Explaining Reports From Bosnia




Explaining Reports From Bosnia

Submitted by Colette M. Dowell on Sun, 13/08/2006 - 11:22pm.


Hello, this is Colette; I am back to my computer at home now. Phew……….


I have now had a chance to read online what is going on and there are many misinterpretations of what I had written and from people who must have been in Visoko while we were there as well. Anything written on my Grail posts about Bosnia that are being misinterpreted might be due to the problems I had with the computer in Bosnia, the keyboard and my dyslexia.


Greg had to rewrite for me as well as Kat so it was comprehensible. I had many problems with writing, not problems with what I knew, just problems typing it out. And then Greg and Kat must have had a terrible time trying to read it and recompose my writing due to the “alt grammar” thing on the keyboard I was using. What I was seeing on the monitor was different than what was sent directly in the body of text via transmission in cyber space somehow.


So I would like to clear some things up and explain, as there seem to be some people who are reading more into what I wrote than they should. If this is my fault due to my disability or the keyboard --I apologize and take full responsibility. But I am now home and can read what is going on in English. I also have my MS program, so I can write without writing backwards.


Also, I have cruised a bit now through some forums to see what is going on. I see there are many people writing false comments about Dr. Schoch and me, or they are speculating and reading into what I wrote, and are having arguments about unreal issues that I find personally to be a waste of time. Go to Visoko, see for yourself what is going on and try to find words to put into perspective what is happening over there. To the people posting there I want to say, don’t write words that Dr. Schoch or I have not said, and make up stories so you can look like you know it all. No one knows it all. So to clear some things up I will start now.


Here are a few areas that need explanation. I will copy in what is posted and then after it comment.


Here is a picture of another of Semir's so claimed "Man Made" block, polished and molded in place. Please look at the layers of strata exposed on the broken edge of the block. This is not a polished surface either. there are exposed rocks on the top of the block that would not be there if it were molded and polished.


“Robert sent one photo to Greg of a close up of the layers of strata underneath the so-called “stone pavement” to show scale and size. He placed his hammer on the ledge of strata, unfortunately Robert did not compose a proper letter to Greg to explain the graphics as he wanted to show how the pavement is of natural formation and not manmade, but in a subtle way, not just come out and say, “hey, this is natural and not man made.” It is only man made in the areas it seems when it is deemed needed to create a pyramid structure; that is, like a manufactured pyramid.”


Me explaining: Regarding the passage reading, “...unfortunately Robert did not compose a proper letter to Greg to explain the graphics.” Robert was unable to finish writing up a letter to Greg to fully explain what was going on with the images due to time, not due to not knowing what to say or not understanding the situation with the geology of the so called pyramids.


Close-up of Semir's claims of concrete "Man Made " block. Look at the block closely, see how it folds into other layers and also look at the bulging and broken surface rocks. If this were to be molded the aggregate stone would have settled to the bottom, or at least below the surface a bit and not float on the top and be exposed like that to bulge or break. The blocks would have a smooth surface. These are not polished blocks by any means.


“So far no scientific evidence of a pyramid, and there is one picture Greg has that he did not know what it was because Robert did not write out and compose a letter to explain more properly due to this. So he was very terse in his captions and did not state that the picture of the hammer and the close up of the strata underneath the pavement would explain very much to the educated eye or even the eye of a person who has the ability to figure things out. We are in a difficult position here; I will have to explain later when I am able to write.”


Me Explaining: Regarding “So far no scientific evidence of a pyramid, and there is one picture Greg has that he did not know what it was because Robert did not write out and compose a letter to explain more properly due to this.” THIS --the last word should have been 'time', and the term 'terse' was used to explain the brief writing, not lack of understanding. Robert did not have time to write and he would have had to get very technical with geological terms to define what was being shown. We were just doing the best we could considering the conditions we were dealing with.


“You understand my problem with writing, now it is even more difficult with this keyboard and lack of energy.”


Me Explaining: For those of you who have been reading my posts the past year and half, you understand that I have been recovering from some severe injuries for over three years now, that affected my speech and writing. The lack of energy was due to the long days of hiking up hills as I am also handicapped in my legs and back and have a heart condition that I must be cautious with. The lack of energy was due to my disabilities, I did make it to the tops of mountains and I did make it through the tunnel, all of which was very hard on me and there were times I fell back and did not go to some places I had already been to, as I was unable to physically. This does not mean I do not know what I am talking about or I have lack of knowledge of a particular situation.


“I did hear that Dr Zahi Hawass was interviewed by an ‘Amer’, a student journalist from Egypt. I had arranged an interview with this person before I had left. He showed up last night, but I declined an interview and I knew Robert was in no frame of mind to be interviewed either. So, there has been much going on!”


Me Explaining: The interview was declined at that first moment because Robert and I had just returned from an all day outing and were exhausted. Robert was very tired and it was not an appropriate time for him to try to discuss anything. He needed to rest and recover and then go through his findings of that day before he could make any comments. He will not talk before he has his papers in order. I would not say anything as I did not feel well and I was not going to speak when I had to still processing all of the information from that day also. We did meet up with that fellow eventually and had a very good talk with him; and we were able to show him pictures, and Robert was able to explain geology to him, and all went very well.


