Campaign Strategies of Semir Osmanagic
The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation

If you report on findings "They" (Sammie Osmanagich / Semir Osmanagic and his Foundation) do not want you to report on or tell the public there is no evidence found to support Semir Osmangich’s claims of Bosnia having the world’s largest pyramid and most advanced ancient civilization; “They” attempt to discredit your person and your reports. “They” even go so far as to insult and tell misleading tales. This is a deliberate smear campaign against Dr. Schoch, myself and other Scientists or Documenters that can not support Semir's claims of an advanced ancient civilization building the world's largest pyramids with unknown hi -tech technology that Bosnia is supposedly heritage to.


Semir's paper "Comments regarding the visit of Dr. Schoch and Dr. Dowell to Visoko
15-08-06," proves our statements of deliberate deception and choreographed manipulation. Dr. Schoch and I are most upset about this as we went to Bosnia in good faith. We did not find any evidence of Semir's claims of ancient pyramids. However we did find out about other things that were taking place, had taken place and we were personally experiencing. What we reported is the truth, this is what he is trying to deflect in his paper. “They” do not want the truth to be known. What they really want is $20 million dollars and no “Whistle-Blowers.”

My discovery will change human history.”
Sam Osmanagic (2006)
(Bosnia’s Indiana Jones)

There are no secrets kept from the public.”
Sam Osmanagic (August,2006)

Quote from:

Dr. Dowell and Dr. Schoch will be visiting the “Bosnian Pyramids”

“It was decided that a reconnaissance trip (time permitting) to study and analyze the Bosnian site would be beneficial. Least I should say both Dr. Schoch and I are most happy about this and think this is a wonderful opportunity to be involved with a most remarkable excavation. We are aware of the obstacles and controversy, however, the positive out weighs the negative in terms of adventure and we feel very fortunate and grateful for the forthcoming experience -- however it may turn out. We sincerely thank Mr. Semir Osmanagich, Mario Gerussi and the Members of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. We will be genuine and forth-right in our analyses and reporting. As soon as we are able to process some of the information we gather, we will write our reports and submit them to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and any other appropriate associations or organizations whom are involved with the Bosnian excavation.

Thank you,

Colette and Robert”

Archived from Dr. Robert M. Schoch's home-page before we left for Bosnia
and it stayed up on the home-page until we returned from Bosnia.

Hello Everyone --This is Robert Schoch,

Dr. Dowell and I will be leaving shortly for our reconnaissance study of the Visoko Valley of Bosnia, the area of the so-called “Bosnian Pyramids.” We will focus on a study of the geological and archaeological features of the region. In particular, we are interested in attempting to determine the extent and nature of any human-made features, and also place any human-made features in a chronological and cultural context.

Is the Visocica Hill actually a huge pyramid? Has it undergone human modification? Are there other pyramids in the area? What about smaller structures that have been identified near or on the presumed pyramids, perhaps reminiscent of temples associated with pyramids elsewhere in the world? And then there are the mysterious tunnels found in the region. Dr. Dowell and I are really looking forward to probing the tunnels for evidence of how and when they were formed. We also look forward to meeting with the members of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, as well as various geologists, archaeologists, and historians. I am sure there will be a healthy and invigorating exchange of information and ideas. While there we will learn more about the history and culture of the Bosnian people. I expect that we will make many new friends.

Upon our return in mid-August it will take time to digest and summarize our results, but we plan to post photos and preliminary comments on this site as soon as we can (I anticipate around the last week of August), so keep checking back. Also, if we can get an Internet connection in Bosnia, we will try to post comments through The Daily Grail even before our return. Greg Taylor and the staff of The Daily Grail have been most accommodating and will provide any news and pictures we may be able to send. We thank The Daily Grail for their continuous efforts in bringing you the latest developments while we are away in Bosnia.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Robert Schoch

Now please read this: This page is written to clear up the propaganda  Semir attempts to deceive the international public and especially the Bosnians with. We are also standing by our reports sent to THE DAILY GRAIL  about what we learned and what has been going on concerning the alleged Bosnian pyramids, and The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.

The photographs are most important to carefully study - thank you.


Thank you, Dr. Schoch & Dr. Dowell
Bosnian’s “Indiana Jones” Schoch & Dowell
Submitted by Colette M. Dowell on Thu, 24/08/2006 - 7:59pm.

Hello Xtabay,
Hello Folks,
Thank you,

Sorry, I did not know your comment was here, I have been busy with photos. I am posting this on a separate post so people can read this. Thank you for your interest and concern for letting Dr. Schoch and I know what you had found.


