Erdmann told the Spiegel that “..........We have the royal cartouche,"




Especially for Robert Bauval Facebook Fans  View this amazing account of a story of plagiarism and threats - to publish or not to publish.   ALSO  Egypt's Tourism and Zahi Hawass- Bauval and his fans in outrage.

Capricorn Radio and Robert Bauval


"...........However, it is only in New Age circles and among Bauval's own fans -
that the capstone ceremony is awaited with such fervor. Bauval has,
after all, been the major
in fact, the only - promoter of this event
as a mystical occasion
. The other events at Giza that night most
importantly Jean-Michel Jarres concert and laser show are still going
ahead. It should be a great show with or without Edgar Cayce. The
desperation with which Bauval has reacted to the news of the
cancellation seems to be due to his personal emotional investment in
the importance of this event

The Blackballing of Ralph Ellis by Robert Bauval and Random House  About Nigel Appleby and Robert Bauval  and Random House - No book printed, no Egypt tour and more.

"Genesis Revisited - Documentary by Carte Blanche team of M-NET TV, South Africa"  "The documentary, which included interviews with Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, John West and Dr. Zahi Hawass, also featured Roger (Ralph) Ellis and Nigel Appleby."


Giza Millennium Celebrations Under Threat
Introduction by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince
  BAUVAL AND EGYPT TOURISM, MASONIC PYRAMID -EDGAR CAYCE -and poor ZAHI HAWASS (again) Please go to their link for entire article, very interesting and freaky in an informative sort of way for understanding possible underlying occult cabal and Egypt. But what is important here is the thrust of Bauval.

"..........According to reports in the Egyptian press, the Millennium ceremony in
which a golden capstone was to be placed on top of the Great Pyramid,
has been cancelled.
This is because some sections of the Egyptian
government are now worried about the Masonic symbolism involved. The
meaning of this event for American Freemasons is discussed in Chapter
7 of The Stargate Conspiracy. Briefly, to American Freemasons the
symbolic completion of the Pyramid heralds a new age in which the USA
and Freemasonry become dominant in world affairs. There are also
connections with the prophecies of Edgar Cayce

".............The Egyptian official behind the ceremony, the well-known Dr Zahi
Hawass, seems to be in the firing line for agreeing to this event. A
full report can be found on the Egyptnews subscription mailing list,
at (to subscribe, send an email with subscribe in
the subject box). Egyptnews has also posted comments by Robert Bauval
on this development

"..............Robert Bauval discusses this ceremony at length in his latest book,
Secret Chamber: The Quest for the Hall of Records, and many readers
will be aware that he makes no secret of his personal belief that this
ceremony would trigger a New Age. He links it with the opening of the
Hall of Records, the fulfillment of Cayces prophecies and the Second
Coming of Jesus. Bauval is now very concerned about the cancellation,
and is taunting the Egyptian government by claiming that, if the event
fails to materialize, they will be the laughing stock of the world. He
says that the eyes of the world will be fixed on that ceremony, and
that millions of tourists have booked to be there

"...........However, it is only in New Age circles and among Bauval's own fans -
that the capstone ceremony is awaited with such fervor. Bauval has,
after all, been the major
in fact, the only - promoter of this event
as a mystical occasion
. The other events at Giza that night most
importantly Jean-Michel Jarres concert and laser show are still going
ahead. It should be a great show with or without Edgar Cayce. The
desperation with which Bauval has reacted to the news of the
cancellation seems to be due to his personal emotional investment in
the importance of this event

"Erdmann told the Spiegel that “we have the royal cartouche, of course, which is not affected, and we have written a letter of apology.” Erdmann had then taken the samples from Egypt to the Fresenius Institute in Dresden to be examined." Please read the article in full ( very informative before the German Boys got hooked up with Bauval)  which was published on November 25th, 2013 at this url:   25-11-2013 06:34PM ET    Please see fulll article. Received by Mr. Clem Ciamarra

Elena Konstantinou was the Russian Lady Film Producer who has won awards for her work. Robert Bauval insulted the Russian crew on his Facebook page; "Russian Amateurs." He failed to say that he himself was interviewed for her documentary. See #3 Youtube. Schoch and I filmed in Dec. of 2006 in Great Pyramid. Please see other videos if you would like, they are fun......It was during this shoot that the images of the Cartouche, inscriptions and other images I posted of the Great Pyramid were obtained.

Photographs and original article of mine below. Dr. Colette Dowell 





This great World Heritage Site which has survived for over 4000 thousand years is vandalized again. Dominique Görlitz, Stefan Erdmann and "crew" remove samples from King's Chamber and Campbell's Relieving Chamber in Khufu-Cheops Great Pyramid of Egypt; Robert Bauval makes claims and contradicts stories; where is the truth?


