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A Warning:  Impersonation, Fraud, and Fake Emails

by Robert Schoch


These issues have been very damaging


        I relate the following incident in brief as a warning.  There is at least one person who has been circulating false stories about Colette and myself, and fabricating fake emails that appear to have been sent by me and signed with my name.  I am currently considering the pursuit of legal action against this person.  The story is as follows.Robert Schoch before the fall fraudulent emails and bogus problems with Egypt Tour in March with Robert Schoch and Dowell

        Colette and I had a very unpleasant (to put it mildly) experience following the last public tour we led (in this case, to Egypt).  After our return to the United States, one of the attendees claimed to have sent me an email, an email which I never received, and furthermore claimed that he or she (I will not divulge the name, or even gender, of this person) received via email a very vulgar reply signed with my name and from my personal email account.  I immediately responded that I had not received the original email, and that I had certainly neither written nor sent the vulgar reply (a reply to an email I never received).  This person then accused Colette of breaking into my personal email account, intercepting email intended for me, and replying under my name.  This is not something that Colette would do, and it was unclear how she would have gained access to my personal email anyway.  I asked the accuser to send me documentation, such as message source and routing information, to back up the allegations being lodged against Colette.  After many delays and sophomoric excuses, along the lines of “I have been overwhelmed with work,” “my computer crashed on me,” and “my former boss who has cancer was visiting” (these are not direct quotes, but simply rough paraphrases to give the sense of the excuses), I was finally sent supposed routing information, imbedded in the text of an email (so there was no way to verify it was genuine), for the fake email in question.  On analysis, it was clear that the supposed routing information (which clearly did point to Colette) did not go with the email in question, but came from an email that Colette sent out to all passengers on the Egypt trip prior to our departure.  This, and other evidence, has led me to conclude that the person who accused Colette of intercepting my email fabricated the entire affair.  The accuser apparently falsely claimed to have sent me an email, then falsely claimed to have received a reply under my name and from my account, and when I pointed out that I had neither received the email nor replied, falsely accused Colette of intercepting my email and replying (with incredible vulgarities) using my name.  To put it simply, the accuser was attempting to frame Colette for a crime she did not commit. 

        What is going on here?  Why all the elaborate chicanery, deceit, impersonation, and fraud?  This was from someone whom I had actually known on a casual basis for years and who claimed in the same emails to be my “friend.”  My conclusion is that this person, who in other contexts has claimed to be “spiritual” and “psychic,” was, to put it simply, envious and jealous of Colette and her relationship to me, and wanted to create an incident that would tear Colette and me apart.  In fact, this whole experience, although extremely hurtful (it certainly took an emotional toll on us), has in the end only served to bring us closer together and strengthen the bond between us.  But it has also made us much more leery and distrustful of other people, even people whom we thought we knew and could trust, and who claimed to be our friends.  For instance, someone I have known for years and worked on various projects with, a person who also knows the accuser of Colette but has never even met Colette in person, when faced with the evidence demonstrating that the whole fake email incident was fabricated by the person making the accusations, still elected to believe the accuser and judge Colette negatively on the basis of the word of the other person.  To me this is irrational as I am a proponent of following the evidence, however inconvenient that may be, to wherever it may point. 

        If we are even more shy and private than we were previously, and more distrustful of people, maybe the incident recounted above will help explain why.



Robert Schoch


        “A very unpleasant (to put it mildly) experience following the last public tour we led.” ----Yes to say it mildly, but in all reality it was a nightmare.


        The person who has committed these acts has placed all guests on the 2007 Egypt tour suspect of the multiple crimes that have been committed against Dr. Schoch and myself by means of using the template from my email concerning the “Reminders for Egypt.” Any entity thereof associated with any guests of the 2007 Egypt tour are also held suspect if they have had access to my business email communications pertaining to the above mentioned outgoing converse.

        It is not surprising that the above listed individuals are of like minds as one owes money to the other and there is conflict of interest between all of concerning parties, so it is a “NO Brainer” pertaining to the alliance.

