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"Parapsychology Revolution" or Rip Off?

A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research

Robert Schoch Parapsychology Revolution or Rip Off?A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research  A Matter of Ethics, Principles and Exploits From Shakespeare's' HAMLET:  "Are you honest? Are you fair?"

A Matter of Ethics, Principles and Exploits

From Shakespeare's' HAMLET:

 "Are you honest? Are you fair?"

Well, the betrayal furthers into realms that are unfathomable for me to even contemplate. I feel that my thoughts and ideas and dreams were taken and made into a cheap commercial little enterprise to fulfill some contract and not that of a true, inspired piece of authorship or artistry. Please read my original paper below.

Robert Schoch's book, "Parapsychology Revolution" was written at the last moment to fulfill a book contract with Robert's publisher - Mitch Horowitz, (this was Robert's explanation of the book) and I was not told about it until Robert was nearing the end of his drafts when he sent them to me and asked for me to check them out. He then told me he and Logan were writing together. My thoughts and efforts were once again plagiarized - this was not the first of this to happen. I do not feel this book is authentic. As with his other books, it is other's thoughts and papers, just pieced together with some of his questionable content of claimed personal/original thoughts. 

In being so quick to want to add some merit to any standing on the paranormal (as in his latest article in Atlantis Rising to promote the book), the folly comes when Robert tosses in words about the PEAR Lab. This is a lab that is not that well known and has had problems with their methodologies in suspect scientific experiments and has not been truly validated as an accredited source for paranormal research. Matters like these when added to a book or any paper defies justification of real science and is best left out when used to try to claim there are real powers out there.

Some times things are better left unsaid and left to the imagination of the reader instead of pumping up with implications of questionable research for filler that is not well known and make shift an agenda. Please see this link about the PEAR Lab that once was - it has closed.

........I get email ....." Where did Robert come up with this? He is a geologist, you are the paranormal investigator  - do you know what he wrote?....."  It does not make me feel good, so I would rather just get this out now and off my back. For those of you who know me, you have watched as a series of incidences with Robert have unfolded to reveal most horrendous occasions for me concerning specific exploitations - I wish for this to end. I feel I really need to stand up for my self lately - this is all part of my self healing and understanding human nature.

You see this was my initial desire to create a body of studies addressing the paranormal - I was trying to include Robert in it - at the time, I did not realize he was just absorbing me. Well, I have received many warm emails from keen observers the past few months and this has helped me move on in many ways to - as one person stated, "a better destiny."

 Thank you for hearing me out. 

[edit] Notable witnesses to PK events

Psychokinetic events have been witnessed by  psychologists in the United States at the Ph.D, Masters, and B.A. degree levels, and in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world by  professionals with medical degrees, physicists, electrical engineers, military personnel, police officers, and other professionals and ordinary citizens. Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D, a Yale-educated geologist, geophysicist, author, and professor at Boston University has written "I do believe that some PK is real" referring to the evidence for micro-PK obtained by the Princeton PEAR laboratory experiments and similar studies and some reports of macro-RSPK observed in poltergeist cases. He once witnessed a book "jumping off a shelf" while in a room where a female PK agent was also present. 

  1. ^ Schoch, Robert M. (January/February 2008 issue). Psychokinesis: A Scientist Searches for the Reality Behind PK's Representations. Livingston, Montana USA: Atlantis Rising magazine, pp. 42-43, 70-71. 

Robert M. Schoch notable witnesses reference

For the record, here's the full source quote from Atlantis Rising magazine Jan/Feb 2008 issue for the ref on  Robert M. Schoch    in the Notable witnesses section, article written by Schoch: Although I was extremely skeptical at first, after spending years of studying the topic, based on literature reviews, theoretical analyses, and first-hand experiences, I do believe that at least some PK is real. ... Clearly to my mind, the PEAR studies (and similar studies in other laboratories) have demonstrated that micro-PK exists. ... I will admit that once I personally observed a minor poltergeist incident (a book "jumping" off a shelf when no one was close to it, and there was no shaking or other tampering with the shelf, and this occurred with a woman in the room who has had other poltergeist incidents occur in her presence). ( talk) 21:31, 21 January 2008 (UTC)

excerpts from


PEAR Lab Closes, Ending Decades of Psychic Research

Stanley Jeffers

"The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) group is shutting down after some twenty-eight years of searching for proof of the paranormal. "

"The startling claims of the PEAR group fall into the broad category of parapsychology, specifically psychokinesis (moving objects with the mind) and remote viewing (extrasensory perception)."