I have been writing as able...but I have not updated for awhile, the story gets even more bizarre. Robert Bauval noted by Facebook Administration for taking my images, ignoring my copyright . He defends Germans with semantics after Germans have already admitted to taking samples of Cartouche.


Quote from : Playing with Egypt’s Heritage

“……..Meanwhile the German magazine Der Spiegel said in its online edition that permission to enter the Pyramid had been given, but that Erdmann and Goerlitz had gone much further than what this permission had allowed by scraping traces from the painted ceiling of the king’s chamber.

Erdmann told the Spiegel that “we have the royal cartouche, of course, which is not affected, and we have written a letter of apology.” Erdmann had then taken the samples from Egypt to the Fresenius Institute in Dresden to be examined." Please see fulll article:   25-11-2013 06:34PM ET 



NOTE: I have deliberately placed my name in dark blue and added lines closely to any significant details of any particular additional photograph to make it more difficult to "clean up" or duplicate. NONE of these photographs are to be used, copied or altered in anyway with out my express permission.

CONTACT     Dr. Colette M. Dowell, N.D.  

Here is the an outside link if you would like to follow the actual German amateur "archaeologists" thread on the Hall of Ma'at:,580469,580469#msg-580469  ;  My additional comments are added below these photographic thumbnails.

Please click on thumbnails below to enlarge photographs. Thank you, Colette Dowell

HALL of MA'AT THREAD MESSAGE FROM ME, December 18th, 2013: Hello, I have created a page with a few photographs depicting the Cartouche and possible quarry marks in question. They are thumbnails, click them to enlarge. I have placed text and lines on them so hopefully no one will attempt to use them without my permission to create yet another scandal or alternative theory.

I was sent the thread to read and either make comment or supply photographs. I read all of the messages on the thread up until Friday, December 13th. I viewed links to photographs of Erdmann and Gorlitz in the GP. I listened to the radio show with Bauval.

The actions and admissions of these fellows Erdmann and Gorlitz, exhibit they can not possibly embody at maximum even an average IQ, or be functioning within an internationally accepted realm of normal mental and emotional brain function. A diagnosis of Sociopathic Narcissism with depleted-severe mental deficit and function or an extreme history of drug abuse and addiction leading to brain dis-functionality can possibly explain the actions of these delinquent and maladjusted individuals including any and all who were involved with this debauchery.

First of all, were there any photographs taken of the area/s in question that was damaged showing the removed section/s of Khufu's Cartouche or quarry marks? If so, where would they be posted to view?

As for Gorlitz up on the ladder in the King's Chamber, that is not how a person enters the Relieving Chambers. That ladder was most likely placed in the King's Chamber for some restoration process maybe. The ladders used to reach the Relieving Chambers are tied together, bent  and braced on vertical beams and out-cropped stones -Guards have to hold them while a person is climbing on them - they are very tall and rickety (as of 2006 when I was in the Relieving Chambers). The ascent up to the chambers is not a direct vertical climb and there is NO WAY that the ladder photographed in the King's Chamber was hauled up the vertical passage to reach Campbell's Chamber.

You do not need a ladder to access the area in Campbell's Chamber where the Cartouche/quarry marks in question are located.

There are many Guards and "Care Takers" inside Khufu's Pyramid watching out for any problematic situations and to be of help. It costs a lot of money to be able to access the Relieving Chambers properly. In theory I  understand that a few of the Guards may have been offered money on the side to turn their heads as in example given: Like how in the world were those idiots able to be chiseling away in Campbell's Chamber without anyone noticing or hearing them? There would be suspicious sounds and actions and it is hard for me to comprehend how any Guards who are up there holding ladders, helping the idiots with their gear would not be aware of what was going on. Those fellows Erdmann and Gorlitz needed lots of lighting equipment or there may be new tech with flash on cameras now; it is very dark in there. It is very hard to get any gear up those ladders and cross over the threshold and grab onto the stone slab entering Campbell's Chamber - a person needs another person helping them - thus, Guards are on duty. Also, hammers, chisels, tools; how would those be un-noticed? Yes, you can carry them in a back pack or in your knickers, but you would have to remove them to use them,  making them visible and most noticeably obvious while pounding away.

Something stinks of this entire story - there would be more than one Guard involved with covering up any unethical activity in the GP; they are every where. I have posted a photo of me after I exited the GP and there are 7 Guards surrounding me and they were also exiting the GP after our shoot in 2006- like ants leaving a secondary ant hole after gasoline has been poured into their primary ant hole. Esmat is standing right next to me, he was the "Care Taker" of the Giza Plateau and the Sphinx prior and during 2006 ( I do not know where he is now) is generational for his family to take care of the area; his father and grandfather and so forth. I spent a lot of time with Esmat. My point is there are many men watching and hanging about inside and outside the GP...............unless a few people whom no one knew entered the grounds and acted like Guards and helped with navigating the GP and moving gear and holding ladders-----this was an inside job with new Guards on site whom most likely took money and lots of it.....They should be able to figure out who was on shift during the time of these Goons Erdmann and Gorlitz, with their reckless abandon whacking away at a most sacred and ancient structure.

