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Photograph courtesy of Esmat, Co-Director of the Giza Plateau - Colette in front of the North East corner of the GPImage of Sphinx through Valley Temple door photograph taken by Colette Dowell

Image of North East corner of Great Pyramid with Colette Dowell photo by EsmatWas the Great Pyramid of Egypt built with man cut blocks or engineered with molded and formed blocks as in a geopolymer base? This has been a long debate as well as the age of the Sphinx. Soon there may be a paper with remarks on the age of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Egypt. No geologists have ever agreed on the age of the Sphinx and in fact the Great Pyramid has never been proven to be other than a tomb for a Pharaoh despite what some author's claim. Egypt just may well be, just traditional and basic orthodox Egypt and NO space men or Atlanteans from 5000 BC with a highly advanced culture building structures to teach mankind of their follies. Can we accept real archaeology and science or do we need to follow the un-proven hype?




Margaret Morris of the Geopolymer fame / Dr. Gauri & others, will be addressing some of the flukes of various methodologies involved with analyzing various geological and archaeological data on the Giza Plateau. Please stay tuned.




Image of Sphinx through Valley Temple door photograph taken by Colette DowellWhat do I think about what is going on with the Sphinx work and where is Robert Schoch now?

To start - I do not know why Robert Schoch does not publish his old articles. Note it has been 17 years since he went to Egypt and there have been many other Geologists looking at the Sphinx and its Enclosure since then. No professional/accredited Geologists who have taken a serious look at the Sphinx and its Enclosure, the Giza Plateau and surrounding Temples have come to the same conclusions as Robert Schoch and John West (Colin Reader DOES NOT).....Robert Schoch's papers can be found on the NAVIGATION PAGE and the TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE under: EGYPT, SPHINX & GREAT PYRAMID RESEARCH. These papers are published for information value only as are all articles on Circular Times. As far as Robert Schoch rewriting history? (This is in relation to his "rock star" website on myspace and him speaking at the New Age CPAK conference where fringe exudes and all rationale has been lost - [Binary Research by Walter Cruttenden- the "We had two Suns at one time, but our NASA scientists do not know this..." guy, and Richard Hoaglund, screaming we are not aware that Roddy McDowell's robot mask from Star Wars and the Queen Mary are parked on the Moon] and theories abound on Atlantis/The Golden Age and ETs propagating our planet. Is this studious and scientific or chicanery and snake oil?) Sorry, but as yet, there has been no evidence provided to prove Robert's theory other than his own evidence. It is argued and rightfully so, that until there has been accredited peer review and scientific data presented which is accepted amongst the scientific community, it is a bit premature to claim history has been rewritten. I have more to say, but, heck........I have been involved in this debate since it first came about in the wee wee 90s would have been very exciting to have panned out - but, as of yet - no cigars.



 Please read below........this might help with some relative information.



Redating the Sphinx -This is a very good historical account of the various papers written by many scientists and their findings and theories!

by David P. Billington, Jr. 1996 - updated February, 2008

Redating the Sphinx: A Prehistoric Sphinx?
Redating the Sphinx: Geological Criticisms
Redating the Sphinx: Archaeological Criticisms
Redating the Sphinx: An Early Dynastic Sphinx?
Redating the Sphinx: The Sphinx Debate of 2000
Redating the Sphinx: The Continuing Controversy
Redating the Sphinx: Reflections on the Geology
Redating the Sphinx: Reflections on the Archaeology
Redating the Sphinx: Tentative Conclusions
Redating the Sphinx: References and Links for Further Study





Remnants of a Lost Civilization?    "Writer John Anthony West and Boston University geologist Robert Schoch contend that weathering of the Member II  layers indicates that the Sphinx was built between 5000 and 7000 BC. If  Egyptologists tend to ignore West and Schoch it is because the two mostly ignore the evidence of the Old Kingdom Egyptian society that surrounds the Sphinx, concluding that the monument must be the remnant of a much older civilization, otherwise unknown to archaeology. They do not explain how their lost civilization disappeared from the archaeological record, nor how the Old Kingdom society of Khufu, Khafre, and their cohorts are so abundantly represented in that record. Nor do they explain what happened to this lost civilization during the thousands of years between their mysterious Sphinx builders and the Old Kingdom (2575-2134 BC). Apart from these problems, the West-Schoch case is flawed in the specifics they cite about erosion on the Sphinx."   ZAHI & LEHNER

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Archaeological Discoveries of Giza - Robert Bauval 1997


Image of Sphinx Paws and possible underground chamber photograph graphic by Colette Dowell NO ONE TO COPY THIS IMAGE WITH OUT PERMISSION by Colette Dowell


This is a historical paper published in Circular Times in 1997 by Robert Bauval and addresses the issues at the time concerning the shaft in the Queen's Chamber, the Sphinx geological analysis of the John West - Robert Schoch duo and other interesting historical tid bits.












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