I think you should know what is being said
Submitted by Xtabay on Thu, 17/08/2006 - 11:50am.

Dear Dr. Dowell,

A couple of days ago, the Foundation's website finally referred to your and Dr. Schoch's visit, but only on the local language version. I have taken the liberty of translating it for you, as I think you should be aware of what is being said:

Semir Osmanagic - Dr. Colette M. Dowell - Dr. Robert M. Schoch

Semir's Comments regarding the visit of Dr. Schoch and Dr. Dowell to Visoko 15-08-06

In recent days there has been intensive discussion in certain media on the preliminary report of Dr. of Philosophy and Parapsychology Colette Dowell, who is assistant to the geologist Dr. Robert Schoch, who spent twelve days visiting the Archaeological Park Foundation, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and Bosnia & Herzegovina. On this, the Foundation publishes a statement by the President of the Board, Semir Osmanagic, which comments the preliminary report of the guests from the USA.

The initial contact, followed by a visit, came from Dr. Dowell in June. The initiative was accepted and the President of the Board of the Foundation, Semir Osmanagic, decided to host them and cover the costs of their stay.

The scientific scepticism of Robert Schoch is shown in the case of the underwater structures between Japan and Taiwan, which are clearly man-made. His expertise, on the other hand, is demonstrated by his becoming world-famous after publishing three books on the age of the Sphinx in Egypt, which report it is as being far older than the conventional figures. In view of the fact that the Foundation is open to all, it was our pleasure to accept the request to host Dr. Schoch at the greatest geo-archaeological exploration site in the world this year.

In conversations with Robert on the Bosnian pyramids, he expressed views which suggested he thinks that currently there are insufficient arguments to confirm that the formation is indeed man-made. He believes that a lot more work must be done to confirm this hypothesis. In order that he and Colette understand the history of Bosnia & Herzegovina, we arrangedfor them to visit the pyramids of the Sun and Moon, the tunnel complex beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, recent discoveries in Gornja Vratnica and Bandol near Travnik, Daorson in Herzegovina and stone spheres in Zavidovici. It is interesting that even regarding the stone spheres he did not say that they are man-made but, rather, that there is no geological explanation for them. Apparently, this is the way a geologist thinks.

We have not yet received the preliminary or final report that he promised to prepare after he returned to Boston.

In any case, the visit was useful as it faced both of us with a test: for him - to try to understand the sheer grandeur of this complex and, for me - to try to find ways to hasten efforts to find more proof on the existence of the pyramids. Our farewell was cordial and friendly. In addition to exchanging books, we agreed that he will return next year, around the same time, for him to follow-up on progress in geo-archaeological findings.

Regarding Dr. Dowell's writings, they are entirely unrelated to geologic exploration but, rather, focus on irrelevant and completely incorrect facts and there is no need to comment on them at all. She mentions fake reports, political meddling and elections, and presents BiH (Bosnia & Herzegovina) as a backward country. We must ignore such ill-intentioned comments and, through our work and persistence, prove the hypothesis is true and, through the Foundation, start other important projects on the territory of BiH.

Currently we have four on-going projects: in addition to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, we have projects on the stone spheres in BiH, on the stone temple in Bandol and on the circular stone construction in Gornja Vratnica.

Semir Osmanagic

In your comment (Submitted by Colette M. Dowell on Fri, 16/06/2006 - 3:36pm.”) you said, among other things, that:
“Many words that Sammie has spoken have been twisted and bent. There are many who just like to discredit any one, no matter what".
It seems he is out to discredit you, no matter what... That's his modus operandi...

I was informed of that article when it was first posted; a person who works for Semir and the Foundation translated it and sent it to me. The people who work for Semir and the Foundation know Semir was wrong to write that about us; I have emails from them, Semir has lost their respect.

As you see in Semir's article, he wrote there was a book exchange --as if that was very important -- as if books were gifts from Kings from other sides of the world welcoming each other. The problem with this statement is there was not a book exchange. Dr. Schoch gave him 3 books upon our arrival; Semir did not have his books there for us. Dr. Schoch eventually bought one book, and then when we were to go to some stone spheres in a creek, Semir was trying to make a case for man made stone spheres and ran to his room and brought back a book about stone spheres and gave it to Dr. Schoch. No, there was no book exchange. We are still waiting for our books.

