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EGYPT- - Shadows of the Past

Part Two

 By Colette M. Dowell © January - 2007

Our Adventuring in Giza, Egypt


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When I was in Egypt this time, (Robert and I were on a shoot for a documentary from the same Russian Film Co. we had worked previously with)


 I knew it was going to be very special to me. It was; in many ways. I did many great aspiring things that were definitely starting (in my mind and wonderment) to exceed my limit of any great expectations, I continued on with intrigue and completed my “Path.” I watched as Robert did the same. Both Robert and I were viewing and feeling the Great Pyramid in our own perspective. In most instances, we were in synch with our feelings as we talked about going far inside the inner retreats of the Great Pyramid; the King’s and Queen’s Chamber, the mysterious Relieving Chambers and the Subterranean Chamber. After the filming and all interviews were completed and everything was in order, Robert and I were able to talk with one another about our personal experiences inside and around the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. We exchanged ideas and while conversing, came to much of the same understandings and revelations as each other. It was a good experience to have a partner to adventure with as such, so you can bounce your ideas off them and they know what you are trying to express as they were there where you were, and know what you are referring to. Most moments were spontaneous I suppose, except for scheduled meetings and lunches. We were diligent in our efforts and completed some “Jules Verne” grade monumental tasks, while we climbed though the Great Pyramid. This was such a great time of exploration for us for the events that were occurring were inside the Great Pyramid and by The Great Sphinx; not in some Americanized Hotel Holiday Inn with a white English speaking porter who dresses like a “Shriner” and wears a “Made in China” red felt fez.…… way, this was the real thing. We allocated time for our expressions and conversations of the “Ancient Wisdom Teachings,” during interviews to follow.


        While I was inside the structure of the Great Pyramid, I understood the layout so much better and now I understand and feel more of the Pyramid’s character. The shadows casting in angular passage ways, the energy expelling from the walls of the colossal blocks, the haunting of my dreams and visions of Egypt in the past as a child, and now, were easing off a bit; I was living them and I understood myself better. I admired the architecture and the masonry work –the natural feel of the stones. The Great Pyramid was constructed from natural building material, and hand crafted by “Man,” making it even more spectacular as there were many huge, heavy fitted stones. There were some eroded areas that had been repaired, and even the restoration of these stones must have been a magnanimous endeavor, yet it all was done with the techniques used by very skilled artisans. It was beautiful, Earthy yet, Heavenly. The Pyramid was a very monumental structure and a highly skilled piece of architecture for sure (I am a General Contractor –so I admire high grade construction and engineering). I truly appreciate having the opportunity to experience the inside of the Pyramid and the reserved areas. I sincerely thank The Russian Film Company for all they provided me and Robert with and everything we collaborated on. I was feeling very good. We worked well as a team and everyone had something to contribute to make the shoot into a most curious and unique documentary.


        I was very ecstatic being inside the Great Pyramid, and ready to take my shots and look around. I saw many things. I saw things that are in my visions. It was all very familiar to me in a way. It seemed as if I ‘KNEW’ where I was at; but, too, I was with Robert. While Robert was doing his work I was doing mine, and then we would meet up at different points and share some wonderful times. We did a lot of squat crawling and were lowly crouched in some of the passages for many meters at a time. Climbing through the “Ascending Passage” and the “Ante-Chamber,” loaded with camera equipment, other gear and water, well, it was a little difficult, but, we kept straight on our path, we never wavered.


“The Ascending Passage,” was tremendously effective on my brain no doubt (The Red Pill), and there were many enchanting moments I engaged in while being surrounded with ancient stones and passages far down inside some ancient culture's hide-away space. It was a spooky strange feeling; sporadic and spatial, with a subtle energy full of strength and sense of power over me. It was not only an intellectually stimulating process, but, also in many ways a course in challenging spiritual advancements, overcoming preconceived notions and fears.


        I had in affect, personal realizations of my own state of mind. I did things I did not know I was capable of until I did them, and I did not know I was going to do them until I did them. That showed me that the power of MIND can over-ride many physical limitations. More so, I meditated for 2 weeks solid prior to my departure to Egypt in preparation for the journey and shoot; I was up for it.


Still, I can truly say I felt a remarkable change in my over all well-being when I was inside the Great Pyramid. I was not suffering in the same state of reality of mind and body as I usually do. This could have been a placebo affect or a day dream. Whatever it actually was or is, I will say it was a most memorable and enterprising experience for me.


