Oh, just wondering why some humans think they are so superior;

they don't even know how to peel a banana right and

then they throw the peels out where some one will get hurt.






      Since the beginning of Dr. Schoch and me (Colette) letting it be known we will be visiting the site in Visoko, Bosnia, to study the geological factors in regards to the alleged pyramids we have received many positive emails. Most people are very happy that the “Doctors” (as we are called) will be there so fresh information will be hopefully available and new discoveries found or at least more will be understood about the geological processes and the big question of “man made versus natural.” This question is very hard to answer as there are many features incorporated on the hill and many layers of prior civilizations that need to be sifted through. Please understand this is a long and involved process of many hours of field studies and lab work with associated scientists, this is a combined effort and we must work as a team.


        We have received geological reports from other geologists who have already visited the site and written up some of their initial findings. There will be further studies needed and other field reports to follow. This excavation is in the very first stages and there are many facets to it and many anomalies that need to be evaluated. We do not think that one trip for two weeks will suffice to make any hard claims and settle the nerves of all of the wandering minds, but we will be able to distinguish some characteristics of readily available and observable geological features. We will take many samples and do many studies and do as much as we can while we are there. So, please be patient. It would be very premature for Dr. Schoch to announce any hard claims, only some working hypotheses.


        When we first heard of the alleged pyramids we were confused just like every one else due to the many websites and their little articles and news agencies writing conflicting reports. We will be on site and see for ourselves.


To quote Dr. Schoch in his first letter announcing our visit he states the following:


This is Robert Schoch writing. I have been following the controversy over the “Bosnian Pyramids.” So far, all I have seen are miscellaneous articles in the popular media and various analyses that have been released thus far. In my opinion, the controversy that the alleged pyramids have engendered is fascinating unto itself in terms of the sociology of science and popular culture, how arguments between “experts” and “amateurs” are framed, and the tactics both sides utilize (especially certain “experts” as they attempt to outright dismiss the work of people who do not belong to their “club”). But, beyond that, I would like to know what exactly is going on with the Bosnian Pyramids in terms of potential ancient occupation and usage of the site."


That is his intent and mine; and I will be there to assist in his needs

 as well as do my own investigations.


        The saga of forums with angry and jealous people continue, this is unfortunate as it breeds more mis-information and rips the hearts out of many. We have the respect of many individuals who are depending on us to be forthright in our studies and that is our intention. The internet is a great medium to use as a research tool for correct information as well as a wicked tool to be used to slander people. For the people who are looking for correct information they by chance sometimes stumble across sites that posts false statements about Dr. Schoch and myself (written by individuals who do not know us, yet claim they do). These individuals who are seeking for truths have no where to turn.





March -I have taken out text that Robert Schoch submitted concerning his credentials??? I will only leave this statement in.


"I was hired by the College of General Studies, at Boston University, in 1984."






        Since our return from Bosnia and during the course of time processing all of the information we have gathered, We/I have learned that many websites were and are being used as a machine for Semir Osmanagic and his Foundation's claims of pyramids and ancient Mayan theories. However I will keep links up so you can read how the saga of the pyramids unfolds on the one side. (Note: I have rewritten some things.)


        BOSNIANPYRAMID.COM has removed links to our sites, our images and Dr. Schoch's books and makes it look like we were never even in Bosnia (except for any remaining remarks lost in a few pages) because we do not support Semir's claims of pyramids. The site posts only supportive remarks of pyramids that come from edited words from scientists who have written reports. Also, only letters to the Editor are posted in support of the pyramids in Bosnia. 


        Websites that are reporting news should report both sides of a story, other wise they are more-so a fan club and not a real news source. This causes confusion to the general reading public as they are not receiving the full story. Now the site posts 10 second videos of "things" & artifacts that have no detailed imagery or narration to them, you have no idea of what you are looking at due to poor resolution and the lack of reporting --just a headline: "New Artifact Found....and What Nots!....and so on and so forth." [The site has now removed that video it seems since I have initially written this report.] Anyway, before we left for Bosnia we did not realize we were being manipulated by Semir and others involved with the Foundation; but, then again, we were just as naive as others were in the beginning. We became aware of Semir's smooth moves, obsessions and control mechanisms very quickly though upon our arrival in Bosnia during our first day meeting with him personally. Then as time moved on, we learned even more --yeah, lucky us; now we must report on it. It would be a lot more pleasant if there was something positive to write about, like maybe if there was something of a real ancient structure found.


        Anyway --we did not understand about all of the excitement surrounding our arrival in Bosnia and the interviews that were being set up before hand (before our investigations) and the "Red Carpet Treatment" (described in those exact words) we were going to receive. That did not seem typical upon arrival of some researchers --what was the deal? We felt there was no need for that, and why? We left for Bosnia wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. We were headed to Bosnia to investigate, not support any claims, just be open minded. We learned about the position we were being placed in as "The Great Messiah's" that were coming to Bosnia to support the claims of the pyramids being "real" shortly after we arrived --that is what all of the interviews were about; to get statements from us in support of the pyramids.


