Jewelry designed from museum and native shops from world travels - Ancient Egyptian Antique Far East Native America Indians Maya Inca Peru England European Morocco Russian Hermitage and Kremlin -  influence silver and gold motif glass beads cloisonné filigree chain scarabs from Egypt hand carved- stone fresh water pearl beads hand tied gold wire and silver wire antique beads.  All hand made, not 2 pieces of jewelry are identical due to blown glass and culture pearls. Unique and different.


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Sabu Designs

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Image Egytian Nubian antique jewelry gold silver motiff glass beads handmade fine costume jewelry created by Colette Dowell for Sabu DesignsSabu Designs

by Dr. Colette Dowell

I have been making fine costume jewelry lately. It is inspired from all of my travels around the world to museums and native shops and stands of artisans. I make every piece individually and by hand. These are the designs and I can replicate them for special orders. The colors and styles are lovely and everyone so far has been happy with my jewelry - no complaints yet. Prices include taxes and shipping to anywhere in the world. All inclusive. It is just easier that way! NO hidden charges, nothing. Just one price and that is it. Thank you!  CONTACT COLETTE


 You can make me an offer.

 I have made more designs since this page has gone up. Some of the necklace sets shown have been sold. I can make more. If you are interested in selling my jewelry in your shop, please let me know. I have made many earrings separately and I have inventory.

   Sabu Designs

Email me for info on which item number please you are interested in for now.

My designs are one of a kind and no 2 will ever be identical as I use blown glass, hand molded glass and also freshwater pearl beads that have been toned. This gives every necklace its own identity. I can recreate the pattern, but, in the end, the necklace will have its own beauty and charm. Every one I make I place the beads together and work with them so they blend and fit well together and enhance the over all piece. I also use 4 strands of high quality beading thread so each necklace and bracelet is very strong and will not typically break (I thread them twice with double strands). I am very pleased with my creations and have had many compliments. This makes me feel very good. I know you too will feel good about wearing a nice necklace that is handcrafted and one of a kind. Its a real special feeling to wear nice jewelry. Why? I think it is because we admire beauty and we like to adorn ourselves in it. But, I am not sure. Jewelry is art and it evokes a response from us. I hope my creations evoke feelings of wonder and joy from you and you love your new personal present.

This page will still be under construction, but these design patterns are now available for you or as a gift. If you are purchasing one as a gift, please let me know if there is anything special you would like to add or say in a nice gift card. I will be making some of those up as well for you to send and receive with. Every necklace represents many hours of my life as I sit and contemplate and think about all of the things I have done during these years of living! I usually sit and listen to my favorite music or sometimes I watch old movies I have recorded in the past. I love the old black and white ones! ---Wow...lots of good thoughts for sure.

Thank you very much for your support, Colette



Email me for info on which number please you are interested in for now - you can order more than one of a kind as I can replicate my jewelry if necessary.                

Thank you, Colette

Prices include taxes and shipping to anywhere in the world. All inclusive. It is just easier that way! NO hidden charges, nothing. Just one price and that is it.


Please send money orders or cashier checks only, in United States dollars. No personal checks will be received. I am not set up with a pay pal account. Jewelry can not be returned. All pieces are hand made and include imperfections as in, "No, the leaves are not perfect and the bead is not really round."



Please Email me first for the fine details though- where to mail payment to, payable to - and so forth. I have written thus far some fun scenarios for each necklace and the details of what it is made from. These are the designs pattern available. Individual necklaces of like pattern will vary due to shapes of natural or hand made beads such as pearls and blown glass. Discounts are available if more than one item is purchased and shipped to the same address.

Click on thumbnails below (55 different patterns )to enlarge to actual size of necklace.

(depending on your browser window, you may have to click the photo twice when it enlarges)



 OK, here we go.............!!!!!

CMD001 - Empress -  Emerald green glass beads with large off white/white freshwater cultured out of round pearl beads, coral color small cloisonné style beads and  finished with smaller gold beads for a delicate balance - so beautiful - the color combination in this is wonderful and I like it very much. 19 1/4 inches.  Matching earrings included. 125.00$ US







CMD002 - Mandarin - Soft watermelon glass beads with large coral cloisonné style beads and beautiful antique gold spacers with double diagonal faceted gold motif beads and large off white/white freshwater cultured out of round pearl beads. Exceptional colors and smooth elegant feel to it – when eyes look at you they will catch this necklace and see something different – very different. 19 1/4 inches. Matching earrings included. 125.00$ US







CMD003  - Marina - Cool blue water glass beads with lots of light with large turquoise cloisonné style beads and beautiful antique gold spacers with double diagonal faceted gold motif beads and large  freshwater off white/white cultured out of round pearl beads. Nice and soft with tremendous appeal – lovely – I find myself keep looking at it in the mirror – ooooh! 19 1/4 inches. Matching earrings included.  125.00$ US







CMD004   - Out of Africa -  Large coral cloisonné style beads  with soft moss green glass beads - gold wire hand tied - big out of round freshwater white/off white pearl beads blend in such a lovely way - Out of Africa is a strong statement of refined elegance for the simple taste, yet subtle richness – like Karen Blixen exploring the wilds on safari with her beautiful accessories….Dennis loved her for her charm and grace. 23 3/4 inches. Matching earrings included. 160.00$ US










CMD005   - Lee Chan -  China red cloisonné style beads with soft green diamond crystal beads - hand tied gold motif with medium out of round white/off white freshwater pearl beads. Very feminine and lady like, but, able to blend nice with casual and has great appeal. Unique soft green double diamond faceted crystal beads shimmer soft light and are very pretty – maybe something you would find in an antique shop in China Town. 21 inches. Matching earrings included. 130.00$ US















CMD006 - Turkish Blue – A soft turquoise unusual shaped glass bead with small turquoise/green cloisonné style beads and medium out of round off white/to white soft water pearl beads - soft turquoise glass spacers, gold motif. Amazing looking pendent necklace - so unusual to see and beautiful like a tapestry carpet. One of my favorites as it looks so intriguing. 21 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US 









CMD007 - Tibetan Jade - Pendent style - Antique leaf green medium large cloisonné bead enamel (gorgeous inlay and it is from my private collection of antique beads – rare – I only had 2) with soft leaf green glass opalescent in nature and gold hand tied beads - small multi colored cloisonné style beads - medium out of round white to off white fresh water pearl beads - soft green glass spacers with small gold motif beads. Unusual looking blend of colors in soft hues of pastel shades with combination of filigree gold motif beads and unusual shaped glass bead extending from medium large rare green cloisonné bead. Looks very elegant and makes you want to feel it and look at the pendent. So nice to wear and feel – it is smooth to the touch and nice to rub.  A Collector's piece for lovely green cloisonné bead. 23 3/4 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US







CMD008  - White Empress - Pendent style - Antique floral patterned white large cloisonné bead enamel (gorgeous inlay in this too) with deep leaf green glass gold hand tied beads -  small turquoise/green cloisonné style beads - medium out of round white/off white fresh water pearl beads - soft green glass spacers with small gold motif beads. This has wonderful blend of colors too (as in Tibetan Jade) with its hues of pastel shades with combination of filigree gold motif beads and deep green unusual shaped glass bead extending from large white cloisonné.  So impressive, feminine, yet strong in ways – like an Empress would wear while sitting at her great throne. A Collector's piece for incredible white cloisonné bead (from my personal collection of beads – 2 only – rare). 21 3/4  inches. Matching earrings included. 175.00$ US





CMD009  - Lady Hostas - Pendent style lovely green glass bead hand tied with blown glass leaves with fluorescent minerals, gold turban beads with glass spacers hand tied between medium gold out of round soft water pearl beads and lovely etched chained link gold chain motif. The leaves are of beautiful blown artistry of nature and are lovely to look at and feel. A little elegance with unusual looks to it. From the Nature Collection for "Going Green" - Another one I like very much and so unusual too with the pearls the way they look with the leaves. 20 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US






CMD010 - Angeline Spring - Soft green unusual cone shaped gold wire wrapped glass bead pendent with blown glass leaves with fluorescent minerals - medium gold toned fresh water out of round  pearl beads - hand tied small soft green cloisonné style beads - gold turban and soft green glass spacers - with tiny gold motif beads. Another one from the "Nature Collection" with a cheerful spiral cone pendent that keeps you looking at it and wondering how was that made? A joyful springy feeling yet, elegant and soft. Unusual design pattern for sure. 19 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US








CMD011 - Rose Blush- Smooth light rose glass gold wired bead pendent with blown glass leaves with fluorescent minerals - hand tied little turban gold beads (nice) and small coral cloisonné style beads decorated with soft rose glass spacers and tiny gold beads finished with medium white to off white fresh water out of round  pearl beads. From the "Nature Collection", soft rose color is calming and elegant - very, very pretty and soothing combination that feels like a light, fresh flower around you – feel feminine and at ease in it. 18 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included.  $165.00 US










CMD012 - Blossom Lady  - Beautiful shades of melons, apricots and pomegranate red glass gold wired beads hand tied with medium out of round fresh water pearl beads and blown glass apricot and fluorescent "pearlish” white/green leaves with gold motif feminine chain. Impressive and unusual elegant "Nature Collection " special. So pretty and different looking - Max Parish in a way - Art Nouveau - Deco - lady like and vogue. The little pearls are delicate with the blown fluorescent minerals glass leaves and just look awesome. Imagine yourself richly out on the town for a little brunch and your favorite sweetheart. Favorite's list for sure!!!!! 18 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US










CMD013 - Lady Marmalade – All shades of  apricots and soft orange glass gold wired beads hand tied with such nice same hued blown glass leaves with fluorescent minerals hanging in unison off a lovely chain of gold motif. This too is from the "Nature Collection" favorite's list for sure menu. It is a delightful, pretty and charming necklace – love it. Elegant with all attire, lingerie is very sensual with this too. 19 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US










