My Experience at the The Museum of World Treasures
Feb.18th-19th, 2006 - Wichita, Kansas
by Dr. Colette M. Dowell  © 2006


This paper is written more so as my personal commentary of what transpired before, during and after our presentations at the Museum. There are notes, statements and questions. This paper is of my opinion and that of a few others I have collaborated with. I have added links to some of the cultures listed as they are informative. There are links to extra pages that follow this paper and also contain many graphics. I have written notes on the pages of photographs. There are some photographs of a real female Egyptian mummy with braided hair, photos of a replica mummy, an ancient Egyptian coffin, dinosaurs, Roman Etruscan skull and an ancient Greek PAN !


“Dear Colette:

I went exploring and came across your announcement of the big event. 'Intelligent Design' is a concept that annoys the hell out of me. God is deemed to be knowledgeable to an extreme. How can people who have the extremely insignificant knowledge, compared to God, define how, when, and why God created the universe?

Again I refer to my Artist Friend's comment,  

" Yes I do believe in Intelligent Design and I am grateful to Darwin for explaining how it was done."

Go ahead, try that on for size but only after your lecture is finished..”        

Love, The Olde Goat


        Sometime in late October of 2005, a lady who is a volunteer for the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita, Kansas contacted me and wanted to know if we were willing to speak for a week-end and be the kick off speakers for a new series of lectures  the Museum  wanted to hold open to the general public. The Museum is nearly 5 years old now and had never had a lecture along these lines before. She is an enthusiastic woman, eager to learn, and aware that the world of academia is in need of a mentality shift; that some of what we are taught is not really the truth and there is much more to learn. Also, the new discoveries and revelations that have been made need exposure and are not to be hidden in a back room drawer because they shake the traditional foundation of orthodox academia, and the many so called scholarly historical books that have been stamped with the seal of approval - repeating the same lines over and over again.

        She had never produced a lect
ure or conference before along such topics of re-dating the Sphinx, ancient civilizations, scientific discoveries of new found data of our variable ancient pasts and so forth..... so the itinerary needed to be choreographed by me. She was very excited, but it all needed to be outlined and then approved by the staff at the Museum. We were going to speak on aspects that challenged the dogma of academia and some people's religious concepts. I had a major task in front of me.
We do not speak to demean other's belief systems, only of new findings and what we personally have learned or share information from other authors.

        I will never forget the day the phone rang and I answered it, and it was from a young man who was newly hired onto the staff of the Museum, his tone of voice was filled with much  tension. He brought up the subject of
* Intelligent Design versus Evolution. I assured him that we do not speak against other's faiths, or disrespect the Bible in any way. We speak about new geological, archaeological, archaeo-astronomy and  scientific findings that have to deal with ancient civilizations. We would not speak the name Darwin; we would not speak as Darwinians. 


He told me that he did not want us to speak on any subject matter that interfered with the debate going on with Intelligent Design verses Evolution as he had just had lunch with a member of the Kansas State Board of Education and he was afraid that our lectures would offend some Officials of the State of Kansas;

 so, hey, we were being censored.


From Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language / College Edition:


Darwin, Charles Robert,  1809-1882; English naturalist; original theory of evolution by natural selection.


Darwinian,  adj. of Darwin or his theory of evolution.  n. a person who believes in the Darwinian theory; evolutionist.


Darwinian theory,  Darwin's theory of evolution, which holds that all species of plants and animals developed from earlier forms by hereditary transmission of slight variations in successive generations, those forms surviving which are best adapted to the environment  (natural selection and survival of the fittest).


(What about the dinosaurs in their museum, and the ancient relics? Surely the VIPs know that museums display ancient artifacts and some fossils and dinosaurs can be scientifically analyzed and dated up to millions of years old. All my thoughts concerning our lectures took me back to a question I once asked my friends which was, " If you are a young student of archaeology because you have an interest in ancient history, yet you are a firm believer in the Bible (of whatever faith) and you are on your first excavation dig and you happen across a fossil that is 10 million years old and the first to be discovered of that species, what happens to your faith, your religious concepts that you were taught from the Bible or your particular Church? Do you stop believing in the Bible or your Church teachings, or do you drop out of college and dis-believe science? Science and Religion, WOW, there must be a way for them to blend where both parties are happy and content with out any one getting torn between the two.)