        Look into my eyes and you can see how I was “PRESENT” and very much into the moment. Everyone was into their own moments, but together as a team. (My friend saw this photo and mentioned about my eyes. He said I should show every one how I had transformed, so, I feel weird doing this, but hey, look into my eyes! --I was hurting, but I was able to set it aside, you see no pain in my eyes, I was in a different state of “BEING” yet, I was fully aware of my surroundings. It is possible to help yourself and heal. Meditation is the best method I have found for myself. I hope this helps people who suffer from some form of dis-ease. I want to encourage any person who is having difficulties to try to overcome what ever it is that keeps them from joy and well-being. I know you can overcome obstacles as I have experienced this myself. If I can do it, you can do it.) ………………


When I entered the “Grand Gallery,” that too, due to the architecture, was an amazing moment of “Alice in Wonderland," passing through the hole, taking the "Red Pill" scenario. Looking every which way at all of the wondrous colors and striking angles; I wondered how could it have been constructed as such? I felt an incredible amount of curiosity and a brilliant rush of adrenalin hit me. The colors and artistic lines of the tunnels and shafts were extraordinary, you could see the differences in certain rocks and plaster that were used as you climbed through the Grand Gallery. 


It was very tall and so different and dimensional, I have never seen anything like it before. Only pictures and old illustrations, and, no, pictures can not tell the story of the Grand Gallery, you must be personally present in it to “KNOW” it. “Pictures can tell a thousand stories,” but they can not fully define the Grand Gallery.



The colors in certain areas (Ascending Passage, Grand Gallery, King Chambers, Queen's Chamber, etc.) were such as those of the swirling colors found in the Paleolithic cave near Doarson, Bosnia. Here is a shot of the inside of the Grand Gallery, you can see how the colors some what reflect (some may be due to flash, others with out). It was all very old feeling and I could sense the difference and feel that there was this great civilization that once thrived and was very much different from our modern civilizations we have today that are (trying to) sustain life and culture . We are finding and crawling through the leftovers of this once great existence. As humans, we do tend to question our heritage and how we evolved from the quest of fire to new hi-tech computers. Here is Robert coming up from below into the Grand Gallery, he took the "Blue Pill!" We were all experiencing miraculous sensations; we were all glowing.








There was candle light in the King’s Chamber and the lovely voices of Elena and her sister singing classical spiritual songs in the far corner walls behind the Coffer in the Chamber. The sounds of their vocals were mesmerizing, like a choir of Angles might sing. I swear if I were not me I would have believed I was an Angel too, in a very sacred Temple witnessing a very sacred ritual and then enacting a ceremony of bonding with the “ONE” or the “ALL.” To me it was an intimate spiritual time and I was very moved.




        I had some remarkable moments in the Great Pyramid, and it is very rare that one has the ability to engage themselves with such great gifts. I am very appreciative to Elena and Shareen and the many others who made it possible for me to achieve some of my dreams. I choreographed a sacred ceremony and played my flute in the King’s Chamber so we could record it. I put a white pure Egyptian cotton gown on and took my hair down from its ponytail and headband. I was wearing many strands of natural stone and metallic beads; Hematite, Lapis, Garnet, Gold and Silver. My hair was shining white. I was told many times I looked like and Angel – I really felt like one at times. The tone surging through my flute was so resonant and clear, again like Elena and her sister singing, the tone was very “Angelic” too. I have a Hanes, hand made, solid sterling silver flute. I brought an open wooden box tuning fork tuned to ‘Classical A- 440’. I hit the tuning fork a few times in the King’s Chamber, and it reverberated against the walls and multiplied its amplitude, and harmonics were beginning to form. I played spontaneous melodies I just made up along the way from how I felt. There were a few shoots, so I had those chances to play melodies and hear them bouncing off the walls and so clearly echoing harmonic tones back and forth to one another creating chord structures and then finally fading into the walls. That was a dream experience to me. Something that I had always dreamed of doing and I was doing it. I was definitely in the moment, the “HERE & NOW,” of it all. I lived that moment and I was in a tranquil state of being. The shadows of my past were able to become clearer, I could ‘see’ and ‘feel’ and the hauntings of The Great Pyramid, and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings were all very clear to me. I knew I was experiencing what some call “Nirvana.” (This is Shareen, I created this image of her - it is symbolic of the magical tones coming from my flute and elevating her consciousness from the frequencies.