CMD014 - Scarab Persimmon - Medium Egyptian hand carved scarab hand fluorescent glaze so it glows very pretty amongst blown molded shiny glass leaves surrounded by soft green cloisonné style beads - a gold motif chain drops the dazzling scarab by means of a special floral clasp in bronze/gold tone. In an  Art Nouveau style sort of necklace that is unusual and intriguing to look at. When it is worn, feels like a world travel with pretty ancient pendent. From the "Nature Collection" too. A very nice necklace for delicate and elegant statements. 22 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. 125.00$ US









CMD015 - Scarab Azul - Medium Egyptian hand carved scarab hand fluorescent turquoise/blue glaze shining in soft light and very pretty  with blown “molded” shiny soft leaf green glass leaves surrounded by soft turquoise cloisonné style beads - gold motif chain and special floral clasp in bronze/gold tone to complete an antique Art Nouveau feminine necklace that is stunning. So different and pretty too. Wear it with glee and surrender to its charms. I like it very much. From the "Nature Collection". 16 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. 125.00$ US





CMD016 - Lita - Soft green and deep green glass silver wired beads hand tied (incredible looking patterns) with silver motif chain hanging on its glory. Soft leaf green and deep green "light" and fluorescent glass leaves - all  hand tied too. Very lovely. Of course from the "Nature Collection" and a nice, nice piece to wear for a bight-light and simple elegant feeling yet kind of moody, and it has mystique as it is delicate. Maybe a young Queen would wear this with her tea time dress or a lovely lady just un her jeans. 18 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US








CMD017  - Katherinn - Brilliant blues and shaded green glass silver wired beads hand tied with lovely blues and soft green glass spacers - blown fluorescent glass leaves of azul blues, gorgeous greens and soft pastel greens hanging with flair and ease - a delicate necklace intended to add mystique into your life when you wear it as it is unusual and pretty – has an antique flair of love’s wonder. An evening gown, a sarong or even a bikini ---- "Nature Collection" favorite's list of delightful charm and beauty. 21 inches. Matching earrings included.  185.00$ US








CMD018 - Victoria - Delightful emerald greens, imperial blues, turquoises, pastel green glass silver wire hand tied beads fashioned with all of the harmonious colors glass spacers hand tied together - Beautiful matching tones of blues, greens and turquoise garnish this necklace abundantly and thus is called "Victoria" as it is the supreme beautiful. Very ornate and delicate allowing your feminine nature to reveal intimate feelings - so pretty and refined and free design. The "Nature Collection" number one special on my list. I have yet to see one as pretty as this for this style.19 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. 195.00$ US





CMD019 - Dragonfly Moss - Soft moss green glass beads tied silver pendent with blown fluorescent glass leaves of beauty dropping from silver melon ball bead with conical spiral design and curious little dragonflies hand tied together on silver motif chain fashioned with a filigree clasp to finish it. Look and look and look and  feel it – so mysterious in ways. No color like this special moss soft green tone. Special and smooth in a way. "Nature Collection" special. 19 1/4 inches. Matching earrings included. $145.00 US








The Wispy Willows – “Nature Collection” -


Elegant gold & silver leaves and beautiful opalescent light colored glass beads strung in loose fashion for a look that has never been seen. No necklaces have ever been made like this – Ladies go nuts and whimper when they see these and place them around their neck. I have heard and seen a few ladies actually squeal, “Oooohhhhh, its so pretty, I love it!” Every one has different colored beads and “light” up special – the earrings add even more light and color to your hair and face – very, very pretty indeed these necklaces are. All individually hand strung and hand tied wire – no one is a like – look for your most personal color combination. I have made these in both gold and silver motif. A day or evening out or even just even around the house with a Wispy Willow around your neck allows you to feel like you are a special lady with a special something to be so daring a woman and wear such an intriguing piece of jewelry. I can also make one for your special color needs – just let me know!




CMD020  - Golden Willow 1- All radiant colors of glass gold hand tied beads strung with gold motif ornate filigree beads - light marine blues glass beads hand tied with gold wire attached with medium gold beads - little gold leaves all about intertwined with blown fluorescent glass leaves of pretty hues - all different and wispy. Light marine blue is focus on this one for a light breezy, elegant - casual flair. 20 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. "Nature Collection" 185.00$ US











CMD021 - Golden Willow 2 - All radiant colors of glass gold hand tied beads strung with gold motif ornate filigree beads - Little square metallic bronze glass beads (wow-those are different) hand tied with gold wire attached with medium gold beads - little gold leaves all about intertwined with blown fluorescent glass leaves of pretty hues with variable gold toned medium out of round fresh water pearl beads of unusual type and tiny gold beads in between- Variation on a  theme - The Willows - all different and wispy. 19 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. "Nature Collection" 185.00$ US








CMD022 - Golden Willow 3 - All radiant colors of glass gold hand tied beads strung with gold motif ornate filigree beads - Little square metallic bronze (hey what are those?) glass beads hand tied with gold wire attached with medium gold beads - little gold leaves all about intertwined with blown fluorescent glass leaves of pretty hues with variable gold toned medium out of round fresh water pearl beads of unusual type and tiny gold beads in between- The nice shades are unusual in this one and the shapes distinctive and fun, yet can be dressy and very rich.....a mulit personality piece good for any attire. Variation on a theme - The Willows - all different and wispy. Floral clasp. 19 3/4 inches. Matching earrings included. "Nature Collection" 185.00$ US








CMD023 - Golden Willow 4 - All radiant colors of glass gold hand tied beads strung with gold motif ornate filigree beads - Little cylinder shaped metallic bronze glass beads (real unusual for a second look and flair) hand tied with gold wire attached with medium gold beads - little gold leaves all about intertwined with blown fluorescent glass leaves of pretty hues with variable gold toned medium out of round fresh water pearl beads of unusual type and tiny gold beads in between- The melon red in this is delicious and yummy, the blue tones heavenly. It is very pretty - well, I suppose they all are. Variation on a theme - The Willows - all different and wispy. Floral Clasp. 20  1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. "Nature Collection" 185.00$ US







CMD024 -  Silver Willow 1 - All radiant colors of skies - glass silver hand tied beads strung with silver motif ornate filigree beads - melon, turban, inscribed fashioned - light periwinkle blue and smoky lavender glass beads for highlight on this, turquoise and blues, green from the woods - very nice combination -  glass beads hand tied with silver wire attached with medium silver beads - little silver leaves all about intertwined with blown fluorescent glass leaves of pretty hues with variable metallic hued medium out of round fresh water pearl beads of unusual type and tiny silver turban and shiny beads in between. The colors are radiant and opulent, almost surreal, watch out Dali! - Variation on a theme - The Willows - all different and wispy. Filigree Clasp. 19 inches. Matching earrings included. "Nature Collection" 185.00$ US









CMD025 - Silver Willow 2 - All radiant colors of skies and waters  - glass silver hand tied beads strung with silver motif ornate filigree beads - melon, turban, inscribed fashioned - lovely green/blue teal glass beads for highlight on this, turquoise and blues, green from the woods - airy and bright feel - glass beads hand tied with silver wire attached with medium silver beads - little silver leaves all about intertwined with blown fluorescent glass leaves of pretty hues tied to silver motif chain  with  tiny silver turban and shiny beads in between and clef clasp. Go to the ball room in this one or to your local tea merchant. - Variation on a theme - The Willows - all different and wispy. Filigree Clasp. 22 inches. Matching earrings included. "Nature Collection" 185.00$ US












CMD026 - Silver Willow 3 - Wonderful pastels of lavender, eggplant, rose, mellow pinkish coral colored glass silver hand tied beads strung with silver motif ornate filigree beads - melon, turban, inscribed fashioned - lovely pale pink/blush opalescent glass beads for highlight on this - hand tied with silver wire attached with medium silver beads - little silver leaves all about intertwined with blown fluorescent glass leaves of pastel and smoky hues (like a blushing storm ski pale pink night hugging with your lover)- tied to silver motif chain  with  tiny silver turban and shiny beads in between and clef clasp.- Variation on a theme - The Willows - all different and wispy. Worn with corals and black, silvers and smoky tones this is a clever jewel that blooms with contrast. I have worn this with black leggings and T- and looked beautiful. Filigree Clasp. 19 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. "Nature Collection" 185.00$ US




CMD0027 - Sweet Berry Wine - Luscious little glass blown soft berry cabernet wine colored leaves adorn off white/white medium out of round fresh water pearl beads with gold filigree motif beads with appeal of a lady traveler. Set out on a new morning wearing this sweet berry leaf lady necklace and talk with your friends. They will see you are awake and cheery and well dressed for the day. A little choker style that dresses and suits well with formal and classic or casual clothing. Makes things nice for the day. 16 1/2 inches. Matching earrings included. 135.00$ US






CMD028 - Pomegranate Panang - Pomegranate and tangerines hues blown glass hand tied gold wired  beads with lovely brushed gold motif chain. Little gold leaves drape loosely over "buds" of color and delicately dress up this lovely and fun elegant style art  nouveau necklace out of an era of "gone for ever" but, here now.  Never under estimate the beauty of the buds. 21 3/4 inches. Matching earrings included. 155.00$ US



CMD0029 - Love ME or Leave Me -  Apricot and shy red tones of glass beads - hand tied with gold wire motif and brushed gold chain around lanky leaves drooping in line create a lovely, "Love Me as I Am!" - it naturally beautifies your face and adds to your natural appeal. No one can pass you by and not stop when you dress for the day with your one favorite. This deserves to be worn by a fine female lead lady. Art Nouveau style from an era of grace. 21 inches. Matching earrings included. 175.00$US




CMD030 - Pearly Rose - Antique Rose bronze bead (from Victorian Era - I have only a handful of these so I was wise with them) decorates the center attention of this simple and classic pearl choker style necklace. Adorning in fashion for any attire makes with this white to off white out of round freshwater pearl beads with tiny gold spacers and filigree ball beads of gold motif too. Simply put, it looks grand and inviting for any luncheon, dinner or just daily affair. Great with lingerie..........just simply quaint!. 17 inches. Matching Earrings included. ( let me know if you want the antique rose bead in custom earrings, we can discuss that as they are rare and few left) 150.00$US