“All of this is difficult for me to write and I can barely sit here right now. I will try to write again. Robert is having problems too, this has affected us severely, all of the weird things, which will take time to explain in a proper article when I am able to express clearly everything that is going on.”


Me Explaining: Yes, it was difficult for me to write on a foreign keyboard and “alt grammar” when I am unaccustomed to the format of the key board. I was exhausted, I was in much pain physically and I was upset about what was going on and all of the people coming and going (I am agoraphobic, but working on it). And there were people who felt they could just walk up to me or Robert and ask us questions when it should be obvious to them we just arrived back from a site and were not in any condition to speak. We also did not know them or know what they wanted. I felt like we had to dodge many people and not say anything because then they would write up something, and it would not in most instances be what we really said. Robert was very tired and had to work very hard in the heat. Robert's work was very physical, carrying his back pack with tools and cameras, as well as mental, using his mind and being alert so he could analyze the geology and the overall picture of what he was observing. Coming right off a site after a long day is not the proper time to be interviewed or to be asked questions.


We did not even know we were being photographed when we were out on some of the sites. Only when we were asked to pose did we know that we were being photographed. We were into what we were doing, not what others were doing. Robert and I were both very shocked when we saw the many photos of us on the foundation’s website. We had no idea of the coverage we were getting.


I am just explaining some things so they are not taken out of context. Dr. Schoch is a very private person. I am the one who is more open, that is why you see me writing more than Dr. Schoch. I usually do not write things that I have not discussed with him. We work as a team, so obviously I know what is going on with the research as he and I discuss matters. If there were problems with the translations on my writings, that is my fault, that is my disability to write without a word program to help me with spelling and my problems I had with the key board in Bosnia. Greg and Kat did a very good job translating what they did receive and I have no idea how they could have even attempted to read my broken writing as such with the Bosnian keyboard. I thank them both very much for their efforts in trying to collect the information that Robert and I was sending them so they could post it back to you. I am sorry about my grammar and spelling problems. However for people to write what they are writing and speculating on is pure stupidity.


I see others are now writing stories about us, and how they ate breakfast with us every morning and how they “know” us and would spend time with us.  Everything I have read so far is false. Dr. Schoch and I were on different schedules and would meet up for the outings and would eat together as able. But we communicated very much and knew what each other was doing at all times, and knew who we spoke with. These people who feel the need to write such things are just people trying to make it look like they know what we are doing as if it is of some importance. There is nothing special about us - we were just there to analyze and investigate, and that is what we did. To make such a hoop and holler about what we were doing and how people were so close to us is ridiculous. All of those stories come from minds that need some kind of ego treatment. I am very disgusted with what I have read in the little time I have been home on my own computer, and I wonder when will the lies ever end, why are people like they are.


I have researched anomalies and ancient origins for many years - over three decades. I have seen how a person’s passion can lead them into delusions, and then their delusions are accepted as truth because some people have a void that needs to be filled and they hold onto false beliefs so as not to shatter their comfort zone. The many people needing something to hold onto - truth that is not really the truth - are being used and exploited, and they do not even realize it, which is sad. They are fulfilling another person’s desire for fame and fortune, and it is a vicious circle that is very negative and superficial.


When I research something that is unusual, and I am to a point where I have gained enough understanding of a situation or scientific analyses can prove out an enigma, I can accept that and I move on. I do not get stuck and hold onto something so as to not shatter my dreams or to be proven wrong. I am probably the world’s biggest skeptic (and most highly misunderstood person) because of all of the various fields of research I have been involved in. Because of my involvement in many diverse subjects I have become educated about many things. I am not easily swayed or manipulated into believing something that, on a common-sense gut level, whether scientific or otherwise, does not have merit. I am a curious person.


I am motivated to research so I can understand some things, and I want to know the truth because of some of my own personal experiences. I have no agenda of seeking fame or fortune, just peace of mind and freedom from the negative. I do have hopes that humankind can elevate their awareness, as I am very sensitive and empathetic to the environment and the world we live in. If there is anything I wish to do in my lifetime that would be to help people understand how to be a better person and to help one another out. No one knows me except those who are very close to me and have been associated with me for many, many years. I do not like it when someone says they “know” me, when they actually do not. They have not experienced my life through my eyes or senses, nor do they have the same type of relationships with all different types of researchers, scientists and authors. People read into things what they want to see and believe, not that which I am really trying to express.


I hope this clears some things up, and people will stop writing weird things as if they had something to do with what we were researching and why. As far as when Dr. Schoch will write his report, that will be on his own time when he is ready to write. Whether his scientific report is made public, or whatever he chooses to do with it, all of the people who are yapping "where is it, where is it, we want to know???", you just need to have patience. All of this takes very much time to process, and he is not going to write a premature geological report just to please those who are interested in bashing him or critiquing it. (I am talking about those who are writing and speculating on what we did and what we think, not the Grail members.) I am sure you all understand by now what we were trying to say.


Ok, thank you,



[Since this report was initially posted on the DAILY GRAIL even more forums are rude and insulting even Sammie/Semir now and they have no idea of what they are saying. Good grief.]
















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