        I know to not give up any chances that might enlighten me or help me obtain my dreams. I work hard and persevere. I study and continue on despite what some people may call handicaps. I am growing with more knowledge and spirit and that is my goal. To obtain wisdom and understand how to use its applications for the betterment of the world. I felt fortunate for the adventure and experimentation --for what a trippy thing I was doing, yet calculating it and imprinting it in my mind at the same time so I could remember it later on. I want to do some comparative analyses on the value of the frequencies of the notes and how they alter in the King’s Chamber. It would have been nice to have the time to have a hi – tech synthesizer and be able to tune it to any frequency I want and experiment with some of the mathematical and musical values I have found in relation to our Solar System including our Earth, Moon, Sun, Planets and the outwardly Heavens. (The navigation through Stars, Dimensions, and astrophysics –like a hi-fi /sci-fi astronomical ‘Orson Wells’ type movie about Heaven, and how to get there by tones, frequencies, vibrations and harmonics.)


        Robert was having a great time too; we were really getting into the zest of all that was transpiring. It was good. Every one was exciting and inspiring to spend time with. The whole “GIZA Experience,” was filled with surreal realism that excelled with energy waves and fast moving brain cells converging from all of the minds that were at work on the project. While journeying through the Plateau and the surrounding characters we kept company with, there was bound to be some igniting moments and unusual behavior. It was all very insightful, creative, bonding and highly memorable. I was happy and at peace. I felt good.


         Sasha was the Director and he was fun to work with. He interviewed Robert in the “King’s Chamber,” and David interviewed and filmed Robert in the “Relieving Chambers,” while Valetina sat second camera. I shot video and stills and joined in with the exploration in the Relieving Chambers above the King’s Chamber. It was a magnificent adventure for us, and when David and I were in Campbell’s Chamber talking, we said to each other something like;  




“This is really an incredible and unbelievable thing to be doing right now.” And we were smiling at each other and looked into each other’s eyes like, “Yeah,” we knew what was happening. It was way cool.




Then of course the ladders were a far out thing to contemplate as to attempt to step down and get out of the Chambers you really had to reach out far and hang on strong to find a rung. However, we made it with out any harm, and tried to get a few shots in, but it was very tight to get a camera out. But, oh --how fun it was though!


Philosophy; we like to philosophize on our creation,

our evolution into upright beings with intelligence and abilities.



        Very ancient cultures lived in nature and understood her laws, living with rocks and in shelters consisting of the mountainous and cavernous cavities where they could set up camp. So “The Subterranean Chamber,” (near the bottom of the Great Pyramid) had a very solemnity expression for me indeed and I felt humble. I wondered what it must have been like back --when???? I do not know, but, I got feelings and goose-bumps. I wondered if this was the beginning or part of it --the beginning of the Great Pyramid, from early people gathering here, to erecting monumental blocks. (But, there is also the mysterious Grotto.) You could see how some of the walls were worked by man, and there was another little shaft that lead down another passageway. I have shots of that. It was very small, and square, to the far side of the “well?” and barred area, is was way behind in the corner. I went partly inside of it a few feet, it was dark, but not too “Spooky!”



Oh and the Sphinx, The Great Sphinx seating herself so elegantly

on the slight slope of the land with her head above ground level

 while her body rests enclosed by the carved and eroded ground.






        The Egyptians have been trying to restore her. I was in the area surrounding the Sphinx and I was able to view her closely and look at her in detail. Here are some close ups of delicate areas. The repair work being accomplished is of high quality and standards. The Sphinx is a genuine masterful piece of rock art sculpture with many hidden meanings and metaphors. I took two shots of her paws to make a panoramic view of them for close-up study in high resolution. I marked the area where Robert found the cavity using seismic surveying techniques in the early 1990s. Yes, Edgar Cayce did foretell there would be a cavity found between or near the Sphinx’s paws. It is very curious that later in the future, with modern scientific technology of the time, Robert was able to locate a cavity. But, what is it and what is in it?





Esmat, the archaeologist of the Sphinx Enclosure and I spoke. I asked him many things. His father was Care-Taker of the Sphinx Plateau and now Esmat is and has been for around 30 years or so - a form of family tradition or heritage one might say.



        It is a distinction to maintain that position and a sacred privilege to be Care-Taker of the Sphinx. Just think of how many changes Emesk has seen through the years, and as a child, how many times did he himself run races up to the top of the pyramids around Giza? (now you are not allowed to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid, it is considered too high and too dangerous) And how well he knows the secrets of the desert sands, sleeping as a boy on them, camping in the night watching the stars drift by, seeing the silhouette of the Sphinx against the white clouds lit by a “Full Moon!” For many generations his family has been in this region. He knows many myths and legends, as well as being formally educated in archaeology. Being that his heritage is with the Sphinx ,he knows her history very well and the land, people, and incidences of change.