        Dr. Schoch and I avoided the media as much as possible and were not making any statements confirming Semir's pyramids. We granted few interviews to select individuals who would not twist our words and would be fair in their reporting. That caused great disappointment in the media and the Foundation. Words were then written for us that we did not speak, especially focusing on Dr. Schoch as he is the geologist --paraphrased, " A twinkle in his eye could not hide his enthusiasm...." Now, I have come home to find many emails that we were being used by the Foundation and specific websites to support Semir's claim of an ancient civilization. Semir had preconceived notions because we research geological anomalies and ancient ruins that we would concur with him. We are independent and do not agree with something if our education, knowledge and experience reveals to us something completely different than what has been initially defined to us. We do not like being exploited.


Quote from a "researcher" we met in Visoko who is closely involved with the research, (the pro & cons).


"PROBLEM is / was that many tried to use your visit to fight against Semir and vice versa. So I stepped in and tried to underline the difference with what you could see on the web and what was done in reality. Your were presented / used as a kind of geological messiah - and from what I gathered (as both of you are very nice and ordinary, friendly, loving people) you would never approve such a view - by no one, nor the believers / nonbelievers."


        Semir's comments about us," 15.08.2006. Comments regarding the visit of Dr. Schoch and Dr. Dowell to Visoko " http://www.piramidasunca.ba/eng/default.asp confirmed our feelings of deception and manipulation on his part and of many other supporters of his beliefs. Semir's last bow was not that of a gentleman. The curtains are drawn and he will be forever marked with his insulting statements about truthful reporting. He is like a thief who got caught and still wants his hands so he will "tell stories" in hopes of retaining his "digits." There is also continuing fraudulent behavior in the guise of Bosnian's heritage being that of a great civilization; there is no need for that. That is like telling Americans there was once an ancient supreme race thriving in Oklahoma and true Americans are descendents of them. Americans will gain respect back after what President Bush did to them and the international world at large. Now tell Americans to invest $20 million dollars to create remnants of this great civilization that once inhabited Oklahoma and then many tourists will come and give Americans their money and respect. No, it does not work that way. In Semir's mind and in his political friends maybe, but not in true reality.


        At this point I will only spend my time putting together graphics showing how things have been hoaxed. I will refer back to dated articles and links. There are important links that show earlier excavations and how things have now been built to make them look as if they are man made shrines, tombs, the likes. Stones are moved around, new blocks added, some little rocks removed, bigger stones removed, walls cut and places carved and brushed...good grief. It is all there to find if one takes the time to research and analyze. I took the time and I found the trail of the hoax and how it began to build and manifest. Dr. Schoch and I also witnessed part of it.


        As far as Egyptologists making a call on natural stone being man made and being molded blocks, layers of rippled sandstone being man made pavement, naturally spilt stones at angles of 90 degrees due to their cleavage being man made and cut....... bla bla bla.... again and again, over an over, well, that is all very ridiculous. These Egyptologists are way out of their field of expertise and knowledge base and have no realization of their remarks except to get in the media and help with Semir's hype of some pyramids. I am personally sick of it and want to move on with my life into something more positive. I will --once I feel I have given it my all and made enough graphics to help people understand the situation in Bosnia with the hoaxing of pyramids and stories of ancient civilizations.


        The problem now is that the government is involved more then ever for political and financial gains. They control a vast amount of the media and there is also intent of local Visoko Officials threatening to take away an archaeologist's or geologist's degree if they "step out of line" and speak against the pyramids. That is the power of the corrupt. The Foundation and supporters of it have "bought out" many Bosnian newspapers to run articles on the "pyramids"; articles that are written as if they were real news. But again, those articles are one sided and promote propaganda and hype, not real news; sort of like politicians running newspapers and having only what they want printed. You do not read in the Bosnian newspapers about the negative affects of what is happening in regards to the excavations or the "STOP OSMANAGIC NOW' information. The very same newspapers have links to the Foundation and support it. They have also misquoted Dr. Schoch and myself and edited out important factors to read as if we supported the pyramids, or cut off specific sentences that we have written so the full story is not told in its entirety and truth. It is all highly controlled and choreographed. There are other scientists and documenters that the newspapers have done the same with.


        Websites that support the claims of the pyramids are doing the same thing as the newspapers. This is what the confusion was before we left and why we wanted to go to see for ourselves because of the contradictions; now we are part of the "asylum" as we do not support the claims of pyramids. And now the Foundation cries they paid our expenses, yet other "experts" who remark " Gee, I think this is man - made." the foundation has only praises for them and no complaints about expenditures --only, "Boy oh boy, they will be coming back next year in support of the pyramids." (after more of the hills are torn down and the Foundation has destroyed artifacts --while preserving Bosnia's heritage --yeah, right.) It is an insane and odd place our world has turned into.