Dr. Colette Dowell

Khufu Cartouche Campbell's Relieving Chamber Hieroglyphics Cheops Great Pyramid Giza Egypt Colette Dowell This is a view of Campbell's Chamber upon entering it. It is the uppermost Relieving Chamber and contains many quarry marks and a cartouche to be of Khufu. This chamber is the one vandalized by Gorlitz and Erdmann.

Khufu Cartouche Great Pyramid Campbell's Relieving Chamber Hieroglyphics Quarry Marks Cheops Great Pyramid Giza Egypt Colette Dowell This is the ceiling and wall of the left hand side of Campbell's Chamber (left when looking into from the entrance) displaying the cartouche of Khufu.

Egyptian Cartouche Khufu Hieroglyphics Pyramid Relieving Chambers Campbells Egypt 2006 This is a cartouche - the oval around the is to be of Khufu origin.

HALL of MA'AT THREAD MESSAGE FROM ME, December 20th, 2013:

New Photographs Showing Glyphs Before Damage

Hello, Hermione and Martin Stower sent me the information on the area of Gorlitz chiseling......I have posted 2 new photographs depicting the exact area and quarry marks before the damage was done. They are posted here.

Dr. Colette Dowell

Egyptian Khufu Hieroglyphics Cartouche Relieving Chambers Quarry Marks Colette Dowell 2006    This photograph taken in December of 2006 depicts the area of the quarry marks and red glyphs that Gorlitz is shown chiseling on.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics Relieving Chambers Quarry Marks Cartouche Great Pyramid Cheops Giza Colette Dowell  Close up and better angle of the above red glyphs.

Grand Gallery Great Pyramid Relieving Chambers Khufu Cheops Giza Colette Dowell These are the ladders in the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid used to enter the passage to Davidson's Chamber and then the some what vertical shafts up to the other 4 remaining Relieving Chambers.

Grand Gallery Great Pyramid Relieving Chambers Entrance Ladders Khufu Cheops Giza Colette Dowell They are tall and rickety, they must be tied.

Colette Dowell Khufu Cheops Great Pyramid Entrance Giza Egypt Security Here I am (Colette Dowell) outside the entrance of the Great Pyramid after we worked on the Documentary for the Russian Film Group. There are many security guards as you can see.......they are all over in the Great Pyramid helping secure it and also they serve to help navigate it and carry equipment. I do not see how Gorlitz was able to chisel away without being noticed.


Robert Bauval has stated he is not defending the Germans, Görlitz, Erdmann and Höfer, but Bauval keeps posting radio interviews and videos with amazing speed and changing details of the German's story (I have been keeping myself updated as able). In a few of Bauval's initial video's he stated that the 'graffiti' the Germans took was not significant or important at all -basically what is the big deal? First the Germans only took 2 milligrams, now on the 26th of December, 2013 video they have only taken 1.5 milligrams.....which is it? There are many other inconsistencies is Bauval's interviews.

Hold on here, now Bauval announces another slammer on the 26th of December, 2013 video, Bauval states, "I will reveal an exclusive on your show again. Now, I can not give you any names, because there is some body, of very high reputation, who I absolutely trust, who has been in the Relief Chamber officially, to examine this graffiti, now one of the arguments in favor of the original, is the graffiti turns into the joint" [Spanish is now being spoken and I am only semi fluent in Spanish so I will not comment] ..... "Now I am going to tell you that this person, who is extremely {irrefutable?}, who has photographic evidence, has found graffiti, he has found a joint, which was covered, with old maybe mortar, it was part of the limestone, he touched it, and it broke; behind was graffiti. It's impossible that this graffiti was drawn after. For the very first time this is said publicly, but I can not tell you who it is."..... Etcetera.....Etcetera....."I must say there is no doubt at all about what I've told you; which means that the graffiti is original, I can guarantee you this; no, no there is no doubt......we have the proof, we have the evidence....but it is authentic.....hahahaha .....we are talking about proof here....."  [Who is "We"?]