        How ironic that we would be asked to speak about such progressive research for an inaugural event such as the new lecture series produced by the Museum for the public and then be told we were being censored and to not speak on matters relating to evolution (evolve - however, we do speak on evolving from ancient to modern times) because members of the Kansas State Board of Education might be there as well as the Governor, State Officials and CEOs of major corporations, all of whom the Museum was looking to for funding. The Museum didn’t want to display any controversial topics that would conflict with orthodox history and especially that which was going to add to the very heated debate about * Intelligent Design verses Evolution. We were in the hotspot of Kansas for such a debate, and ironically the Museum chose us because of our qualifications and research, but it conflicted with the over all "regime" of conventionality. All of what we speak is on truths and new research and findings that are changing previous world history we have been taught, so what were they thinking? Come to find out, the lecture was not going to be held for the general public after all, the Museum staff had changed their minds and now the lectures were going to be held only for private individuals, corporations and State Officials that might donate funding. Also they were seeking some form of acknowledgment for the lecture being fitted for the public as such - a public venue - to meet the criteria of non-profit status and to aid in their credibility that they offer such events so they can apply for membership with the American Association of Museums. WOW, what a twist - no general public? It was a dilemma to say the least. The Museum of World Treasures was willing to take that leap from conventional to progressive, but had to be very careful about the way the lectures were to be presented. We respect those who ask us to speak on certain subjects and we choreograph our lectures to suit the needs of the venue; but hey, this one was challenging due to the various topics on which we speak.

        I created a 2 ½ day conference covering many topics in a format of taking strides “From the beginning…..” through “Now in modern times……” venue to educate the audience. I was told initially to choreograph a magnificent venue reaching the far realms of the Earth of new science and discoveries of our ancient roots. Dr. Schoch was ready to present his personal outstanding information and discoveries of the erosion factors concerning the Sphinx, re-dating it to much older than previously thought, and I was to fill in the gaps with collaborative studies of international research on ancient architecture, metrology, literature, art and cosmology, and any other interesting aspects of the past and new findings. We were to have panel discussions and audience participation. Our presentations contained information much older than words from the Bible would allow; so what were we to do?
Between the censorship and other issues we were told the conference was now cut into two days of 1½ hours each - total time between Dr. Schoch and myself.


Our presentations were filled with scientific research that was challenging the traditional, so how could we still present our information and allow for censorship?


        It was easy enough to do we finally figured, just do not mention the word Bible or any specific religious group and continue on as if we were on a roll as normal ( that is typical of us, we do not speak to offend any one). But there was now another problem to resolve as our lectures that were first designed to educate the open public were now to be limited to Politicians whom I was told were not interested in such subject matters, and could not sit more than a hour and listen to such talks. Their agenda was to be present for the public and to show good faith and interest, but, the equation didn’t add up as the Museum had changed the venue from being open to the general public to RSVP for VIPs only. (We could not announce the lecture on the sites because the public was not invited, no one knew we were to give a lecture and when people found out through forwarded emails and realized what was going on, they wanted to see our  presentations and were willing to fly, drive or even walk to Wichita to witness the event.) Where was the lecture that was the first of a lecture series open to the general public? There would be no general public present for the Museum or the Politicians to witness their reaction to our presentations to even see if it would be worth while to talk about funding the Museum or future events open to the public. There was contradiction and confusion everywhere.

        On the final week prior to our presentations, the Museum realized that after sending out private invitations to Politicians and corporations for registration was not working, there were 200 seats to be filled for two days and as the last week came around before the lecture the count of registered attendees was under 50 for the two days. As a last resort to fill the seats with an audience the Museum had the local newspaper The Wichita Eagle
run an article about it in Sunday’s paper finally inviting the general audience to come to our presentations on the last day.  (I was re-directed from the media as a Doctorate in  Naturopathy (Natural Medicine as defined by natural modalities of treatment - such as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine), is not considered traditional and was conflicting with the orthodox the Museum wanted to exhibit). All of which was a shame of course for there were many individuals who did come on Sunday expressing they wish they knew that we were in town making the presentations and they would have loved to see us on Saturday too.


        From what I understand Wichita does not have many progressive speakers on archaeological and ancient origins of man that are progressive and innovative, and provide informative good scientific research. But the Museum was in for an amazing surprise as the audience went wild, like children out to see their first moving film session. It was great to see such interest; it was great to be received so well by the audience and they wanted more, but our time was limited. The Museum had misjudged some of the citizens of Wichita, for they are hungry and in need of progressive thoughts and new information. The citizens proved so by showing up Sunday and announcing they were interested and wanted more progressive information. The audience praised from their hearts and spoke freely about their desire to learn. I felt that to be very honorable and forthright of them, they stood up for their desires and needs, knowing to do so would hopefully impact the VIPs and staff of the Museum and their voices might just be heard. The audience helped the Museum understand that the public is interested, it all worked out well on the learning curve of what is desired and what is not.