The longer we are without the books, the longer the reports will take. Is this what he wants -- to prolong the reports? If the Foundation wants reports and people want reports, and they would like for them to be accurate, maybe they should write to him and tell him he needs to send the books to us so we have them, or write to the Foundation. Mario Gerrusi knows we need the books and said he would have them for us before our departure from Bosnia. didn't happen. One full set for Dr. Schoch, and one full set for me: The first edition of his book, the revised edition of his book, and the stone spheres book; any books he has written that refer to the Bosnian Alleged Pyramids or other related history of Bosnia or anomalies in the area that he wants to include in the Foundation's research. Any books he has published in English would help. Also, he told me he would find a good English Bosnian- Bosnian English translation book and dictionary as I told him I would have to try to find one. Semir told me he would find one for me. He told me that while we were in Bosnia and last week when we spoke on the phone.

I am not a Dr. of Parapsychology, the whole article he wrote is full of deception, the kind that I was trying to point out in the information I sent to Greg Taylor about what was going on in Bosnia. The article Semir wrote was conspired and mal-intended. What I wrote about what Dr. Schoch and I were experiencing in Bosnia was written with good intentions to inform you folks on what was going on in Bosnia and what we were learning and experiencing. As you can read in my reports, it was very disturbing; Semir has just proven my point.

I did not speak that Bosnia was a backward Country or Nation. I spoke about Bosnia and Bosnians as being lovely people. This is Semir’s way of manipulating people’s minds, it is called propaganda.

Semir should have remained a gentleman and not been so quick to defend or create more controversy as it ended up creating a situation that has backfired on him. He is the one who has lost respect for what he wrote about us. He wrote false information in the hopes people would believe him. I have an interview I am sitting on, but I am waiting. I wish for Semir to be honorable if he means to rule and be the Head of some Foundation (or maybe even Bosnia?). His actions reflect on the Foundation, and with the way Semir acts, well, just think about how the rest of the Foundation just might be acting. After all, he is their leader --their role model in some ways.

He speaks that it is the people's duty to ignore my comments. The first translations I have there are different words used, now I see in yours there is no "DUTY “ to ignore.........The first report in Bosnian and the translations I received are different then yours. They included words of duty and words similar to duty..... This is your translation, “ MUST ignore…………..”

"Regarding Dr. Dowell's writings, they are entirely unrelated to geologic exploration but, rather, focus on irrelevant and completely incorrect facts and there is no need to comment on them at all. She mentions fake reports, political meddling and elections, and presents BiH (Bosnia & Herzegovina) as a backward country. We MUST ignore such ill-intentioned comments and, through our work and persistence, prove the hypothesis is true and, through the Foundation, start other important projects on the territory of BiH."

Everything I wrote is relevant to the whole picture of what is going on over there in Bosnia with the pyramid situation. I did not write mal-intended comments, rather Semir’s writings are mal-intended. It is relevant to the research when we receive information from the Foundation’s staff geologists and archaeologists reporting to us about things that they have experienced and the Foundation continues to advertise otherwise, as the example with the tunnel inscriptions being thousands of years old on that stone and so forth --the entrance to the tunnel .......(they use other web sites to promote news and post photos...)

I have yet to see Semir write that, "Ooops, there might be a problem with that stone in the tunnel -- maybe those inscriptions are not authentic....I should retract my comments until further analysis may be able to reveal any form of dating of those inscriptions.”

Semir’s writing clearly shows you what we had to deal with while we were in Bosnia working with the staff and the Foundation. He makes it very obvious. Dr. Schoch and I have been very patient with Semir. We have both been very honest with him as well. Dr. Schoch explicitly explained the geological processes at work which would cause such formations on the mountains that Semir claims are man made.

I was a lady and I stood up and took full responsibility for any typos or misinterpretations or errors in my writings. I have remarks that he should write a public apology for writing that article about us and writing lies. He could even fake it a bit, say something like, "I thought other wise.......but I was wrong......." We would accept that, but, he should be an honorable man, and not hide behind lies to try to discredit Dr. Schoch’s research, my research, other scientists, and on and on and on. "Apparently, this is the way a geologist thinks."

Now that I have had time to read more of Semir's writings he has online, there is not one report from a scientist or other person stating different opinions other than his own that he does not attack or writes underlying rude comments about. Semir has no natural science degrees himself and never mentioned to me that he even took classes in any of them. I did, Robert surely did. Semir’s degrees include "As far as my educational background I got my degrees in Economics (4 years), Political Sciences (4 years), 2 years of Sociology, Master in International Economics."

His comments about Yonaguni shows bias about the subject of Atlantis and ancient civilizations and his level of education about Yonaguni; Yonaguni has never been proven to be man made. But, maybe he did not know that.