CMD031 - Star Sapphire - Deep rich dark eggplant almost black colored glass beads with silver wire hand tied & clear crystal leaves adorn these silver little dragonflies and silver motif spiral suns Dare to wear this with a black velvet or a deep dark sapphire blue outfit and reel in the gazers upon your neck (but don't let them bite). A silver chain attaches the beads of glass and has a special Moon and Sun clasp to finish the mysterious look of this wonderful jewel. 24 inches. Matching earrings included. 175.00$






CMD032 - Bronze Moons - Actually its a  double strand silver chain attached to large gold and bronze toned out of round freshwater pearl beads with silver "lace" spacers. A central large silver bead with metallic ceramic glass beads with silver design embossed beads cups enhance this look with silver decorated medium size beads hand tied with silver motif to pearl beads. Unusual and has Sun and Moon clasp specifically designed for simple yet dress look of foreign genre that is all hand cut and tied. 19 inches. Matching earrings included. 140.00$ US







CMD033 - Henna Gold - Another "actually silver" hand tied wire with large gold and bronze tone out of round fresh water pearl beads and silver laced spacers mingling with filigree silver beads and hand tied metallic colored ceramic glass beads coupled with shapely silver bead cups and balls. Very pretty clasp to add to design. Where it on a walk to the temple or go anywhere with this. A choker elegant style necklace. 17 inches. Matching earrings included.155.00$ US




CMD034 - Spiral Nemes - Such brilliant teal/turquoise radiant clear glass beads with gold/bronze tone trim strung with decorative silver ornate spiral beads in contrast to tiny silver beads. Silver design embossed beads cups embrace metallic ceramic central beads creating a design that is so cool and clever, mimics the Nemes head cloth in fashion. It is brilliant to gaze at and admires will gaze at you. 17 inches. Matching earrings included. Ornate matching bracelet too! You will have it all. 190.00$ US



CMD035 - Princess Lela - A lovely light teal stone hand carved scarab surrounded by double strand white/off white out of round freshwater pearl beads. Center focus blends into single strand of pearls with delicate silver design embossed medium size beads. Metallic like, but, not so heavy and it is very regal looking. Like a Princess would wear on a little outing. Nice fancy clasp too to finish it off with. 21 inches. Matching double strand earrings and custom bracelet set this off. 195.00$US



CMD036 - Queen "Het" - A great hand carved scarab is set off in the center with silver motif "very  decorative" nice medium size silver motif beads. Throughout the necklace you will see an entourage of silver designed beads surrounded by white to off white out of round fresh water pearl beads with a nice accent and pattern. This is the perfect necklace for all around attire and every day themes to look well dressed and in flair. Walk to the temple or to the cocktail lounge in this one! This scarab is from my private collection too.  22 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet. 180.00$ US



CMD037 - Long and lovely tones of bronze and gold medium size out of round fresh water pearl beads with silver metallic like motif design embossed beads all around draping  in a unique and simple pattern that cleverly imitates the Princess of the 4th Dynasty when she was so alluring to Khafre....Oh, but, did he "wed" her.................Yes, she is in the satellite pyramid now!!!!! 25 1/2 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet equip this statement! All for 180.00$ US




CMD038 - Royal Gold - Double strands of medium size gold and bronze tone out of found fresh water pearl beads enclose this lovely blue stone hand carve Egyptian scarab bead with metallic silver motif nicely designed and embossed beads and tiny silver. The pattern continues to a single strand of pearls and mocks the royal personas. An invitation to the "sacred" space will come your way. Just a lovely necklace with a nice scarab too. 19 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet too to wear. 195.00$ US




CMD039 - Scarab Regal - Squares in silver motif adorn this beautiful Egyptian scarab. It is an unusual pattern with white to off white out of round freshwater pearl beads. The silver decorated silver beads really look incredible on this when placed with the design embossed round silver motif beads. To wear this necklace is to make a statement of good taste an unusual refinement of what is art. A very nice piece and I like it so much. 20 1/2 inches. Matching earrings and a bracelet. Just 185.00$ US



CMD040 - Scarab Gold - Gold and bronze toned out of round fresh water pearl medium size beads with lovely large silver metallic square decorated beads surround this lovely hand carve matching scarab. Silver designed embossed motif round filigree beads follow in line with unusual pattern in this. A very pretty and colorful gold bronze piece of jewelry. Different. Not quite a choker, just a nice length. Another walk to the temple in this one and pray. It is very alluring in its color design and shape! 20 1/2 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet set. 180.00$ US



CMD041 - Jeweled Scarab - Oh my, look at that rare blue scarab hand carved and shaped in blue tone stone surround with outrageous matching square silver beads with incredible designs matching with the off white to white out of round freshwater pearl beads with lovely silver metallic type designed embossed motif beads elegantly set in lovely and yet neutral patter. The scarab is so unusual no one will pass by with out a view. A lovely and definitely different piece. Matching earrings and bracelet. 190.00$ US



CMD042 - Gold Mistress - Gold two toned large out of round fresh water pearl beads with silver designed embossed motif beads with silver bead cups coupling the mysterious shaped unusual metallic ceramic central beads of charm. Hand tied and worked silver motif and lovely back tie too with nice clasp for elegant look. An oasis of beauty and wear with all attire. So nice for a lovely feel and regal too! Tiny silver beads to boot.  All grand. One of my best yet for this style. Matching earrings included. 170.00$US



CMD043 - Oh Golden God - Large gold toned out of round fresh water pearl beads surrounded with lovely silver laced spacers and ceramic beads held in silver designed and embossed bead cups. The central focus of this is pure Godliness and love. It is a very "Lovely" piece of jewelry with tiny silver beads to finish it off with, A sturdy and pretty clasp. Metallic type beads not too heavy adorn though out this strand of gold pearls. Spectacular color in this one. A choker regal style and yet casual flair necklace at 18 3/4 inches. Matching earrings included. 165.00$ US




CMD044 - Three White Serpents - Three nicely lengthened strands of off white to white out of round fresh water pearl beads with lovely metallic and silver designed motif beads intertwined around an Egyptian hand carved scarab stone bead.  Such a threesome is sure to beckon gazers. and you must need to remember, "Save thyself," from those who wish to "Worship" the Serpents. An unusual necklace that looks like a piece of jewelry that the princess from Luxor might just wear. More than a choker at 21 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet for a complete set. Just 210.00$ US



CMD045 - The Chosen - Beautiful beautiful gold tone large out of round fresh water pearl beads adorn this beautiful, beautiful hand carve Egyptian scarab with silver motif metallic type beads embossed with a very pretty design. Large oval metallic type silver beads enclose the pearls making it one of the best of the collection for simple elegance. I absolutely love this one and look at it often for its rich and golden tones. Very, very pretty it is. Wear this with almost any color except pink and you will be admired for your beautiful taste....beautiful, beautiful. I can't say it enough about this one. From my personal collection. 17 3/4 inches. Matching earrings and lovely bracelet to match too. 200.00$ US



CMD046 - Bronze Age Regalia - Beautiful silver florets in oval embody silver enclosed rectangle shaped metallic bronze ceramic glass beads that are hand tied with silver motif embossed designed beads and lace spacers. Almost light eggplant colored large out of round freshwater pearl beads surround this beautiful pattern with a magnificent look of rich tones. Unusual and spectacular piece with detail of hand made artistry and dressy back neck tie. A very lovely piece of jewelry and it is sturdy. Expensive look to it yet wear it with your leggings or just your girlie panties and feel like a dreamy princess! 20 inches. Matching earrings included. $195.00 US



CMD047 - Bronze Scarab - Two or three or four tones of gold, bronze and deep hues of large out of round fresh water pearl beads strung with silver metallic pretty designed beads of unusual nature. Nice lines to this one and a curvature that sets nice with any neckline. The tones of the beads glow with great light and highlight the Egyptian hand carved scarab of stone. Nice appeal and can be worn to the temple! Cherish the days and nights you wear this one for those who see will never forget. Scarab from my personal collection. A nice and versatile length at 21 1/2 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet add to this to make a nice set for all occasions. 185.00$ US



CMD048 - Great Nemes Scarab - Oh, this is one of the best of the collection. Gold tone medium out of round freshwater pearls with black crystalline faceted art nouveau era beads enclose a double strand silver designed and embossed square enameled rhinestone center with absolutely beautiful details - separating spacers of silver tiny designed elongated beads. This is with out a doubt a magnificent piece. I have worn this style from my private collection. EVERY TIME I HAVE, people ask me where its from. I tell them I made it. "NO!" they say. They do not believe me. You think it would come from an Egyptian Tiffany. I LOVE IT for its radiant and royal beauty unmatched. Also matching earrings and bracelet too for a complete set. 260.00$ US



CMD049 - Princess Anne - A unique necklace, center is boatful rhinestone button of all things enclosed by brilliant light orchid colored glass bead adorned with silver cups and silver florets while a solo pearl drops down at its base length. Hand tied with large nice out of round white fresh water pearl beads. A light silver chain is hand tied and placed to finish the delicate nature of this pretty piece. A light weight clasp finishes it off.  It is like a princess would wear on any occasion. Worn with a T- and it looks just simply elegant. Worn with a nice dress and it looks rich. This is some what a art nouveau - maybe Victorian style with a European  flair to it. I like it very much. The glass is opulent and shines in multi colors too, it is sensational to see. Just a bit more than a choker at 19 inches. Matching earrings. 145.00$ US




