Aren't you anxiously awaiting the

 fat free potato chip

 that not only has no nutritional value,

 but also promises to rip out

 any nutrients your body might

have hanging around?

 Itís here, itís Olestra,

and itís FDA approved.


By Dr. Rita Seashore © 1996


        Just a reminder; FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration. As the name implies, its purpose is to approve synthetic drug concoctions. Donít lose sight of this, or the fact that there is a swinging door policy between this agency and the pharmaceutical companies it regulates.


So what is Olestra, also known as Olean, and what does it do? Olestra is a fat free, artificial substitute formed from a synthetic polyester derivative, which is used for processing potato chips.


        Normal fat molecules travel through the walls of the digestive system into the bloodstream and bring along nutrients in the area such as vitamin A, D, E, and K. Olestra molecules are too big (no one has mentioned foreign) to make this passage, so they flush right through the system, taking with them the essential vitamins A, D ,E, and K, which are in the system at the time. However, in their infinite wisdom, the FDA told Proctor and Gamble to add A, D, E, and K to their products to compensate for this loss. Excuse me---- but, didnít the FDA say that these vitamins cannot be absorbed because the Olestra molecule sucks them up and takes them out?


        Well, that's not all you can look forward to. Olestra also reduces the bodyís ability to absorb certain forms of carotenoids. (The nutrients contained in carrots, sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables.) The FDA claims there is not enough understanding of the role of carotenoids in the human body, so they have decided to ignore the problem. Eat your salad, have some potato chips, and your bodyís nutrition comes out in the minus. The minus is because you can also suffer side effects such as abdominal cramping and diarrhea. Not to worry, our FDA said these side effects are not life threatening. Really? What about the children who consume products containing Olestra? (Products are tested and geared to thirty year old males. Recently, they were supposed to add women, not children.)


        So what do you do about this? The obvious action is to avoid Olestra/Olean. The other action makes many people cringe--personal responsibility. We are a market based economy. The products and the lifestyle we are presented with, are there to make money. It is a response to consumer demand, or supposed consumer demand.


        Itís ironic that at the same time controversy rages about Olestra, the FDA approved bovine growth hormones, genetic engineering of vegetables, and irradiated foods. Recent reports have been released stating infectious diseases have risen markedly since 1980. The AMA and the Center for Disease Control donít know why. Could it be the food that is supposed to nourish our body has been manipulated and poisoned to such a degree, that our immune systems have been overwhelmed?


        We have given our personal responsibility a holiday. Rather than avoid what is unhealthy for us, we want someone to fix it so we can still have it, regardless of the consequences. Only one person can change that - and youíre it!


Rita Seashore


Rita Seashore is producer and host of ďExploring Our World,Ē a radio show based in Los Angeles. Her show deals with issues of health, environment, new thoughts in life and how we live. She has featured many alternative researchers in hopes of stretching the boundaries of the average person listening to talk radio. Her guests have included: Rand Flem-Ath, John A. West, Bill Cote and me, along with many other interesting people.



Food & Water is an excellent source for information concerning all the crap they are trying to put in our foods and water. Their address is: Food & Water, RR 1, Box 68D, Walden, VT, 05873. Ph. 802-563-3300. Also : The Center for Science in the Public Interest, 1875 Connecticut Ave. # 300, Wash. DC, 20009, Ph. 202-332-9110.  Colette


I prepared the chart below with the information on vitamin A, D, E, K, and carotenoids. For more specific information, please consult your medical encyclopedias. As you can see, these are essential vitamins and you must make sure you have adequate amounts in your body for well being. Think twice before you consume any Olestra/Olean product. Colette



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