We are being patient with him. It serves no useful purpose to scream at him. But, I am ready to, Ha I might cry again, not scream.

Well it is all a shame.......the whole thing is and Semir just really blew it now and made it even worse. I had a conversation with him last week and talked to him about being positive and to not make trouble. Robert spoke to him about how to make things right as well when we were in Bosnia. Obviously our good intentions were ignored, as he kept repeating his party line, “Once we have excavated, the world will know that we are the greatest ancient civilization that ever lived.”-- “Geology can not produce such a great pyramid.”

Here is one translation I received. When I read this after I had read other reports and papers Semir had written, there are terms he uses addressing the people of Bosnia, that soon every one in the world will know that Bosnia has the greatest and most ancient civilization, and the world will finally respect Bosnians. Semir implants in the minds of Bosnians that they are not respected. This is a control mechanism. Semir is acting as the “Chosen” who will bring respect back to the Bosnian people by creating fake pyramids and lead them to believe there was once a great ancient civilization reigning there and they are the descendents of it. This is Semir’s way of gaining respect for Bosnia, but Bosnia has respect, he is telling Bosnians Bosnia has no respect, he will be the great “Bosnian Indiana Jones” and save Bosnia with fake pyramids. UUUhhhhhhhhh???????? The Bosnians just need to understand about geology, archaeology and past history of their natural surroundings. The Bosnians who want to believe in Semir are being exploited for political and financial gain. That is the sadness I was trying to convey, the manipulation, the deception, the scary politics. It will be the Bosnian people who will suffer indignity from the mind of Semir and those who are supporting this colossal hoax.

Thus far, I have never read any negative comments about Bosnians, only positive ones and how they stood up such a fight against the Serbs and they are respected for that. When reading Semir’s reports and how he speaks to Bosnians, I have visions of Hitler and how he spoke. Oh, my, it is all too familiar. I think Semir must have read up on Hitler and his strategies. What is Semir trying to lead Bosnia in to? Here are a few of Semir’s statements:

There is extreme damage being done by the way the excavations are being performed. Does this photograph look like there are any structures standing or any remote resemblance of a pyramid in it?


[One of Sammie's people got on The Daily Grail and started with more lies and wrote that I called Sammie Hitler, which I did not, so, I wrote this edit to clear things up as he kept coming on and writing rude comments and lies about Dr. Schoch and me and what really happened over in Bosnia in support of Semir and his pyramids when he was not even there most of the time we were. The Daily Grail is not the type of forum Sammie and his team players write on to spread deception. I saw Hitler speaking to a crowd of people on a podium, telling them they were a supreme race and trying to manipulate them by using personal emotional tactics to raise their hopes and self esteem for generations to come. I did not write about hostages. Most politicians speak of great promises of hope and wealth for the general public. But, what usually happens is only a few share in the wealth; the individuals who are involved in promoting the promises.]

I will clear this up now. I did not call Semir Hitler. I said I would have visions of Hitler when I read Semir’s writings. Like when you read a book, you read the words, but the words bring images to your mind. The image of Hitler came to my mind. I repeat, I did not call Semir Hitler. I also had other images come to my mind, but I did not write about them. They were really weird.

I also wrote I thought Semir must have read up on Hitler and his strategies because I was thinking about all of the political classes Semir had to take to earn his degrees. I would think he would have to learn about other rulers as well in international politics and economy -- the strategies involved in the infrastructure of business and economy on an international level that involves politics. “Economics (4 years), Political Sciences (4 years), 2 years of Sociology, Master in International Economics.”

I actually started writing a sentence that was something like a question but I could not write it clearly –I was stumbling over words --something like -- what image comes to mind when you read statements like this, but, I could not find the proper words to write what I was feeling and make sense out of it, so I changed it and wrote what I saw instead.

OK, now, I hope that makes that more clear. That is what I saw in my mind and was thinking when I read Semir’s writings. I did not call Semir Hitler.

Fossils and artifacts are getting damaged and completely destroyed. How is this preserving Bosnia's culture and heritage? This is a complete intact fossil Dr. Schoch took a photo of. I took photos of the walls vertically cut that have destroyed ceramic artifacts and possible charcoal and organic matter as in a fire pit, and who knows what all else.

«.....the grandest geo-archaologic exploration project in the world this year.»

