Dora the Crash Test Dummy   


This issue‘s Pluto Prize will be a group award given to all of the different entities

 involved in the production of the “1947 Roswell Alien Autopsy Footage”.


          The alien who was autopsied in the controversial footage of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash which aired August 28th, 1995 both on UK and USA television networks has been enduringly named, ‘Dora’. Dora has been put through a tremendous amount of hardships. Not only was she sent to crash into a burning desert on a distant planet called Earth, ( which proved to be her last job assignment) she was covertly transported to another site where she was subject to an in-house home movie crew filming the autopsy performed on her by men in contamination suits. Tough going Dora, it was a bad scene for you. Sorry Dora, for the whole human race.


          The whole situation with Roswell is still out of control. Has the government been covering up a weird incident which happened years ago, was there really a crash and is this new film footage exploiting Dora real? If not, what is the truth and reason behind making such a film and who were the makers? I thought the Encounters program I saw on American TV was OUT THERE, The over dramatic narration and the high contrast reproduction of the original film aired like a low budget sci-fi flick.


          Imagine…….America, prime time TV, Puritanism, Government, Major Advertisers, BIG BUCKS!......If the networks thought as a society we were mature enough to view an alien being gutted and her skull hack sawed, why would THEY feel the need to blur the scenes where the genitals were located? We could see Dora’s organs and various sundries being removed from her body and all of the detailed gore, but we were not allowed to view her reproduction organs, I guess THEY didn’t want to offend anyone. At this point I wouldn’t think anyone would be embarrassed of the primal facts of life. After all - the majority of cultured societies’ belief systems were just shattered when they popped Dora on the screen in all her glory. I am shocked at the way the television networks presented the so called documentary on Dora like it was an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel with Victorian values. Who do they think THEY are fooling? Or is it THEY still just want to try to control our personal belief systems?


 Circular Times - Fall 1995  by Colette M. Dowell




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