CMD050 - Royal Red - Stunning and brilliant rose red oval shaped glass bead cased in silver ornate cup with rhinestone button central that denotes royal charm. The silver florets in this add to its beauty and the large out of round fresh water pearl beads add regal value. The necklace is of art nouveau to Victorian European flair and the hand tied silver beads make this a most stunning necklace of worth. Not one like this any where. I like the central motif as in the Princess Anne. The glass beads show rich color and the pearls add wealth and dignity while the floral clasp finishes it off with style. It is a glorious necklace and is part of my favorites collection. I hate to let this one go. 17 1/2 inches of unique elegance.195.00$US




CMD051 - Queen "Het" - Lovely large metallic deep lavender and almost aged steel hued tones in out of round fresh water pearl beads surround the lovely Egyptian hand carved scarab with fine silver elongated designed beads around enameled silver square rhinestone center jeweled piece. A double strand of pure rich elegance. Nothing except maybe the Nemes Scarab compares to this for the royal style and gesture it lends. No worthy lady should be with out this piece of jewelry. Ornate filigree clasp holds the double strands of pearls and adds to its beauty as a stunning little side piece. Oh, yes, this is a wonderful and lovely necklace. Of course its part of my personal favorites collection. Can be worn with fine attire or jeans, it just makes everything else look grand. 17 1/2 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet for a complete set. 260.00$ US



CMD052 - Very Nemes - Opulent teal blueish /green glass beads with bronze and gold trim are laced with silver deigned ornate beads trimming off with intricate lace silver bead cups enclosing richly hued metallic ceramic glass beads of great depth. An unusual necklace that shows great design and taste. I love this one. Dresses up any fine velvet or even cut offs. Either way it is gorgeous and brilliant to look at. A fine back neck tie adds to its flair and creative pattern. Nemes, yes, very Nemes....the silver adds the jewelling affect. 21 inches. Matching earrings and bracelet. 190.00$ US


CMD053 - Lady Wong -  Bronze ornate spacers followed with black crystalline cut faceted  classic beads and small red cloisonné style beads decorated with even more bronze or somewhat a deep reddish gold tone colored metallic spacers with beautiful design. Two looks, not one at this for its unique feel to it. Like a necklace that would be worn in a Charlie Chan movie by a lovely lady in down town China Town who is a great mistress to a secret  lover. Or, even, a very dignified lady who attends classical piano lessons. Yes, this has multiple tones to it, definitely not plain. Mysterious and beautiful - I admire this one. 20 inches. Matching earrings. 160.00$ US



CMD054 - Madam Rose - The antique rose bead (from my private collection) is surrounded by great adorning antique gold toned cups and spacers of ornate design. The black beads are polished and shiny adding depth and awe to this "era" style necklace. Small red cloisonné style beads like Chinese floral arrangements are interspersed  and are so pretty to look at in contrast to the shining black balls. The antique bead brings style to it and is unusual in its design for its rare qualities. A simple, nice necklace that adds an era of refinement and beauty of past design. Maybe even a French lady with a fine hat drinking a Mai Tais and looking at tiny umbrellas in her cocktails.  Wear with velvet and lace or rugged raw hide - this shows a mark of good taste and class appeal. Nice length too. Private collection. 17 1/2 inches. Matching earrings.150.00$ US



CMD055 - Little Darling - A darling simple silver motif fine chain with lustrous teal blue opulent glass beads with fluorescent quality blown glass leaves dropping down to add lovely charm. Every one needs a little something with pretty looks to it. This is a nice piece to add to your collection of little fine chained necklaces or can be given as a little love gift to your favorite friend. The light toned silver motif is breezy and compliments many styles of clothes. A casual affair or a grand wedding date - it is very suitable. Its pretty, unusual and darling for all. 18 inches. Matching earrings. 45.00$ US



Email me for info on which number please you are interested in for now - you can order more than one of a kind as I can replicate my jewelry if necessary. I can make jewelry for your store too.

Thank you, Colette


Prices include taxes and shipping to anywhere in the world. All inclusive. It is just easier that way! NO hidden charges, nothing. Just one price and that is it.


Please send money orders or cashier checks only, in United States dollars. No personal checks will be received. I am not set up with a pay pal account. Jewelry can not be returned I will send extra bits and findings with your order. All pieces are hand made and include imperfections as in, "No, the leaves are not perfect and the bead is not really round." I have had no complaints and only happy people.

Thank you, Colette


Please Email me first for the fine details though- where to mail payment to, payable to - and so forth. CONTACT COLETTE





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With respect to the ancients, Circular Times brings forth lost knowledge of antiquated philosophers, healers, builders, artists, and other great individuals who have contributed to the collective body of wisdom that is unsurpassed in modern day beliefs and concepts.  October 3rd, 2007  I am sorry I have not posted any new topics recently, but, I have been recovering from getting struck by lightning. It has been more severe than originally thought. I was hit inside my solarium which houses my indoor hydro-therapy pool. My glass doors were open and I was right near the entrance to one when the lightning came in towards the water. I was knocked down and laid on the path of cement for I do not know how long. Sorry, but, please bare with me. It is unusual, I know, I experienced it and lived through it. Wow - very weird for sure. I am still not right and it has been over a month now. Please keep checking in on Circular Times for any new papers. There are some in the bin, just not ready to go yet. Thank you, ColetteA SIMPLE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN TIMELINE This little Egyptian timeline serves a simple purpose by keeping things simple and if there is a need to complicate things a bit more, well at least there is a guide and timeframe to go by that is not too overwhelming to comprehend. Experiment Please click this link or the pics! It is a video experiment !  It will load in a box, then mouse over it with your speakers on.  It is different then most little ones you the symbolique flash by.  Thank you, Colette THESE WORK ON THE OTHER SITES BUT????  NOTE: FOR SOME REASONS MY PERSONAL LITTLE VIDEOS QUIT WORKING, SO I HAVE TO CHECK WITH MY SERVER, PLEASE BE PATIENT, SORRY. THANK YOU, COLETTE. OK -The problem is, new browsers; MS has updated to a newer version and different browsers are updating their tech as well so you have to use some kind of new plug in. I did not update to avoid future issues with more plug ins and more programs on my computers, so I am still able to view the videos on my other computers. New versions of browsers have problems with sites having little videos on them as well, unless those sites are specific video sites, such as the two listed below; the Amazing Expanding Universe near bottom of page & The End of The World -- OH NO!!!! -- They will make you smile !  On Top of the Pyramid of the Sun   BOSNIA..... "I looked for the bases of the pyramids, there were none, there were no defined ridges, the faces of the hills were not aligned with the cardinal points; at times depending on where you were standing, they were out 30 degrees or more from straight alignment. There was no methodology of intelligent design applied to any layout of any structure or the pyramidal complex; only random points of excavated areas. There were no foundations of any kind, no concrete, no man-made blocks, no walls, joints or beams, corners, arches, geometry or constructed facets of any ancient structures." The Stone Balls in Zavidovici, Bosnia   “In 1932, there was a terrific storm and earth shattering rain and flood. The grandfather heard a very loud crashing noise. After the storm had passed, he went out to his creek to find it washed away. The bank was now eroded and had fallen to a great depth; it was at this time the balls of stone were exposed.  The stones were charcoal gray in color, some lighter, some darker, they had the feel and texture of slate some what. There were broken pieces (large and small) of stone everywhere consistent with the same quality of earthen material the ‘balls’ were created from. You could see circular chips on the creek side. If you took a part of a broken round stone and hit it with anther rock, it split off like an onion layer. CMD NUCLEAR MADNESS  By Dr. Helen Caldicott  What we have discovered so far should serve as ample warning that our future as a species is imperiled: we have entered a danger zone - an uncharted territory from which we may never return.   These Friends Are Living In My Solarium !!!  I have many photos I took of my friends and their babies hatching.....  tadpoles floating in water and baby lizard eggs too!   OOBE - Out Of Body Experience The Tree Frog who died and came back to tell his story!   THE FIRST AMERICANTHE SUPPRESSED STORY OF  THE PEOPLE WHO DISCOVERED THE NEW WORLD THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OF EARLY MAN. THERE ARE TWO SUBPLOTS: EARLY MAN IN THE OLD WORLD AND EARLY MAN IN THE NEW WORLD. BY CHRIS HARDAKER 2 Lovely Nubian Women - Happy & Smiling !

Hello, I am back now from Egypt and my other travels !  I have just returned home from a long journey away. It feels very good to be home. Here is a nice photograph I took of two Nubian women from a small village I visited. Please allow me some time to write up some articles and get my other photographs in order. I saw a lot of exotic places. I will write about those experiences as able. Please keep coming back to check up on my progress. OK, Thank You, Colette EGYPT- - Shadows of the Past: Part One First a little background on me and some thoughts Egypt, the alluring dreams and visions I have had since my early child hood have been coming real. Shadows of the past; my memories of childhood experiences of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. EGYPT- - Shadows of the Past: Part Two Adventuring in Giza, Egypt When I was in Egypt this time, I was on a shoot for a documentary that a Russian Film Co. was producing for international television. I went far inside the Great Pyramid. Lots of photos and a weird story to tell. ART combined with SCIENCE     Dr. C. Stratz's Egyptian female mummy  and living Egyptian women over a century ago. Colette Dowell & Robert Schoch  Comment on the variations of different races.

 IS THE SPHINX MISSING PART OF ITS HEAD?: An Addendum - by Dr. Colette M. Dowell  © 2006 EXPLORING NEW DISCOVERIES of ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS:  Mysteries, Science and Culture  UPDATED NOW WITH COMMENTS AND PHOTOS (LOTS)  Intelligent Design Versus Evolution: Censored  Museum of World Treasures  ECCENTRIC LIVES and PECULIAR NOTIONS  Is the title of one of my most favorite books authored by John Michell.   I felt this to be a good title for this unusual paper written by me,   Dr. Colette M. Dowell ©1996.