        The Museum staff was happy to see the reception, but I think they were shocked about the information that was delivered. I think they were expecting a "somewhere in the middle" conference, a gray talk on ancient subjects, sterile and orthodox dogma with credentials accredited by a major university. But, how does one receive a degree of being a researcher of collaborative studies of the ancients and their cosmologies especially when the information that is being delivered is either personally generated  or representative of another author's body of research who might be a plumber or a banker for gainful employment and does not hold a degree in what is now being termed as alternative research? (Alternative views and approaches on traditional and orthodox subject matters.)


        A good example is the works of John Michell. He was represented and he holds no degree in paleontology, anthropology, astronomy, geology, archaeology and the likes, yet he has spent his entire lifetime studying sacred geometry, megalithic sites, astronomy, sacred texts, and sacred geography and has found some tremendously important diverse universal correlations in many areas of  high science disciplines that are compiled and published in his numerous books. In some ways there was much confusion as the Museum wanted to be seen as traditional and common and here we are presenting information that is innovative and progressive and not common. The Museum wanted to be progressive, but it was kind of hard to jump out of the box, but, hey, they did go with the flow and did make it over the obstacles, so hurray for them and good. They are receiving some benefits from the VIPs that attended. The Museum went out on a rope they had never swung on before and they made it through the tangles and knots and kept the rope from tearing. Good. The Museum will be more aware of the public's needs, more assured that unconventional is OK,  and more prepared and wise for the next round if they choose to do so.  Also, the Museum realized some Politicians and some corporate individuals do like to listen to the unconventional and want to learn more about ancient history and new findings.  


        Dr. Schoch and myself put together two presentations that included Dr. Schoch’s early research of his geological findings on the Great Sphinx of  Egypt, global migration of people through out millenniums of time, the similarities of cross cultures, research on the Ley Lines  of England, megalithic sites and standing stones of other countries, archaeo-astronomy,  along with the Nasca Lines and other enigmatic ruins in Peru and South America – including elongated skulls……ooooooooohhhhhhhhh. Also, there were many pictures shown of the Olmecs and their unique colossal heads and beautiful sculptures of which they are so renowned for. The weekend’s presentations were multifaceted with many specially created graphics. We created our presentations on Power Point, and the visuals were wonderful. We both enjoyed ourselves and felt we delivered a very different presentation for the audience that was refreshing, interesting and kept their attention wide open. That is what is important; to know that the audience is receptive to the information you are delivering and you hold their attention. Then you know you truly have impressed their minds with at least something for them to go home and ponder. If it is not stimulating and new, well then, why repeat old information that is outdated and not correct in some instances in the first place? It is a good feeling to know you have contributed to others and given of yourself so they have something to elevate their minds. New personal thoughts and questions will arise from what they experienced. They have become more educated and will most likely now seek out other authors that are creative in their scientific methodology and spiritual thoughts and, well, hopefully as the fairy tale goes," Live happily ever after.”  or  "All is well that ends well !" 


               All and all it worked out well. Some Politicians did come and were really enthralled with the lectures after all. The little bit of what we did present was enough for some Politicians to remark they would talk to some of the State Representatives to support the Museum and lectures of this type. That is good.


 Some of the Corporations that did show up were surprised and excited

about the presentations and are now considering donating to the Museum.


        So that is all good too. Please see Comments. Also, please see the picture of the local article The Wichita Eagle ran in Sundays’ paper. However, please realize there are errors in the article; one being - Dr. Schoch did not bring those relics to the museum for display.




        The Museum is a small, privately owned – yet non-profit organization that is seeking accreditation from the American Association of Museums. The Museum is located in the historical district of downtown Wichita and leases their building (which is quite big) from the city of Wichita. They have 3 stories to their museum and their exhibits are all either donated or on loan from private collectors. From what I understand there is inside trading going on with some of the artifacts and a club of collectors that like to auction their goods. The Museum still needs to pass some more red tape, and who knows, maybe one day they will be up there in title with the Smithsonian or the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. Only cataloging artifacts, professionalism and time will tell.