        After I have completed some articles on the tunnel, inscriptions, the ridge, pavements, terraces, weird stories, power and greed agendas, hi-tech alien species and grand monuments, basically a little bit of the whole gambit; I will be done with Bosnia and my documenting on Semir and his odd claims. It will be up to the Bosnians to put up a fight against Semir and the corruption, which I hate for them to have to do if they wish to have their country free from more corruption. The Bosnians do not deserve it. There are groups of Bosnians who are fighting against Semir and the politicians but, they are being held and hid in the back ground. I wish for them to get to the fore-front. If I can have a page on Circular Times for the various groups listed against Osmanagic with links to their sites, I wish to do that, and I will if I am able. I hate mis-use of power and greed; I hate hoaxing and I hate those who do it.


        Some day we would like to go back to Bosnia and meet up with new friends and the other scientists that have been "removed and ostracized" for telling the truth. Bosnia is such a beautiful country and there are many ruins there to explore. We loved it there. Wow, it was wonderful in many ways; just not our experience with Semir, the Foundation, the pyramids and the so called tunnel and its inscriptions. Phew, what a farce.


        The situation in Bosnia with Semir and his pyramids and Foundation did not waste our time, it made us review important lessons in life. One being that some people will go to any length to not admit their wrongs and will continue to deceive others so that their persona does not lose its inflated ego, money, power and position. It was more a lesson in humanity, one I had once known, but had forgotten; I became naive. If the problematic issues of people involved with such a grand scheme are not stopped, many will be hurt and there will be much betrayal in a country that is still recovering from other wounds and is very fragile. This form of wound could be the one that is so severe that it will eventually cause the death of many human psyches and the citizens will lose their personal sense of well being, trust and faith forever. The deceptions in Bosnia concerning pyramids and heritage bequeathed of a great ancient supreme techno culture must stop. Semir has infiltrated the minds of many individuals and is building a community of fanatics now, that is dangerous and is causing a division in Bosnia now, not unity.


        That is all for now. I will continue to write on this page or maybe even start a new one, like Colette's Corner --Comments/Tangents/Realizations/Revelations/Considerations/Confirmations --on and on and on. I will post small articles and news for The Daily Grail that I personally write or co-author with Dr. Schoch; that will suffice. But for the hard core comments I will save them for now and start my own weekly editorial on Circular Times maybe (if I have time to do so). I am sure I will find some title that is fitting. Even if "They" try to intimidate me I will not stop. I am a documenter and will continue to document as I have done so most of my life. CMD




Meho Macic's story:


bosnianpyramid.com is pro-pyramid and supports Semir and his Foundation.




        The discovery of a pyramid in Visoko, Bosnia, last summer has succeeded in bringing together Bosnians in a way that no politician has been able to since the end of the Yugoslavian war a decade ago. As theories about the pyramid grow, Bosnian pride and passion have been re-ignited and international interest sparked. For the first time in more than a decade, people are talking about Bosnia and not about the war.


        Meho Macic first heard about the theory of a pyramid in Bosnia via the Internet, but didn’t think too much about it. It wasn’t until he saw the explorer Semir Osmanagic on television, talking about his theory of a pyramid at Visoko that Macic realised the full extent of the project.


        “I saw a black and white picture of Viscocica Hill behind Semir and I was amazed - it looked just like a pyramid,” says Macic. “I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep that night.” The very next morning, he bought the domain, BosnianPyramid.com.


        Today, he and many others believe that the pyramid being uncovered in Bosnia is rekindling Bosnian national pride - and could lead to some history books being re-written, too.


        “Semir Osmanagic said that the project would bring something positive to Bosnia, which we didn’t really have in the country at the time,” says Macic. “He thought it would bring Bosnians around the world together and that is happening.” You can see this in the numerous chat rooms that have been set up to discuss the pyramid and the latest theories about it. It is also generating an unexpected groundswell of public debate and interest in archaeology itself.


        Macic first met Osmanagic at a book signing in Mostar. “There was a book launch in the Cultural Centre and Semir did a presentation of his theories about the pyramid,” says Macic. “I knew by then that this project would be huge and I wanted to be involved and to support it in some way, to do my bit.”


        At that stage, there was no website dedicated to the theories about the pyramid which is why Macic created BosnianPyramid.com - in English, so that news would filter through to an English-speaking, international audience. He has also created links to travel agents for tourists who visit Bosnia and want to see the pyramid site (HiddenBosnia.com) and has developed an online shop that sell pyramid-linked products with Bosnian artist, Adi Mahinic; a percentage of these sales goes to the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation (APBS). He asks his visitors to support the Foundation’s work with donations.






















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