One of my really weird papers --  elongated skulls and trepanation.  Filled with really interesting and informative links..   What Happened To Robert Schoch? Robert Schoch - Late June 2007  In answers to some questions I have received:  I have not been able to answer a few emails I have gotten because of what happened, I do not know how to write about it. In early July of 2007, Robert Schoch just "went away" with no explanation to any one or to me. I do know, however, what happened to him. He just drove away one day and never said why, he said he would call, but, he didn't - not until after much searching for him. At some point maybe I will tell the story. Without going further into more detail at this time, I hope you will understand. These are self portraits he took of himself in the final days before he "went away." BOSNIA --THE ONGOING HYPE I went to Visoko, Bosnia in August, 2006, to investigate the excavation sites of the so-called pyramids. I found absolutely no evidence to support any claims made by Semir Osmanagic and his Foundation, Politicians & Investors. FLASH FORWARD TO 2007 AND STILL ---- DESPITE OFFICIAL REPORTS NEGATING REAL PYRAMIDS IN BOSNIA FROM SPECIALIZED SCIENTIST'S AND INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS, THE 'BOSNIAN PYRAMID CLAN' CONTINUE THEIR AGENDA TRYING TO MISLEAD THE INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC INTO BELIEVING THERE ARE REAL PYRAMIDS IN BOSNIA BY PROMOTING THEM AS REAL. THE FOUNDATION IS MARKETING PYRAMIDS FOR COMMERCIAL TOURISM & TRADE TO BOOST BOSNIA'S ECONOMY AND CONTROL OVER CERTAIN POLITICAL SECTORS. SEMIR OSMANAGIC REPEATS, "This tiny country Bosnia....will gain respect." THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY 'REAL' EVIDENCE PRESENTED PROVIDING PROOF OF AUTHENTIC PYRAMIDS OR OF AN ANCIENT 'ALIEN CIVILIZATION' IN BOSNIA THAT SEMIR OSMANAGIC AND OTHERS CLAIM THERE TO BE. BOSNIANS WANT NO MORE EXCAVATING (THE PROUD AND HONEST BOSNIANS THAT IS). HELP STOP SEMIR OSMANAGIC FROM EXCAVATING THE HILLS!   'Bosnia Pyramids'  Extraordinary Claims Need Extraordinary Evidence  By Doug Weller © November 2006     Comments & Reply to Mr. Doug Weller  By Colette Dowell © November 2006   "PYRAMID NO MORE"   "Issue 6 is the latest release of Sub Rosa, and we're privileged to publish as a special news feature  a report on Colette Dowell's and Robert Schoch's investigation of the alleged Bosnian Pyramid  giving us an exclusive, authoritative verdict on  the so-called 'Bosnian Pyramid' - GT & Staff "  October 2006  THE FEVER IS RUNNING HIGH IN BOSNIA & ELSEWHERE!  Will Bosnia Be Boycotted Because of Bad Boys and Bureaucrats ?  WHERE IS SEMIR'S MIND?  It has been stated he has hit a new low. However, I am very tired of such negative reporting. What Semir and his "Gang Operations " are doing is beyond any International ethical values of any professional individual or organization. Bosnia has now bottomed out due to this. There is no respect for Bosnia; this is due to Semir Osmanagic and his bi-product organizations he is creating. When will the good, truthful Bosnians be able to gain control back over their own country and stop this mal-practice? Many people wish for truth to overcome all lies that have been spread and stop tourism to Visoko and Bosnia under the false belief that there is a 12,000 year old pyramid there. FROM COLETTE DOWELL IN BOSNIA   "BOSNIAN PYRAMID" DOUBTS  BACK FROM BOSNIA

EXPLAINING REPORTS FROM BOSNIA   CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES OF SEMIR OSMANAGIC  TIDBITS AND CHAT   GEOLOGY REPORT ON ALLEGED BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS   EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS NEED EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE   COMMENTS & REPLY TO MR. DOUG WELLER   ARTICLE FROM THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHAEOLOGISTS - (EAA) INTERVIEW - PYRAMIDS IN BOSNIA Past articles on Bosnia. Dr. Dowell & Dr. Schoch will be leaving for Bosnia  To study the Visoko Hill, “The Pyramid of the Sun”  and other related excavation sites in the local region.  Please see the Surrounding Controversy concerning the possibility of an age old Eastern Europe pyramid.  

Commentaries on the Controversial Pyramidal Complex in Bosnia  These articles are written in collaboration with THE DAILY GRAIL and its members.   Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Bosnia: Natural or Man-Made?   Mark Whitehorn, December 2006 Outside link  Posts on the Geology of the Bosnian “Pyramid  Outside Link to Hall of Ma’at-Katherine Reece / Owner - Moderator   Peter Grandics on Electrostatic Energy & the Great Pyramid INFINITE ENERGY MAGAZINE Inscription Near Entrance to the Great Pyramid My Interpretation of the Inscription on the Great Pyramid   By J.Iuliano    This article is published for those of you who like to delve into mathematically encoded subjects that symbolically represent a supposed profound principle. This is Mr. By J.Iuliano’s interpretation of the inscription that is on the entrance to the Great Pyramid.  Please see Mr. Greg Taylor's SPECIAL REVIEW on "The Egypt Code" by Robert Bauval  AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY & THE CROP CIRCLES  For -- CROPPIES -- CROP CIRCLE SEASON !  It is Crop Circle season again in England. This article is about how to take the best footage of the formations by aerial photography and what the best cameras are to use. This paper is a historical article from the archives of Circular Times c. 1996. I thought you might like to read it now since it is Crop Circle (man made) season once again! Photographs courtesy of: Steve Alexander and Steve Patterson.

Happy Photography!  These are very nice & funny --I hope you like them. Please click on my little graphic & links. Monty Python's philosophical movie
ends with a song which relates just where we are in this Original Disclaimer: I didn't create this flash animation. Whoever did create this please come forth and let me know so I can put your credits on this website . I just found this end of world flash so funny I decided to make a website for it. I shall not be help liable for any damages lost or imputed profits or royalties arising...

My Disclaimer: I have enjoyed this so much, I watch it to make me smile and to think about things happening here on planet Earth! So many times I have wanted to share it with other people; so it is up on Circular Times now. If any one made it, they can notify me too or just notify the other disclaimer! I (Colette) shall not be help liable for any damages lost or imputed profits or royalties arising...  Pictures of flying books, poltergeist activity, stories of true experiences. If you have any stories of your own or know of any you would like to submit for possible publication in Circular Times, please do so. Thank you very much.  THE CHINA DOLL REQUEST FOR ORIGINAL ART      If you have any original art piece you have created and would like to share it on Circular Times, please submit a digital image of it. Please write a brief bio of yourself, what inspired you to create it, what medium you used and what it means to you and others and why it is so special. You can email your submissions and your art work will be reviewed for a venue created especially for artists whom wish to share their art work. Your art can be in any medium, blown glass, various forms of sculpture, a carved piece of wood, or even of a garden or landscape design. All creativity is requested and encouraged.   If you have a favorite piece of art or special antique artifact you would like to share, please feel free to submit that too. If you have a family member or friend that is an exceptional artist in your eyes, and you would like to see their art published, get their permission and submit their art. We would like to create a Gallery of Art in Circular Times; our own little Museum of special art and artifacts.     I painted this picture two years ago, she is titled "The China Doll." I will write up my paper on her when I have more free time to do so. There is a story behind every piece of art. Art evokes feelings on many levels to many people. Art is awesome in that respect, as one piece of art may evoke feelings in one person, and yet different feelings in another. It all means something to some one - that is why art is so special. Many civilizations were designed by great artists. SUBMIT  ENTERING THE WORLD OF ANTI-GRAVITY   & ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCES  - Special Guest - Canadian Scientist JOHN KENNETH HUTCHISON  Please meet the "PhantomPunster, " The ramblings of an old Troll who has wandered this world for many a year  and has nothing but obliqueness in his mind !  "CHALLENGING,  PROVOCATIVE....and....well....???? "  WANDERINGS OF A STRANGE MIND: Doxie Morons  HOW "IN" SIGNIFICANT I AM  ACKNOWLEDGING DR. COLETTE M. DOWELL:  FLOWERS & FILM   by Robert M. Schoch A Russian film Company delivers an extravaganza  of flowers and baskets  for Colette's contribution in their new documentary about  ancient origins of Man, containing some new unique footage. Many times we hear true stories that are ridiculously humorous, we chuckle about them for ages and repeat the stories to our friends and others because we want to share the laugh; a form of social interplay.  The PLUTO PRIZE is an award given to a particular individual,  event or concept that is so outrageously out there in terms of coherent logical thinking, it blows our minds whenever we even try to consider and comprehend the situation. CIRCULAR TIMES welcomes your stories and concepts.  ‘ The Leonardo ’  Awarded to THE DAILY GRAIL ARCHIVES : PERU: Land of the Ancient Incas  March 4 - 12, 2006 BACK FROM PERU  from  Dr. Colette Dowell -- ARCHIVES

EGYPT: Land of the Pharaohs  March 10 - 18, 2007 A Warning:  Impersonation, Fraud, and Fake Emails Robert Schoch is no longer involved with this website - story will follow as per reason. Circular Times will continue to publish at this address along with & once the hosting company has completed their merger. Thanks, Colette

  ENTER HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS   Please remember that all articles and graphics on the previous Official Website of Dr. Robert M. Schoch  and Circular Times are protected under International Copyright. If you wish to copy in partial or in whole, translate or otherwise, you must obtain express permission by Dr. Colette M. Dowell. Thank you!   