"As with any other claim, the veracity of PEAR’s claims will finally be settled by time-honored methods of science—and demand reproducibility. Here PEAR has a significant problem. To its credit, PEAR did engage two other groups of researchers at two different German universities in a three-way attempt at validating the claims. However, none of these groups—including PEAR itself—was able to reproduce the claimed effects. "



I am the person who has the flying books in her life

and this has been mis-represented as in:


"Could there be an occasional instance when something abnormal occurs, like a falling book, when no one is near it and no known forces act on it, which coincides with a strong “emotional discharge” from a person on the other side of the room?"


This is not how it happens and this is wrong of Robert to write about this as such along with his other little  scenarios that he grapples with to reason.



by Dr. Colette M. Dowell

Are our 5 senses and perception of our 3-D reality all there is?

Do we have a 6th sense and are there other dimensions and realities?

         Phenomena & Preternatural events, paranormal, weird stuff that makes you get goose bumps all over and are hair-raising horror. Aaaaahhh –one might scream. The possibility of strange events that are true is very real. Poltergeists, flying books, ghosts, spirits, and shadows in the night, all of these things make us wonder. Dreams that are so vivid, it is as if they are real life, coming true the next day or a few days to follow. Precognitive experiences that help guide us to make a choice, premonitions that lurk in our minds. Synchronistic events and coincidences that keep happening over and over again. Is this just our emotional response, abnormal brain related activity, or what? Every one at some point in their life experiences déjà vu, or wonders about the Boogie Man that goes ‘Boo’ at night and hides under your bed, ready to grab your ankles the moment you step out. You holler with fear, you can’t comprehend the moment. You are scared -- what did you just experience?  Was it real or just a hallucination?

        Well my friends, strange things do occur, and they are real. We are not talking about hoaxes and those people out there that want to create hype and mischief.  We are talking about the real thing here; real weird things. Some may include ghosts, moving objects, clairvoyance, mental telepathy, sightings of a UFO, an alien, creatures from another realm or dimension, abstracts from reality, twin souls, and ad infinitum.  

        We will be exploring some of the preternatural events that we know of that have occurred in our personal lives as well as others. There will be articles written by those who have had experiences in the realm of the unknown, and how the effects have changed their lives forever or left them in a state of numbness to the point of not even knowing what to think, and unable to talk to others about it for fear of ridicule. You sweat, you weep, you freak out, you are alone, and who is out there that will understand?  Where are credible books that will educate you about such things? Do some of the ancient texts reveal knowledge of such phenomena, and are they filled with wisdom to educate us so we may understand how to grasp the incomprehensible of esoteric realms?

        Please be patient as we have much to catch up with before we start on these articles, but we wanted to let you know they will be part of our collective body of studies and papers that are published here in Circular Times. If you have a strange story and you can document it and have witnesses or any reliable means of verifying it, please submit the article and any pictures or graphics to us directly and we will review your story and get back with you. Well, even if you do not have a witness, some things happen when you are all by yourself, and there is nothing you can do about it. That is all; you live with it and wonder if it will ever happen again. Sometimes you wish it would, other times you wish it wouldn't. Odd.


Thank you,  Colette Dowell


 Robert Schoch   -  Parapsychology Revolution or Rip Off? A Colette Dowell graphic A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research  A Matter of Ethics, Principles and Exploits From Shakespeare's' HAMLET:  "Are you honest? Are you fair?"










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