« With regards to Dr. Dowell's writings, they are entirely out of touch with the geologic exploration, but are focused on the irrelevant and entirely incorrect things and there is no need to comment on it at all. (But here he goes on to comment) She is talking about fake reports, involvement of politics and elections and BH shows as a backward country. OUR DUTY is not to pay attention to these malintended comments, BUT INSTEAD WITH OUR WORK AND PERSISTENCE PROVE THE TRUTH OF THE HYPOTHESIS, and that through Foundation we start other important projects on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.»

Semir had not written about a hypothesis, he shelters his comments with that term, he makes hard claims that there are pyramids there and there was a great ancient civilization.

How about this from another report?????????

"The history of civilization has to be rewritten," he said. "Bosnia will become a giant on the world archeological map."

I have more, but I think this will suffice for now.

I know Semir will receive this through his grape vine of infiltrated forum users so I am requesting for him to please send us the copies of the books he promised at the appropriate addresses that were designated. (If they are in the mail, I can be emailed to let me know their approximate arrival date.) Also, we would appreciate it and have a bit more respect for Semir (others would too) if he wrote an honorable statement and retract his comments that are false and misleading to the international public about us. He plays the martyr, respect is not gained in such manner --only by fanatics, not by conscious and professional individuals. Semir has the ability to end this negativity now, it is his choice. If he plans to lead the people of Bosnia, he should show some courage and honesty, that will be his strength. Continuing with deception, manipulation and lies is a reflection of his aggression – that can be dangerous. Yes, he has a gentle voice and can mesmerize with his charm, that is his tool of deception and he uses it well to win over the hearts of some of the Bosnians, politicians and businessmen. Semir owes it now to the Bosnian people to let them know they are respected, and it is not his right to take that away from them and use it as a propaganda machine. If Semir continues on course as he has been, the Bosnians will suffer great humiliation from a great betrayal; has this not occurred to him? Only time will tell.

Thank you,


I was told by another professional, “It does not matter who you are the guests of, you do not turn yourselves into prostitutes just to serve their specific needs.”

Sammie also discounted our abilities to investigate and obtain other facts beyond, "Are the pyramids man made or are they just natural?" Is Sammie moping and sweating it out because he spent that money and some truths were revealed that did not support his claims and also brought fourth deception and misleading information?

So anyway, now there are many versions of what supposedly happened in Bosnia in regards to our research and professions, along with what does Sammie have to say versus what we have to say, and what really transpired during our visit to Bosnia. These sorts of conflicting statements are very typical of the various rumors and deceptions we were unraveling during our investigation and research of the alleged pyramids. Dr. Schoch will write more of the hard-core academic scientific analyses as well as other findings and comments. I will report on events that transpired and what I examined in collaboration with Dr. Schoch. We both research and document, just in different ways that are very compatible. As a team we are able to gather and analyze many factors of a given situation and retrieve much information. Dr. Schoch and I are both professionals with degrees in either fields of natural science or that of building and construction methods, amongst other specialized fields. Independent of each other we both have many decades of traveling around the world researching and documenting ancient sites and studying ancient cultures. We are well seasoned researchers and there is no way we can support the claims of some ancient civilization that built pyramids located in Visoko thousands and thousands of years ago – not for Semir Osmanagic, the Foundation, (which Semir is the Chairman/Founder of ) or any one.

 Nothing Sammie wrote in his comments about us are truthful. I communicated with Dr. Schoch about this and we are both highly upset with Semir’s lack of integrity and dishonesty. Dr. Schoch and I discussed for me to write a paper and post it publicly on THE DAILY GRAIL so the public will know that Semir is spreading deception, telling lies and he is totally out of reality and control. You might as well here it now and just simply put -- there is absolutely no evidence to even remotely suggest Visoko once had the world’s greatest and most advanced ancient civilization capable of building  pyramids, especially the world’s largest ( In Dr. Schoch's and my opinion). And there is absolutely no evidence to remotely suggest there are any structural formations that could ever qualify in resembling a man made pyramid. And then there is the tunnel and its inscriptions; hhhmmm..................

As I write this, there is continuing insulting remarks being made on forums that support the pyramid theory and Sammie still has his team out there infiltrating them writing comments in support of the pyramids and inscriptions and the other associated mounds. It is all malarkey.  Now Sammie's father has written a report on the tunnel inscriptions on August 14th, 2006 that is posted on the Foundations' website. It is filled with phony inscriptions on the stones and touched up photos. I will write on the tunnel and the inscriptions on a separate report.