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Definite, relationship, form, global, consciousness, know, part, search, Ancient, Egyptians, their, Pharaonic, Cosmology, relationships, sacred numbers, relating, geometry, evolving, vibrations, harmonic, magnifications, creating, manifestation, physical, plane, exist, fascinating, realm, dwell, cause, manifestation, creating, your, own, reality, Creating, your, own, reality, depends largely, on, understanding, who, divine, placement, Universe,, Center, Universe, ONE, ALL, GOD ,we, create, our, own, vibrations ,in ,relationship, understanding ,Sun, around, us, NATURE, aware, nature, its, creation,. EGYPTIAN,. Just, born, on, else, usually, aware, certain, perspectives, spiritual ,realms, very, young, later, life, middle, visions, child, dreams, coming, true, here, before, Déjà vu, lived, Egypt, difference ,emotionally, spiritually, felt, very, natural ,belonged, felt ,same, feelings, Upper ,Egypt, spending, time, my ,son ,exploring comfortable ,Egypt, great ,desire, mine, to, continue ,return, gold wire, silver wire, gift, ,progress, understandings, Pharaonic ,Cosmology, illuminate,Background, hope ,explains, curiosity, deep ,passion, Egypt, Part Two, ADVENTURE, IN, EGYPT, photographs, see, Part Two, , adventure ,Egypt, Jewelry, Hermitage, design, museums, antique jewelry, freshwater pearl, glass, glass beads, gold bead,tried, present, mind, doing, changing, perspectives, consider, handicapped ,due, some, injuries, overcoming, them, Egypt, part ,my recovery, also, easing, haunting ,dreams ,life, about, Egypt. Recovering, personal,report,. jewelry, gold, silver, handcrafted, enterprises, goals, keep, going, website, part, communication ,others, keep, me going, followed ,my, tracks, Robert, field, partner, getting, accomplished, Part Two, Thank you, Colette ,Egypt, time, Robert, a ,shoot ,documentary, same, Russian, Film, Co., worked, previously, special, great, aspiring, things, definitely, starting, mind, wonderment, exceed, limit, expectations, continued, intrigue ,completed, Path, watched, Robert, same, Robert, viewing, feeling, Great Pyramid, own, perspective, instances, synch, feelings, talked, far, inside, inner retreats, Great Pyramid,, The King’s ,Queen’s Chamber, mysterious, Relieving Chambers, Subterranean Chamber, . After, filming, interviews, completed, order, Robert, talk, e another, personal, experiences ,inside, around ,Great Pyramid ,Sphinx,,. Exchanged, ideas ,while, conversing, came, same, understandings, revelations, each ,other, experience, partner, adventure bounce, your, ideas ,off, them, trying, express, there, where, were, referring,. Most, moments, were, spontaneous, suppose ,scheduled, meetings, lunches, diligent, efforts, completed, Jules Verne, grade, monumental, tasks, while, climbed, Great Pyramid,. Travel, for, events, occurring, inside ,Great Pyramid, The Great Sphinx, Americanized, Hotel Holiday Inn, white, English ,speaking, porter ,dresses, Shriner, wears, Made in China, red, felt, fez, real, thing,. We, allocated, time, expressions, conversations, Ancient Wisdom Teachings, during, interviews, follow, structure, Great Pyramid, understood, layout, understand ,feel, more ,Pyramid’s ,character, now, shadows ,casting, angular, easing ,off ,living, understood, admired, architecture, masonry ,work, natural ,feel ,stones ,The Great Pyramid, natural, building, material, hand, crafted ,Man ,making ,spectacular, huge, heavy, fitted ,stones ,eroded, areas, repaired, restoration, stones ,magnanimous ,endeavor, done, techniques, used, very, skilled, artisans beautiful, Earthy Heavenly ,The Pyramid ,very, monumental, structure, highly, skilled, piece, architecture, sure,. General Contractor, admire, high, grade, construction, engineering, truly, appreciate, opportunity, experience, inside, Pyramid, reserved, areas, sincerely, thank, Russian ,Film, Company, provided, me ,Robert ,collaborated, feeling, good ,worked ,well ,team, something ,contribute ,make ,shoot ,most ,curious ,magnificent ,documentary, shots ,around ,saw, many, things, visions ,since, child, familiar, way, I, KNEW, seemed, omniscient, time,. Squat, crawling, were, lowly, crouched, some, passages, many, meters, camera, equipment, water, well, little difficult, kept, straight, path, never, wavered ,The, Ascending Passage, tremendously, effective, brain, no, doubt, Red Pill, enchanting ,moments, engaged, surrounded, ancient, stones, passages, far, down, inside, ancient, culture's, hide-away, space,,. Spooky, strange, feeling ,sporadic, spatial, subtle, energy ,full ,strength ,sense, power, intellectually, stimulating, process, ways, course, challenging, spiritual, advancements, overcoming, reconceived, notions, fears, affect, personal, realizations, state, mind, capable, until showed, power, of, MIND ,over-ride, many ,physical ,limitations, mediated ,2 weeks, solid, prior, departure, Egypt, preparation, journey ,shoot, Still, say, felt, remarkable, change, well-being, inside ,Great Pyramid ,suffering, same, state, reality, mind, and, body ,outside ,pyramid, placebo ,affect ,day ,dream,. Actually, memorable, and ,enterprising, experience ,eyes, PRESENT, moment ,Everyone ,their ,own moments, together, team,. Friend, photo, mentioned, about, eyes, eyes, hurting, aside, see, pain, in, eyes, a ,different, state, BEING yet, aware, surroundings ,possible, help ,yourself heal, Meditation, best, method, found, myself, hope ,helps people, who, suffer, from ,some, form, ill-being,. Encourage, any ,person, having, difficulties, overcome, joy ,well-being, overcome ,obstacles, experienced, Grand Gallery, architecture, amazing ,moment ,Alice in Wonderland, passing ,through ,hole, taking, red Pill, scenario, ,wondrous ,colors striking, angles, wondered, constructed, incredible, amount,, t, curiosity, brilliant ,rush ,adrenalin, fever, hit ,colors, artistic, lines tunnel, shafts extraordinary, differences, certain, rocks, plaster, used, climbed, through, Grand ,Gallery, tall different ,dimensional, seen ,anything, before, Only, pictures, old, illustrations, pictures, tell, story, Grand Gallery, personally, present, Pictures, tell, thousand, stories, define, Grand Gallery, colors, certain ,areas ,Ascending Passage, Grand Gallery, King Chambers, Queen's Chamber, etc. swirling ,colors, found ,Paleolithic ,cave, near, Doarson, Bosnia,. shot Grand Gallery, reflect ,flash, others, with ,old, feeling, sense, difference, feel, great, civilization, once, thrived and ,different, modern, civilizations, today, trying, sustain, life ,culture, crawling, through ,leftovers ,once, great, existence, humans, tend, question, our ,heritage, evolved, quest, of, fire new, hi-tech, computers, Robert, Grand Gallery, Blue Pill,! ,experiencing ,miraculous ,sensations ,we ,glowing, candle ,light ,King’s, Chamber, lovely, voices, Elena ,her ,sister, singing ,classical ,spiritual ,songs, far ,corner ,walls ,behind, Coffer, Chamber, sounds, their, vocals ,mesmerizing, choir ,Angles, might, sing ,swear believed ,Angel ,sacred ,Temple, witnessing, scared ,ritual, enacting ,ceremony ,bonding, ONE ,ALL, personal, spiritual, time, moved, remarkable, moments, Great Pyramid, very rare, one, ability, engage, themselves, suc, great, gifts, appreciative Elena ,Shareen, many others made ,possible, achieve, dreams, choreographed, sacred, ceremony, played, flute, King’s, Chamber ,could, record, white ,pure, Egyptian, cotton, gown, took, hair, down, ponytail, headband,. Wearing, strands, natural, stone, metallic ,beads ,Hematite, Lapis, Garnet, Gold ,and ,Silver, hair, shining, white,. Looked, Angel, felt, tone ,surging through ,flute, resonant ,clear, Elena, sister, singing, tone Angelic, Hanes, hand made, solid, sterling ,silver, flute, brought, open, wooden, box, tuning fork, tuned Classical A- 440 ,hit ,tuning, fork, few, times, e, King’s Chamber, reverberated, against, walls, multiplied, amplitude, harmonics, beginning, form, played, spontaneous, melodies, made, up along, felt ,shoots, chances, melodies, hear, bouncing, walls, clearly, echoing, harmonic, tones, back, forth, one ,another ,creating, chord ,structures, finally, fading, walls, dream, experience, dreamed, of ,doing ,definitely ,tranquil, state, being, shadows, past, clearer, see, feel, hauntings, The Great Pyramid, Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Nirvana, Shareen, created, symbolic, magical, tones ,coming, from, flute ,elevating, her, consciousness, chances, t ,might ,enlighten, help, obtain ,dreams,. Work, hard ,diligently ,study, continue, despite, handicaps, growing, ,knowledge, spirit, and ,goal, obtain ,wisdom, understand, use ,applications, betterment ,world, felt, fortunate, adventure, experimentation ,trippy, thing, doing, calculating, imprinting, mind, time, remember, later, comparative, e, analyses, value, of, the, frequencies ,notes, alter, King’s Chamber ,nice, time, hi – tech, synthesizer, tune, frequency, I ,experiment ,mathematical, musical ,values, found ,relation, Solar System including, our, Earth, Moon, Sun, Planets, outwardly, Heavens, navigation, through ,Stars, Dimensions, astrophysics, hi-fi scientific, astronomical, ,l Orson Wells, type, movie, Heaven ,zest, living, Every ,one, exciting, unique spend ,time, whole, GIZA, Experience, filled ,surreal, realism, t excelled, energy, waves, fast moving, brain cells, converging, from, minds, work, project,. journeying through, Plateau ,surrounding ,characters, kept, company, bound, igniting, moments, unusual ,behavior, insightful, creative, bonding, highly, memorable, happy, peace, felt ,good ,Sasha ,Director, fun ,He, interviewed, Robert, in ,King’s Chamber, David, interviewed, filmed, Robert, Relieving