Made in America President, Government, Corporations,  America and Depression. Where is the label 'Made in America?' Who will be our next President? Who will we vote for President and why?


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Ramblings of the Mind: Where is the 'MADE IN AMERICA' Label and What Can We Do? America Small Business -Corporation Tax -Work At Home



Made in America, our future, President and work ethics. Newt Gingrich, Obama? Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman? Create our own jobs, not corporate. Wall Street sucks and is only good for the rich. Occupy Wall Street is good, Hippies are good, glad to see some one take action. There are so many statements being made. I suppose I will make a few now. Free Speech right? Or is it? There is that saying, "Nothing is for free.íí Or, how about, "Yeah, Free, but at what cost?" There is always an agenda it seems for Freedom. Why canít Freedom just be just that- Freedom? Peopleís greed, the number of rich people verses the number of poor people -that has always been true. We are more aware of it because we have technology to "see and hear" what is happening around the world. Back in the old days, ancient days, no one knew what was going on with the people in the 'Northwest' as they lived in 'Central Africa.' Communication is what has changed our world; good and bad.


It use to be that things were made in America. The reason being is most of the individuals who emigrated here from other countries had skills and talent. They were motivated to make a better life for themselves; they used ingenuity to insure their wellbeing. They knew how to grow little gardens, even little inside herbs next to windows, prepare their own food, fix their own fence, and sew their own clothes. These skills turned into home businesses, then small businesses, the next generation was to continue, as they were brought up with Master / Apprentice work ethics, imagination, talent and a desire to do better. They did not have computers or television to spend time drifting their thoughts away; they usually spent their off duty hours from work with still more time that was producible by working on their hobby be it wood whittling, car mechanics, knitting-crocheting, song and dance ad-infinitum. The family cooked food at home, it was generally not prepared or packaged, dinnertime was a time for the family and family discussions took place. Weekends were spent doing chores around the house and getting ready for the next week. People helped their neighbors, people gave of themselves, the world was not so distracted by technology that in most instances was developed just for consumerism and not for personal growth or educational value. Corporations got big because people gave their money to investors, who gave that money to public corporations and then people gave up control of their own money in hopes of making more money off it from interest and dividends. Corporations were into big profits, moved their manufacturing into other countries because of the currency exchange and our GOVERNMENT ALLOWED THIS because the politicians were influenced by lobbyists who work for the corporations. This induced a turn of events, where corporations grew and the average person did not.


The generation to follow the last 2nd generations of immigrants were living their lives on computers, kids spent time on internet games, cell phones and social internet sites and did not participate in the home or family. The "Two Parents Working" syndrome or the Single Parent having to work double time to afford a home life has been the blame for this. Technological stimuli that feeds a young personís fantasy has replaced school activities and wholesome sports such as tennis, fencing, volley ball and swim teams. These almost now antiquated activities had a purpose - that being - they would help rid the child of excess growing energy and hormonal excitement of the new world of young adults.  Fantasies are just that, fantasies, and they tend to get you nowhere, unless you use them as a goal setter and focal point to achieve a dream and become a successful member of society.  Kids are getting in trouble more than ever now; they have no outlet for their excess energy. Gangs, the Gangs have replaced family. This can all change if we spend time with our family being productive and actually make the change personally along with our loved ones.


We can take control of our own lives again here in America if we use our skills and make things at home. Gather those who sew, if they do not know how to sew, have a teaching class, sew clothes, create inventory, go to the local shops and sale to them or place on consignment. Wood work, furniture building, the hobbies that are needed as skills to produce goods can be utilized and home business, small businesses can flourish again.  Schools must offer vocational courses, arts and crafts, wood working, auto mechanics - these were available in past years to allow a child to start developing some skills and interests. Our educational system now sucks compared to what it use to be. Music, choir and the electives of skill and vocational training are now not part of mandatory education. Masters and Apprentice, this system works -it is millennium old. If you do not have a skill, work with some one or those who do; you must learn one. Do not just wait for corporations to hire you - take control of your own destiny.


LINKS: Some Links with good info - things to do yourself, save money - also info on the Military Industrial Complex, gives you a background of what is going on.






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I am unsure about small business tax things that are starting to crop up now. I know this, if you have a person who works for them self, is self-employed, as their own boss, you hire them as a sub-they are responsible fore their own taxes. You can share with others in a business if you are all your own contractor and /or separate entity.  Use the internet as a source of information, educate yourself on how to become a....what ever it is you dream of......but you must must have a goal in mind. You must start each day with the desire to do better and take initiative of your own life and stop waiting for the corporations to take care of you, as they will not.


Voting for a new President, that is hard to do. I see no Republican Candidates that are worth a hoot, I would not have any of them as my friend or trust them. As afar as Obama, I see the good he has done, I see the blame being placed, I see things that can and should be different. It is a Mad, Mad World out there. This next year to come, well, I hope it is better. I hope others figure out they need to do things for themselves and not wait for corporations or our government to change things for jobs....Maybe we should consider creating our own jobs. It use to be we did in the old days, unless you lived in a slave society. Each person had a talent that they bartered and traded with, and did OK. We can do that again.


Who will we vote for President and why? Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Obama?






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