Thank you,

Colette Dowell and Robert Schoch

[Semir and his claims and the stupendous remarks are getting out of control and have been, and I am sick and tired of it. However, when I feel better I will still try to persevere and write up the important facts and get them in order for you, the real reports that I wanted to write; not just follow up on these to clear up any misunderstandings due to personal posts that were sent to the Daily Grail and its members that ended up on many international websites with out permission. That was not expected. Those were written for the members of the Grail. So, I have to make sure you understand what we saw and what happened, and that is much to write about and will contain many photos and graphics to deal with; I will continue as able. Thank you, Colette]

We have received a lot of emails and notes on message boards of gratitude for my out-spoken reporting. I appreciate it very much. I try to write the truth, I understand that I may write backwards at times......haha! But, I still know what I am talking about; so does Dr. Schoch. We thank every one who has written and sent us support and thank you notes for our efforts and all of your understanding of the hardships and controversy this has created in our lives. Also, we are glad that we can be of service. After all, we wanted to know what was going on too, so we went and found out, and we are finding out more and the reports will continue to come in with more photographs and comments that we will share with you as able.

Thanks again,

Colette Dowell and Robert Schoch


Dear Dr. Schoch,

        I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment on this find. I know I will be looking forward to your and Dr. Dowell's observations as you will have first hand knowledge and being there "on the scene" and gratefully, FACTUAL reporting. Devoid of the egotistical infighting and "me first" attitude so prevalent in the academic community. It's wearying to confront this paradigm, to me it's more difficult than the actual digging and procurement of samples for testing and waiting for the eventual results.

Sincerely, Pam

Dear Dr. Dowell,

        I hope you will write a full report of what you learned in Visoko and that this can be distributed to local media in Bosnia.
A small group of people have been valiantly trying to open people's eyes as to what is really going on - I am not one of them though I do admire them. Unfortunately, so far the Foundation has too easily dismissed any critical opinions and mainstream media have failed to research and present both sides, only one.
        The people of this country (or at least a part of them) are being purposefully misled and certain individuals are manipulating them for their own political gain... I have followed the events around the supposed pyramid closely and am dismayed at the social pehnomenon that was created around it. After all it has gone through, this country deserves better!
        I sincerely hope you will do everything possible to debunk the myths and let the truth be revealed for all to know.



Your reporting

        As an American archaeologist I just wanted to thank you for reporting what you saw and found no matter what. Some may see this as a sideshow but It appears that it has been investigated fairly and I await the conclusion to be posted. So from the great southwest I say stay cool, and keep on saying what you believe.


Dear Colette,

I have been reading about these "pyramids" for over a year now, and I have to admit, at first I believed that there is something. Now as time is passing by, I can see that the whole thing is just one big charade.

I feel bad for local people there, who worked really hard, hoping to discover something big. They are deceived by a big promise, not only promise of big discovery, but also promise of something that lacks in Bosnia, hope for better future.

The girl who posted before gave her view of the whole thing, and I respect it, but I must say, it’s wrong at many levels. She lives abroad, and as she said, she visits once a year, and probably even then doesn’t read news papers, or talks to people who know more than a "regular Joe".

Bottom line here is that Sam and rest of the crew were deceiving these people. No question about it. At first, as I said I believed there could be something, but few weeks after first excavations, I realized that there is no way that the hill is a pyramid. First they started digging on the "Sun" pyramid, and when they found nothing but a few rocks, they decided to go and dig the "moon" pyramid, where some kid "found" few square rocks. Funniest thing about is that Sam has explanation for everything. "This hole was water source for kings of the area 300,000,000 years ago, and nonsense like that" (Im kidding of course, but all of his explanations fall into that category.)

As the girl, Anesa wrote earlier, there is something there, and if she cared to read little bit more, she would find few things. First, Visoko was capital of Bosnia during medieval times, and there are left overs from their buildings, forts, roads, etc. Also Romans had their forts in that area as well. Im certain those few square stone pavements are left overs from those periods, and everyone who things that they are older than medieval times, has some serious issues. I don’t believe that volunteers purposely cut parts of the hill, to make it look like a pyramid, but im almost certain that Sam, and others from this "archeological foundation" (of fraud, I must add), did point to those volunteers which parts to cut, and how. And if you look at pictures, on almost every picture, there is Sam coordinating excavations, and ordering which parts should be dig out, cut, etc..

I too, as I said before, feel bad for volunteers, and all the people who were deceived, but truth must be told, and has to be told, that’s why, Colette, I truly thank you, and im waiting for the full report, which, if you need, I will translate to Bosnian and send it to all news organizations there.

Again, thank you very much Colette and Robert, and all the best,

















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