Chambers, while, Valetina ,sat, second ,camera, shot,, t ,video, stills, joined, exploration ,Relieving ,Chambers, above ,King’s Chamber,. Magnificent, adventure ,David, Campbell’s Chamber, talking, said, like , incredible, unbelievable ,smiling, at ,each ,other, looked, each other’s, eyes, Yeah, knew ,happening, way ,cool ,ladders, far, out ,contemplate, attempt, step, down, get ,out ,Chamber, really, reach, out, far, hang, strong, find, rung harm, few, shots, in, tight, t, camera, fun, Philosophy, philosophize ,creation, r ,evolution, upright, beings, intelligence, abilities, ancient, cultures, lived, nature, understood, her laws, living, rocks ,shelters, consisting, mountainous, cavernous, cavities, camp,. The Subterranean Chamber, near bottom ,,Great Pyramid ,very ,solemnity, expression ,indeed, felt, humble, wondered ,feelings, and, goose-bumps, wondered, beginning, part, of it, beginning ,Great Pyramid, from ,early, people, gathering ,here, erecting, monumental, blocks ,But, mysterious, Grotto, see, walls, man little shaft, lead ,down, anther, passageway ,have, shots ,of ,small, square, far, side, well, barred, area ,behind ,corner, partly ,inside, few feet, dark ,Spooky, Sphinx, The Great Sphinx, seating, herself ,elegantly ,slight, slope, land ,head, above, ground ,level, her, body ,rests, enclosed ,carved, eroded, ground ,Egyptians, trying, restore ,her ,area, surrounding, Sphinx, view ,closely d, look ,detail ,close, ups, delicate, areas, repair, work ,being, accomplished, high ,quality, standards, Sphinx ,genuine ,masterful, piece, rock, art, sculpture, hidden meanings, metaphors,. Two, shots, paws, panoramic, view, close-up, study, high ,resolution,. Marked, area where, Robert ,found ,cavity, using, seismic surveying, techniques, early 90s,. Edgar Cayce, foretell ,cavity ,found ,between, near ,Sphinx’s, paws ,curious, later, future ,modern ,scientific, technology ,time, Robert, cavity, Emesk, archaeologist, Sphinx, Enclosure ,spoke ,asked, him, many, father, Care-Taker ,Sphinx ,Plateau ,Emesk ,form, family, tradition, heritage, one, distinction, maintain, position, sacred, privilege, Care-Taker, Sphinx, think ,changes ,Emesk, seen, through, years, child, times, himself, run, races, top, pyramids, around ,Giza, allowed climb, top ,Great Pyramid, considered, high, dangerous, knows, secrets, desert ,sands, sleeping, boy ,camping ,night, watching, stars, drift seeing, silhouette ,Sphinx, against, white clouds, lit Full Moon ,many ,generations ,family ,region ,knows, myths, legends, formally, educated, archaeology , heritage, Sphinx, history, land, people, incidences, change talks, I,enough, huh ,? –, Well, look, never, noticed ,figured ,looked, like, top ,upper ,crown, skull, GOD CONSCIOUSNESS, upper mantle, skull ,scarab, missing, Scarab, Neter, human, sutural ,membranes, upper, mantle, human ,skull, resemble, lines, back, mantle, Scarab, lines, sutural ,membranes, upper, mantle, human, skull, same pattern, template, Brain, Skull, Scarab ,Scarab, mathematically, speaking, 19th/18th, of human, body, fractional, belief, is, Pharaonic Consciousness ,and ,Anthropocosmic Man’s ,mind, the ,mathematical, analyses, of, their understanding, human’s, consciousness, placement ,standing ,Cosmos,. Belief, philosophy, cases, proves, out, 100 ,percent, mathematical, accuracy, calculated, is ,conjectured, reproduced ,formula ,Ancient Wisdom Texts ,speak, pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus ,located ,upper, mantle, human skull ,The 19th /18th , modern ,science, measure ,neuro-transmitters shooting out electrical charges, stimulating ,spiritual ,vital ,organs, creating, energy, specific, hormones, ancients ,used, knowledge, wisdom, manifestation, create ,your ,own, reality, along, modern, science, medical ,breakthroughs ,some, portions ,ancient, wisdom, teachings ,being, proven Egyptians ,either ,handed, down, knowledge ,taught, figured, themselves, were , express, consciousness, mathematical ,geometrical, terms,. Various, formulae, different, depending, nature, attempting, convey, Neters ,symbols, differ, meanings, containing, final, stage, almost ,the, same, meaning, Sun, God ,All, ONE, E, ALL, ONE, Sun, revered ,Egypt, God, Life force, looked, upon ,religious vows, soul ,eternal, destiny, during, time, passing ,After-Life, reality, Sphinx, experiencing, hazy ,eyes, mirage, type, visions, upbringing, Great White Lodge ,part Brotherhood ,The, Egyptian Great White Lodge, growing, up, been ,true, teachings, beliefs experiencing ,their ,roots, truths, Egypt, multiple, personalities, questioned, their ,beliefs understanding, Egypt, history, heard, different, t scenarios, Egyptian Cosmology, both, ancient, modern, times, traditionally, orthodox, views, view, written, text, books, traditional, Egyptologists, academia, realized ,person, interpretation, finalize, with, Egypt ,Mother, ALL, civilization, greatest, temples, all, differences, opinions, dating temples, who, built, always ,written ,record, been, re-written ,over ,centuries, necessity, need, control, Mob, one, Roman Religion ,governing ,people, hand ,hand, instances ,interview ,following ,day, front ,Great Pyramid, time, almost ,up, evening, Robert, Egyptian Bazaar, crafts, collectibles ,scurried, hotel pack, up, airplane, coming ,home, reality, life, e, know, writing, choreographing, photographs, creating, graphics memories, moments, and, shown, exploring, monuments, Giza, different, t, Luxor, Karnak, Dendera, Valley of the Kings, open ,revelations ,come, way, wonder, dreams, visions, a, child, haunt ,Egypt, experience, more,. walk ,meander ,sands, Plateau, listen, song, gentle, breeze, over ,dunes, hope, like ,photographs, Colette ,JOURNEY, WILL ,TAKE INSIDE, THE GREAT PYRAMID, JOURNEYS ,MUST, RESERVE, RARE, ABLE ,ENTER INSIDE, GREAT PYRAMID, Dr. Robert M. Schoch, Dr. Colette M. Dowell, Circular Times, International, Networking, Educational, Dr. Robert M. Schoch, and, Dr. Colette M. Dowell ,In, THe Egypt Code, Egypt, Robert, Code, THe Egypt Code, Robert Bauval, Collaboration ,With, THE DAILY GRAIL, and, Its, Members,Dr. Robert M. Schoch & Dr. Colette M. Dowell ,Will Investigate ,the, Bosnian Pyramid ,Excavations, July 27th, 06 through August 9th, 06 ,Invitation ,Courtesy, of: , "Sam", Semir Osmanagich, M.Sc., B.Sc.Ecc., B.Sc. P.Sc., Chairman, Board, of Directors, Logo Copyright - Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation ,These ,articles, are, written, in ,collaboration, with ,THE DAILY GRAIL, and, its, members, Dr. Dowell, and, Dr. Schoch, will, be, visiting, the, Bosnian Pyramids, Hello, Everyone, This is, Robert Schoch ,writing,. I have been, following, the, controversy, over, the ,Bosnian Pyramids, So far, all I have, seen, are, miscellaneous, articles, in the ,popular media, and ,various, analyses, that have, been, released ,thus, fa, In my, opinion, the ,controversy, that the, alleged ,pyramids, have, engendered, is fascinating, unto, itself, in terms ,of Markawasi, Investigating, offenders', names, copyright infringement, permission, granted, protected, Intelligent Design verses Evolution, Kansas, Censorship, Institute, Intellectual, Scientific, Philosophical, Studies, Angela Praxter, Wild Yam Extract, Sphinx, Giza, Redating the Sphinx, Geological, Evidence, Age, New Studies, Very Old, Orthodox, Protests, John Anthony West, Thesis, Ancient Wisdom, Research, Energetic, Options, KMT,1992, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005,Voyages, Pyramid, Builders, Pyramid, Quest, Literature, Reviews, Offical, Construction, Categories, Eminent, Authors, Rare, Photographs, Illustrations, Graphics, File, Professional, PR, Science, Philosophies, Student, Assistant, Submit, Contact, Publication, Comments, Suggestions, Review, Request, Email, Emergency, Waiting Period, Conversion, Future, Chronological, History, Research, Order, Copyright, Energetic, Options, Traditional, Tradtional Acupuncture, Acupuncture, Dr. Betty Worthington, O.M.D., Revenge, Killer, Potato, Chips, Potato Chips, Seashore, Wild, Yam, Extract, Good, Sacred, Geometry, Sacred Geometry Ancient Greece, Ancient, Jean Richer, Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock, When the Sky Fell, Rose, Rand Flemath, Temple of Man, R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz, Temple, Star Mirror, Star, Mirror, Voice, Infinite, Small, Revisioning, Insect, Human, Connection, Christine Rhone, Rudolph Stiener, R.D.Lang, Alexander Thom, Pharaoh's Pump, Pharaohs, Pump, Voyages of the Pyramid Builders, Pyramid Quest, Rupert Sheldrake, Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist, John Michell, Radical, Traditional, Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Egypt, Sphinx of Giza, Great Sphinx Controversy, Richard Fuzniak, Brad Stewart, Dominion Press, Ecclesiastical Egyptology, Egyptology, Alternative Energy, Quantum Physics, Robert M. Bauval, The Misery of the Sphinx, Misery, Geological Evidence, Age Great SPhinx, Confirm, Very Old, New Studies, Ortthodox, Protests, Notwithstanding, Thesis, Growing, Ancient Wisdom, Sunken Treasures, Sunken, Treasures, Photos, Subject, Converted, ASAP, Investigating, Yonaguni Underwater Monuments, Underwater, Monuments, Yonaguni, Diving, Lemuria, Cosmic, Relations, Stonehenge, Stonehenge Complete, Mysterious Origins of Man, Mysterious, Origins, Bill Cote, John Cheshire, Producers, Response, Critics, Chris Hardaker, Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions, Eccentric, Lives, Peculiar, Notions, Secret of the Incas, William Sullivan, Julia, Prof. Gerald S. Hawkins, William Stukeley, Equinox Sphinx, Equinox, Sacred Geography, Geography, Aryballus, Eretia, British, Bristish