We have realized there is no allegiance or honour from those we entrusted our personal time with and gave of ourselves unconditionally trying to overcome the difficulties incurred during our Egypt 2007 expedition. We have made a decision to not do another tour open to the public of the likes again unless there is some way to screen individuals before we accept their reservation (a travel agency cannot legally request a questionnaire to overview a personal profile, however as solely directed entities, we are within our legal capacity to do such and then in turn, agree to acceptance of reservations over to the travel agency). I will not submit myself to the possibility of any more harassment, communicating threats and assaults by some one I do not know and have never had dealings with. Both Dr. Schoch and I are extremely upset by this whole affair. We are considering our choices, we are limiting our contact with any outsiders at this time and from those we have previously encountered.

        We are sorry, but, it is for our well-being and no one is to take this personally if they are not directly involved with this matter, just please understand the magnitude of this affair and how it is so disheartening to us.


Thank you,

Colette Dowell



Notes:  Identity theft also occurred when we returned home. We got an email from a Bianca Waxlax that she had made a complete web page on for Robert. This included all of his identity. She said she did it for his birthday and thought nothing of her invasive actions when she was spoken to about this. She created the email account, she created the password and she did everything as if she were Robert to set up that account on She placed the video The Mystery of the Sphinx on it, and to our knowledge did not request permission from Bill Cote to do this. Robert was very concerned about having that site up and repeatedly told her to take it down and in specific, to please take down the video. She said that people "always" posts other's videos and never ask permission (so was this to say it was OK?) .......anyway, Robert was frantic and wrote me emails and asked me to talk to her to please take down the site at -well, she would not do it. She even placed in it personal information about Robert and me and had our photos up that she had taken in Egypt. Anyone who were to see this site would have thought it was Robert Schoch, but it was not. It was really Bianca Waxlax and her lover, Liese Brown, who thinking they wanted to be our friends and go on free tours to Egypt. They fraudulently created the website on to use it as a device to draw people over to try to sell them tours to Egypt.  They were posing as close friends and colleagues of us ( when in fact she was only a student 10 years ago) and creating an image they are involved with our studies. Bianca sated she wanted to "be like me," when she grew up and has a dream of being famous. This is no way to achieve fame by being an opportunist and acting in fraudulent manners and creating illusions as if you are sincere friends of someone - it is false. This was all very gross to me and I wanted no part of it. Robert never was able to have them take it down. The problem is, these people saw no reason why they should not have stolen Robert's identity and created a website that was suppose to be him and intercept emails and act as if they were Robert. It was explained to them by both Robert and me that we already had a site, I had more email to handle then I could manage, we did not want the responsibility of the site and it was not appropriate for her to be intercepting email that was intended for Robert and reading it and getting involved in our personal life, like  - WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? HELLO, HELLO OUT THERE - or is the whole world insane?  She threw herself on us and most significantly Robert as she was once his student at BU about 10 years ago, but since then, until the tour to Egypt had no relationship with him. I did not know her at all. How is any of this OK and appropriate in REAL LIFE? --The woman who forged Robert's name on the emails she was trying to frame me for, thought it was not wrong to steal his identity or mine or even try to frame me for criminal acts. What is wrong with society these days and the internet that people seem to think it is OK to impersonate some one and take their identity?


Now months later this overflows into intellectual property and posting photography without crediting the source.  How about just scanning articles and posting photography with out permission or crediting the source. Is stealing all now just OK? If it is not a person's name it is their material. Have all boundaries been lost of what is right and wrong because others are doing it all over the internet? It seems so, but, it is not OK. This seems to be an illness in the internet as I have emails come in from people complaining to me about plagiarism of their material and they want to post articles on my site and prove that their material has been stolen. There is a great lack of integrity on the internet with graphics, photography, articles, identities...on and do you know any more that when you go to a website that that website is really owned or represented by the person that it is claimed to be that has articles and photos on it that look like it should be that person? (I have the URL, but, I have used that for CT and owned it since LeMaster and this was agreed upon)? How many other websites are there out there of people who have no idea that they have a profile on it, what about other sites? This is a very scary situation as there is no way to protect yourself from identity theft with websites (it is very tedious if you want to start the process- but it is not so worthy). Bianca and Liese pose as if they are Robert, and post half naked shots of themselves on Robert's friends' list as their photos. How can this be so good for Robert's identity? How long will this go on before Robert gets control of it or they take down some of the garbage they posted or remove themselves as Robert Schoch or pull down the site altogether? These issues have been very damaging.


Identity theft comes in many forms.



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