        They have Burmese Buddhas, Egyptian mummies, Mayan exhibits, Greek artifacts and Roman displays along with dinosaurs and baseball memorabilia, American Civil War relics, classic old glass bottles and odd old antique “junk,” (as one staff member spoke of it) all which was interesting to look at. The Museum of World Treasures is really quite a diverse little Museum.  Dr. Schoch and I had the opportunity to see some of the displays in the Museum. I will place some photos (1) (2) - (3) - (4) for your interest. The names of the mummies are with-held for reasons of auction and I can’t tell you what dinosaur is what. But there are some good shots and interesting artifacts you can see. 

        The Museum hopes to get recognition for their efforts and receive State and corporate funding. A member of the Cessna Corporation
wrote a nice letter and was very pleased to see researchers such as Dr. Schoch and myself at the Museum to speak. As of now there are 14 some odd museums in the area of Wichita. No, we did not get a chance to visit them. But, The Museum of World Treasures was the first to have a lecture event of this kind that I know of to offer the citizens of Wichita. For their efforts they should be applauded and for their some-what open mindedness of new discoveries that are changing traditional world views on academic historical topics that are taboo if stepped outside of the little paradigm box they dwell (even if we were censored). They hope for their next lecture to be more successful as they realize now to reach the public, they must reach out to the public and not RSVP for VIPs only.


        It will be through Museums, conferences and open minded forums offering free or discounted lectures to the public on new research or that which is non-traditional and ground breaking.  Museums serve the purpose of exhibiting displays of the past and educating us about our ancient ancestors. We need more open venues to get the information out. Thank God for the internet also. There are many sites now that carry news and articles about new research, developments and findings. It would be really keen to read, watch or listen to news that contains international developments along positive lines of alternative research, and not carry so much negativity about oil, wars and crime. Oil, that is the big thing now and real scary what is happening to the world and what has transpired the past few years due to the wars over the Oil Barons. Where is the good up-lifting news? Can't news be happy, intellectually educating and spiritually elevating as well?


        I hope to see more Museums and Educational Institutions supporting new theories, discoveries and revelations. I thank the Museum of World Treasures for bending and being flexible in the end and allowing us to continue on with our presentations. We did not get the whistle blown on us! The Museum in turn received a great amount of approval for their efforts to offer the public a new lecture series, and the audience was happy; so who could ask for more?


        To further our contributions to the Museum of World Treasures, Dr. Schoch and I suggested our  presentations be filmed so the Museum can both archive the information as well as create a DVD and sell it in their gift shop. We donated our footage as a courtesy so the information is available to watch and learn from. The Museum will be receiving funding on a small scale from us from the purchases of the DVD.  We are to receive copies of all original footage and recordings. We plan on  incorporating some of that footage into our own DVD containing other information and making it available to the public as well, which in turn will help fund us to continue our research and gather new information in hopes of uncovering new findings. 


        The circle of continuing sharing is most important as the research needs funding. Travel, documenting, all of that which  is required to gather data including equipment for both scientific analyses and creative production is in need of contributors. Contributions in any way are just as important as any new findings for without public support it is difficult to afford the ongoing research. Everyone who contributes in any way is part of the big picture of advancing knowledge and education. That is a form of evolution in itself; to be willing to share and contribute as able so the learning can continue. It is a big circle that goes round and round and should never cease as to do so will cut off our access to greater understanding of ourselves, and our planet that is our life source. 


        There is much to learn from the ancients and probably held within the ancient architecture, texts and relics are some answers that will help us now through the global technological and spiritual crisis we are in. The ancients knew how to live within their natural boundaries; they both worshiped and feared the elements. Their Gods were derived from heavenly bodies or from the natural elements. There is much ahead of us to learn while we dig through the many layers of time and begin to understand what happened in the past. What was it that shook humanity into possible global migration and leave shattered ruins behind?


        We as a society are only going to grow as allowed by the keepers of the "books," and the dogmatic historical records. We should have resources available and demand for updates on new informative material to be supplied to learning institutions. There again is where contributions of any kind are needed; suggestions, volunteer work, donations of literature, directions to new insightful networks, anything that is positive and will help us as a society continue to grow. We pay enough taxes, our taxes should be used to help fund educational purposes and be used for good will, not "special people" and their "selfish needs"...... Ooooops, but I won't get going on that...enough from me for now. 


        Well, I guess I have had my say. Thank you very much; I hope you enjoy the photos. Colette







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