Museum, Museum, Solstices, Lion, Lioness, Equinoxes, Shinxes, Sacred Geograpy of the Ancient Greeks, Greeks, ZUNY, ZUNY Press, Stone, Cahokia, Illinois, William Allen, Post Dispatch, Science Writer, Jeff Glickman, c/o, Amazing Amerindian Antiquities of Old Florida, Amazing, Amerindian, Antiquities, Florida, Miami Circle, Miami, Circle, Otros Mundos, D and M Pyramid on Mars, D&M Pyramid, Mars, Erol Torun, Martian Dillemma, NASA's Scientific Failure, Failure,Stanley V. McDaniel, Ongoing Investigations of Lunar Anomalies, Lunar, Investigations, Anomalies, Mark J. Carlotto, Ongoing, Report of Findings of Life on Mars, Life, Findings, Vince DiPietro, Dimensions, Complexified Aether, Compexified, Aether, Discussions, Problem, Define, Andrea Pritchard, Posts on the Geology of the Bosnian “Pyramid” Katherine Reece - Hall of Ma’at Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Bosnia Natural or Man-Made? Mark Whitehorn, December 26th Source The Register UK Journalists, Further Authors, Information, Enigmas, Phenomena, Phenomenon, Para-Normal, Discussions, Extraterrestrials, Venus, Pleiades, Area 51, Robert Bigelow, John Mack, David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, Stanton Friedman, Uri Geller, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Hoaglund, JBL, NASA, John Lear, Bob Lazarr, George Fawcett, George Knapp, Brian O'Leary, Colin Andrews, George Wingfield, Busty Taylor, Kris Sherwood, Peter Sorensen, Crop Circles, Doug Rogers, Crop Circle Connector, Freddy Silva, Dreads, Grant Wakefield, Chad Deetkin, Ron Russell, Steven Greer, CSETI, Carl Sagan, Haarp, Nick Begich, Zahi Hawass, Michael Glickman, Steve Alexander, Lucy Pringle, Paul Vigay, David Icke, Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird, Robert Lawlor, Archie Thom, Carl Munck, John. B. White, Carl Jung, Tesla, Charles Yost, Electric Spacecraft Journal, Terrence McKenna, Timothy Leory, Raymond Moody, Danion Brinkley, Dan Winter, Stan Tennen, Michael Moore, 911, Conspiracy, Mary Bennett, David Myers, Mars Mission, Whitley Strieber, David Percy, Boris Said, Greg Taylor, Ian Lawton, Sub Rosa, Daily Grail, Atlantis Rising, Coast to Coast, George Noory,, BBC News, National Geographic, Smithsonian Institute, Nature, Fortean Times, AMAZON, Enterprise Mission, BC VIdeo, Ancient Wisdom Foundation, Borderlands, New Frontier, Alternative Archaeology, Sacred Sites, CPAK 2005, John Major Jenkins, Walter Cruttenden, Martin Gray, and many, many more..... Bios, Dr. Robert M. Schoch, Dr. Colette M. Dowell, Dr. Robert M. Schoch, a full-time tenured faculty member at the College of General Studies of Boston University, geologist, Egypt, focusing on the Great Sphinx and Pyramids, Pyramids, Sphinx, waves with the spirit of a true adventurer, Dr. Schoch, explored the giant underwater structures, giant, underwater monuments, Yonaguni Monuments, Yonaguni, off the coast of Yonaguni Island, Japan, Dr. Schoch lectures, extensively quoted in the media, quoted in media, media, appeared in television documentaries, television documenataries, Shoix Documentary aired around the world, around the world, Emmy-winning show, The Mystery of the Sphinx, version on DVD, DVD, DVD version, Author of numerous books, Author of Voices of the Rocks, Voyages of the Pyramid Builders, Pyramid Quest,researching indigenous cultures, sacred sites, Peru, journeyed to Peru, summer, studies, return, monuments and ruins of that ancient land, monuments, ruins, ancient land, Incas, Peru, opportunity to join Dr. Schoch, Opportunity, join, Adventure, adventure of a lifetime, Lifetime, travels and continues,deep into the eternal, and enduring mysteries, enduring mysteries, past, Visit Dr. Schoch’s website at: , Dr. Colette M. Dowell, a Naturopathic Physician, with degrees in Divinity, and Philosophy, degrees in philosophy, philosophy, Naturopathic, Physician, Colette Dowell, Dowell world renown , anomalies research, collaboration with many scientists, professors, last three decades, astronomy, archaeology, anthropology, ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, physics, and other fields, Dr. Dowell has traveled around the world, surveying ancient ruins, researching cultural cosmology, cultural cosmology, cultural, and documenting preternatural event, preternatural events, preternatural, gift of healing, featured international television documentaries, international television, television, documentaries, aired on Nova, The Discovery Channel, The Other Side, Encounters, and PBS, Encounters, Nova, PBS, The Discovery Channel, Discovery, The Other Side, The Other, Other, Side, discussed thirty books, thirty, discussed Dowell discussed, Colette documentaries, Colette Television, lectures widely, Colette Lectures, various aspects of the natural environment, human origins, and higher awareness, Natural, Environment, Environment, awareness, Human, origins, Dr. Dowell is founding editor (1995) and publisher of Circular Times: An International Networking Educational Institute for Intellectual, Scientific and Philosophical Studies. as “A remarkable woman in modern times tracking the ancient sacred history of megalithic man to more recent alternative scientific discoveries, Megalithic Man, Megalithic, Scientific, History, Remarkable woman, woman, remarkable, tracking, scientific discoveries, Dr. Dowell. loves to climb ruins, worship nature, worship, nature, exploring Peru, Dowell Peru, Colette Peru, Colette anomalies, Colette Travel, Colette Tours, magnificent legends, legends, magnificent, privately share her passions, passions, occasion as she journeys through Peru, journeys, through Peru, passions Colette Passions, searches, enduring truths, searches enduring, documenting ancient origins, ancient origins, documenting, cultural cosmology, Visit the Circular Times website at: , travel brochure and descriptions, Tour Leaders and Speakers Stratton Horres, Stratton Horess, Speakers Robert Schoch, Speakers Colette Dowell, Guest Speaker Colette Dowell, Guest, Lecture, tour, Peru to lecture, travel to lecture to Peru, . Robert M. Schoch travel tour to Peru, Special guest speaker Dr. Colette M. Dowell, Our Host/Speaker, Stratton Horres Author of Showing Up: Pluto Prize, Award, Pltuo, COncept, Coherent logical, thinking, blows our minds, Stories and concepts, consider, Laugh, interplay, social interplay, Humuorous Firneds, Chuckle, Laugh, FOrm of social behavior, Phtographer, Richard Fusniak, Rado programs, treaming Global, radio programs, programs, purle, Rare Photographs, Andrea Pritchard, Budd Hopkins, Carl Sagan, PRofessor Gerald S. Hawkins, UFOs, Aliens, Alien Discussions, Crop Circles, Spider, Web, Pluto Prize, Pluto, Leonardo DaVince, Leonardo Award, The Daily Grail, Robert Bauval Website, travel tour to Peru, Special guest speaker Dr. Colette M. Dowell Radio, Ghostly Talks, Streaming radio, Streaming global, global Streaming, live radio show, programs, On the air, Shock Talk, Download, Streaming, anti-gravity, electromagnetic, fileds, preternatural, forces,John Kenneth Hutchison, China, Doll, art, evokes, feelings, paintings, Da Vinci, Daily Grail, Leonardo, Award, website, peer review, outstanding, Canadian, Scientist, blown glass, landscape design, esceptional artist, published, person, feelings, mens something, special, civilizations, great artists, favorite , piece of art, medium, digital image, original art, brief, bio, sculture, request for original art, artifacts, requested, garden, gallery, create, Museum, little, painted, picture, titeld, THE CHINA DOLL, write , paper, many people, awesome, respect, transpired, email, witnessing, mpegs, films, film, remember, process, truly, journey, Peru, ancient lands, lands, researched, Nasca Lines, nasca, patient, time, take time, different , sites, alive, being, actual, reality, exposed, wonders, visited, tour, momentous, most, understanding, spectacular, real moments, moments, real, other, expedition, character, Peruvian, food, beautiful art, ceremonies, individulas, mental, emotional, surprised, transforming, personalities, photos, captured, observed, sacred, rituals, meet, traveling, unknown , territories, awe, entire, trip, trying, endearing, learned, sometime, thank, everyone, exposed, Peru, travelers, trepanation, JOhn Michell, elongated skulls, favorite books, authored, by, title, books, favorite, really, weird, papers, written, skulls, elongated, Colette . DOwell, RObert m. Schoch, RObert, Colette, Schoch, John Michell, eccentric, Lives, Peculiar, Notions, notions, peculiar, Eccentric Lives and Peculair Notions, Mysteries, Science, Culture, Censored, Intelligent Design , versus, Evolution, Inteeligent Design Versus Evolution, comments, updated, challenging, provovative, nothing, obliqueness, mind, wandered, Phantom , Punster, year, poltergiests, flying, books, weird stories, true , experiences, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, FIngerprints of the Gods, Sacred Geometry of Ancient Greece, Jean Richer, WHen the Sky Fell, Rose Flemath, Rand Flemath, literaure reviews, Eroltorun, antigravity, preternatural, bump, night, Mystery, something, not, understood, or beyond, understanding, whatever, resists, or defies, explanation, profound, inexplicable, or secretive, quality, a religious, truth, that, one, can, know, only, be, revelation ,and, cannot, fully understand, Explore, lost, civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and, science mysteries, Meet, subject, experts, find, related, books, and resources,, website,is privately owned, totally, independent, and not, associated, with any ,religious, group ,or political, organization, Alex Sokolowski,

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