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EGYPT- - Shadows of the Past

Part One

 By Colette M. Dowell © January - 2007

 First a little background on me and some thoughts:



        Egypt, the alluring dreams and visions I have had since my early childhood have been coming real. Shadows of the past; my memories of childhood experiences of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. At a very early age I would have almost nightly dreams of Egypt, although I was not formally educated in orthodox Egyptology. I had only heard of Egypt and the pyramids, and of ancient legends and the ancient teachings by word of mouth and lessons I was taught using my hands and body, placing them in certain positions, some what like Yoga. I sat in the Dorje Posture before I could really walk; I have always had a very deep feeling and intimate relationship with Egypt. I have been engulfed by Egyptian influences throughout my entire life. “Egyptian Riches” were based on “Spiritual Essence”; “WISDOM.” Here I was as a baby growing up in a world around me with my mother as an “Adept” and “Minister,” ministered under “Dr. Doreal,” supposedly a “Great Master and Adept (Emerald Tablets); I grew up in the retreat “Shamballa Ashram, located near Sedalia, Colorado, on “holidays”; and Doreal was my Godfather. I grew up daily living the teachings, faith and beliefs of the, “Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Great White Lodge,” originally transcribed from Egyptian to English, and updated in modern terminology for multiple languages and world culture during that particular era of time -1900-1930s. “The Brotherhood of the White Temple,” was my “Church.” Dr. Doreal, my mother, her ex-husband - Trenton Tully (Another Adept or Master) were my parents, (along with my blood father, Roland). On my mother's side all relations were into sacred worship as well as the occult, going far back into my lineage. This is also true on my father's side; grandmothers, great grand mothers, every one, followed "the Path," it has been inherent in my blood line for a few centuries that I know of. I was brought up with multiple ancient philosophies of the Gnostics, Rosicrucian, Ancient Egypt, Eastern Teachings, the Cabbala and many other ways or “Paths to Attainment. I have lived to follow my dreams, passions and education of a higher realm to elevate my consciousness. If there is truly a way, or any fundamental laws and principles to attain a greater form of Cosmic Awareness, I want to know. My search for many truths began as a very young child and I have never stopped my education from either conversing, reading or traveling to ancient or sacred sites. Many people misunderstand the “richness” inside the teachings of the ancient texts and architecture, but the principles are only relative to the degree of personal understanding. One needs to have the seed of curiosity and the desire to learn the value of “Pharaonic Wisdom,” and that is what I live for and seek. I share my findings with others in hopes of helping a person in their attempt to attain wisdom and enlightenment. I have hopes of a better world in modern times. Here is a quote from the review I wrote of “The Temple of Man,” by  R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz.



 The Temple of Man is a cocoon for me to grow through, to metamorphose into a more fully enhanced individual with enlarged capacity for conscious, spiritual and cosmic realms, as well as geometrical and mathematical laws. I finally conclude that if the entirety of our modern civilization knew and practiced the principles of the Anthropocosmos Man, our world would probably be a much more positive place to dwell. We would indeed be in touch with our God we all search for. This God as Spiritual, Natural, Mathematical and Geometric Laws are to all of Life.”



        Schwaller de Lubicz’s deduction of Mathematical, hieroglyphic, architecture and bass reliefs as he described and defined them to be in his methodology or ‘treatment’ of Pharaonic Consciousness crosses text contained in the ancient Eastern Buddha Cosmology. I find an overlapping of ancient wisdom teachings from the Ancient Egyptian and the Buddha of the East. A large degree of Ancient texts and architecture worldwide, contain a lot of the same myths, legends, sacred numbers and geometry in symbolism. There is a definite relationship, how this came to be, as in a form of global consciousness, I do not know; but, that is part of my search as well.






The Ancient Egyptians with their Pharaonic Cosmology relating to sacred numbers, that relate to sacred geometry evolving into vibrations, and then into harmonic magnifications creating manifestation for a physical plane to exist, is a fascinating realm to dwell in for cause of manifestation, and creating your own reality.






Creating your own reality depends largely on

understanding who you are and your divine placement in this Universe.


To Be of the Center of the Universe.


ONE, ALL - GOD;  and we create our own vibrations

in relationship to our understanding of the “Sun,” around us.



NATURE - To be aware of nature and its creation. TO BE EGYPTIAN.


        But, I was just born as any one else usually is, so how is it that I know the things I know now? How was it that I was aware of certain perspectives of spiritual realms when I was very young, and that later in my life, I am in the middle of the visions I had as a child? Like my dreams are coming true; or, I have been here before, (Déjà vu) and I was at a home, where I once lived in Egypt. I did not know the difference emotionally or spiritually; it just all felt very natural for me to be there, as if I belonged there. I felt the same feelings when I was in Upper Egypt, spending time there with my son exploring… was “All as if it should be.” I am very comfortable in Egypt and it is a great desire of mine to continue to return as often as able so I may progress in my understandings of Pharaonic Cosmology and illuminate my being as much as possible. This was just a little background; I hope it explains my curiosity & deep passion for Egypt ....................So now………………… Part Two, kind of; -- OUR ADVENTURES IN EGYPT -- with lots of photographs.





        I tried to present what my mind was doing, how I was changing in my perspective and awareness of myself and my surroundings. Some consider me handicapped due to some injuries, but, I am overcoming them. The glory of Egypt has been part of my recovery, and also, easing off the haunting dreams I have had all my life about Egypt. I am recovering, and this is more of a personal story than it is a news report. Thank you for understanding. For those of you who know me, you will know that I am doing my best and I do not stop, I can’t. I need creative enterprises and goals to keep me going. This website is part of it and my communication with others, as able, keeps me going as well. I thank every one who has followed my tracks and now with Robert as my field partner we are getting much accomplished.


Please see Part Two now – OUR ADVENTURES IN EGYPT

Thank you, Colette 








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