        We had some good talks and I pointed out to him that the Sphinx was missing part of her head! He looked and said, “Sure enough, huh ! --Well, look at that !!???? ” He had never noticed it, and he had just always figured it looked like that --which it does, but there is no top upper crown of the skull, or the “GOD CONSCIOUSNESS,” the upper mantle of the skull (or scarab) is missing. I noticed this while doing a comparative anatomical study on the face of the Sphinx. No one has ever mentioned this before. This feature concerning the face of the Sphinx has never been written about or discussed that either Robert, others or I know of. And I wonder why no one has never noticed it, and how long has it been missing? Was the face originally sculpted without the upper mantle or was it deliberately removed at some point in history? And if so why? Why? --to all of the above questions and thoughts.





        The Scarab, (Neter) and the human sutural membranes of the upper mantle of the human skull resemble each other. The lines on the back mantle of a Scarab look like the lines of the sutural membranes on the upper mantle of a human skull – the same pattern or template. Brain - Skull - Scarab …………the Scarab mathematically speaking, is the 19th/18th of the human body. This fractional belief is of the “Pharaonic Consciousness” and “Anthropocosmic Man’s” mind  --the mathematical analyses of their understanding of human’s consciousness and placement or standing in the Cosmos. Their belief and philosophy in many cases proves out 100 percent in mathematical accuracy when calculated, and is not conjectured; it can be reproduced and it has formulae.



        The Ancient Wisdom Texts speak of the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus (located in the upper mantle of the human skull ) “The ‘19th /18th ,” and modern science now has means by which they can measure the neuro-transmitters shooting out electrical charges stimulating these spiritual vital organs and creating energy and specific hormones. The ancients used this knowledge and wisdom and made of it what ever they cared to by means of manifestation --you can create your own reality along the way. 


        Now with modern science and medical breakthroughs some portions of the ancient wisdom teachings are being proven. The Egyptians either handed down knowledge they were taught, or figured it out for themselves and were able to express consciousness in mathematical and geometrical terms.


The various formulae is different depending on its nature and what it is attempting to convey. Neters and symbols which look alike differ in meanings, yet end up containing within them at the final stage almost the same meaning; that the Sun, God and All is ONE and we are ALL part of this ONE. The Sun has always been highly revered in Egypt as a God and Life Force and looked upon with religious vows of soul and eternal destiny; even during the time of passing into the “After-Life.”



        My reality turned towards the Sphinx, and she was very beautiful. I was experiencing hazy eyes and mirage type visions; I thought of my upbringing and the Great White Lodge. I am part of the Brotherhood, “The Egyptian Great White Lodge,” and while growing up I have been true to my teachings and beliefs. I was experiencing parts of their roots of truths while I was in Egypt this time. I spoke to multiple personalities and questioned their beliefs and understanding of Egypt and her history. I heard different scenarios of Egyptian Cosmology in both ancient and modern times. Yet traditionally, in orthodox views, there is only one view, and that view is the view that is written in text books by traditional Egyptologists and Academia. I realized that each person had their own interpretation, but in the end they all seemed to finalize with Egypt as the Mother of ALL civilizations and has the greatest temples of all. There were differences in opinions of dating the Sphinx, Temples and Pyramids, and who built what, but, that will always be, as the written record has been re-written over and over through the centuries due to necessity. “The need to control the ‘Mob’,” one would say if you were Roman. Religion and governing of the people go hand and hand in most instances……


        I did my interview the following day in front of the Great Pyramid, and our time was almost up. In the evening Robert and I were able to go to the Egyptian Bazaar and look at crafts and collectibles. We scurried back to our hotel to pack up, and we were then on an airplane coming home to reality and life as we know it –writing, choreographing photographs and creating graphics! But, I have my memories and I had those moments and they will always be with me. Many things were shown to me and I saw things for myself when exploring the monuments. Giza was very different from Luxor, Karnak, Dendera, Valley of the Kings and on and on. However, I was open to any greater revelations to come my way. I still wonder about those dreams and visions, in a way they still do haunt me. But, when I am in Egypt, they do not, I feel like I want to experience more of Egypt. I want to walk and meander in the sands of the Plateau and just listen to the song of the gentle breeze over the dunes. I hope you like these photographs.









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