait until the year 2012 to know for sure.)]


  I will meet up with Sammie in another day or so. He is away so I am taking a break from all of this and trying to put things into perspective. I saw much in the newspapers that contradicted other stories – I now see some truths, I see how others have played games, but I see how the newspapers and forums have played bad games and made up stories and used their forums to insult when they should not have. So, I am in a position when I must tell the truth, and I will, I will always keep z integrity and not sell out.


I did hear that Dr Zahi Hawass was interviewed by an ‘Amir’, [name correction] a student journalist from Egypt. I had arranged an interview with this person before I had left. He showed up last night, but I declined an interview and I knew Robert was in no frame of mind to be interviewed either. So, there has been much going on!



Presentation given by local travel agency associated with the Chamber of Commerce.

The Foundation receives money from politicians and specific sectors of the Bosnian government.


The politics, I mean the real politics of this country are in a way scary. I had this feeling that something was happening with elections and that there was something going on with politics and people in powerful places. I just found out the other day there are elections coming up in September. I met the former president of the whole of Yugoslavia the other day and many other politicians. Well, I wish for Greg to post that picture that Robert sent with the hammer and the layers of strata to show how the pavement is just another layer of natural formation and not that of a side walk or terrace [ed's note: done].


The sections you see are cut out of the side of the mountain and they are cleaned up to look like they are part of a complex, as if the so-called pyramid is being manufactured when they find something they can “add on” to create it. It has changed very much. Also, there were some areas recovered that showed some geological formations that were very important, as they presented evidence that was not in favor of a real pyramid. All of this is difficult for me to write and I can barely sit here right now. I will try to write again.


Terrace and "patios" carved out of the Plijesevica mountainside (Pyramid of the Moon) to create the look of a "stepped" pyramid.


 Robert is having problems too, this has affected us severely, all of the weird things, which will take time to explain in a proper article when I am able to express clearly everything that is going on.


But, what you see, just please realize may not be what is said it is, that is all I can say, and I might have said too much all ready – but I am telling the truth. So, please Greg if you read this, will you please post that photo that Robert sent with the hammer and strata so that people can see the layers and the situation with the pavement. [Top image on this page.]




A very sweet elderly man who lives in Vratnica. [He believes there is a pyramid or some great ancient structure inside privately (or it use to be, unless the Foundation bought it already) owned property now that is thousands and thousands of years old. Extensive & destructive excavations are causing irreversible damage to real artifacts and fossils from other cultures and eras. Semir Osmanagic has placed Vratnica under the umbrella of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I will write more about this in my other report and show photographs.]


I also thank everyone very much for their support, as this has been the most difficult trip for me this time. Nothing like Peru, very severe and much different. But, I must say, the Bosnian people themselves are beautiful and lovely people. I feel bad for them when the truth will be revealed in the future at some point in time. It will be a very difficult and sensitive situation for me to have to write it out, and I cannot prematurely do it until I fully understand why this is going on. I do understand some of it – and I am shocked – but you know what, that is why we are here, to see for ourselves.


Thank you, I only have to hang on a few more days here and then we move to Sarajevo and catch our flight in a few more days. Thank you for everything, sorry if I hurt anyone, but I must always tell the truth. I will know more later.



















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