However, in 2006, while I (Colette Dowell) was in Campbell's Chamber (officially), I was shooting photographs of Robert Schoch; in these newly posted photographs, you will see him pointing to markings/graffiti turning into the fold/joint of the stone and mortar. I wonder if the photographic evidence I am displaying of the graffiti turning into the joint/fold is the same graffiti Robert Bauval is referring to? There are no others similar to these in Campbell's Chamber that I know of, however I may be wrong -maybe since 2006 there have been more markings/graffiti found that turn inwards towards a joint that I am not aware of or have been privy to. I would like to see the photographic evidence Bauval speaks about and I would also like to know who this "I can not give you any names" fellow is.....why the secrecy? Is this person afraid they will get arrested for breaking off part of the mortar or for making a statement that the Cartouche and markings/graffiti are authentic before any scientific dating analysis has taken place? If there has been actual scientific dating of the red pigmented paint, how come that has not been released? Bauval says "We" have proof, evidence; Bauval used the term "photographs" and made comment of an argument of why the Cartouche and drawings are authentic. Surely that fellow "He" must have to come forward and say that "He"  is the person who is part of the "We" whom are claiming the Cartouche and markings/graffiti are authentic and show evidence. In the real world of Archeology and Egyptology you can not just claim something as authentic without stating your name, showing scientific evidence and usually having peer reviewed papers published. If that was the case, every one would be making claims and saying their theory is correct; but wait, isn't that what happens in the alternative Archaeological/Egyptology realm? Lots of claims and theories, but rarely scientific peer review, and then to follow, published peer reviewed papers. I know this is part of the problem with getting permits for excavations on the Giza Plateau and other sites. I am not saying the Cartouche/markings are authentic or not, I am pointing out inconsistencies in Bauval's statements and irrationalities.

I ask this out of curiosity: Could the "I can not give you any names....." fellow Bauval speaks about possibly be Robert Schoch, examining the graffiti when he was in Campbell's Chamber prior to 2006? Bauval and Schoch are now trying to market a tour to Turkey (Well, they can not easily get Tourists into Egypt right now with the problems over there, people are afraid to go -so hey, what about the ruins in Turkey? But Tourists should also be leery traveling to Turkey right now because of the immense problems Turkey is having with Syria and the Refugees -is any of that conscious safety? There is money to be made on leading tours though.....Hype your profile up and pump the press) -could they possibly be the "We" ???????????????? After all, Schoch gives almost the same argument for the graffiti being authentic in 'Pyramid Quest,' published in 2005. Schoch and I also discussed the authenticity of the Cartouche and graffiti in great length while we were working on the Russian film in 2006. I have seen the Cartouche and markings/graffiti for myself and studied them. I photographed them.    Please READ this NOTE below:

Bauval also stated initially that the Germans only took 15 minutes to enter the Great Pyramid, travel through the Grand Gallery, enter the King's Chamber, ask for a ladder to be brought in, set it up, take a few pictures and that was all (there is no way they could have done all of that in 15 minutes especially when 6 people were supposedly involved). After they took only 15 minutes to achieve all those tasks they supposedly had 1 hour and 45 minutes left on their "2 hour permit" so they were asked what they wanted to do next (because after all, they probably spent up to $3000 or so for their private after-hours permit which was first said to be a Tourist Permit, not an Archaeological Excavating Permit) and then off the cuff they decided to go up to Campbell's Chamber, "...End of Story.....Period....." Now as of the 26th of December video interview, Bauval claims he has an EXCLUSIVE and Gorlitz's permission to announce they also took samples from the King's Chamber as well -not just Campbell's.....Whoa, none of that is logistically possible; remember in only 15 minutes 6 people (2 Germans, Cameraman, Inspector, Security Man and Tour Operator) were able to maneuver themselves in the GP passages, the Grand Gallery, shuffling ladders and camera equipment, taking photographs and now adding taking samples ??????  .....Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm..... Bauval says he is not defending the Germans, but he sure isn't making any sense. Besides the contradicting stories/details Bauval is delivering, what really bothers me is that he claims he is making very important statements containing very important information, but he can not name his sources..... Bauval said it is important to know the facts because there has been a lot of confusion; there is the real story and the wrong story. Well Bauval, there is only ONE REAL STORY. I wonder in the near or distant future if Bauval is going to come up with even more exclusives with permissions from the Germans whereby once again their story changes. Robert Bauval said, "I am a researcher, very very deep researcher, I do not make statements with out supporting evidence.

On the 15 minutes only - I suggest to check the time stamp properties on the actual original video footage shot with the  High Definition Video Camera that the Germans were said to only be using to film their "DAS CHEOPS PROJECT" documentary. Please see my new photographs I have posted showing the markings/graffiti turning in towards the joint/fold of stone and mortar.  Scroll down the page and you will find the text directing you. I will write captions to follow as able.

P.S. Also as able I will continue to post comments and photographs of the GP and surrounding area; there are some ridiculous accusations I have heard that seem to just lend themselves to Alternative Archaeology verses Orthodox Egyptology propaganda.

Thank you,

Dr. Colette Dowell

The text paragraphs below these new photographs was written by Martin Stower and posted on the Hall of Ma'at; with permission I am posting his statement.

Khufu Cartouche Relieving Chambers Campbells West Das Cheops Projekt Colette Dowell Schoch pointing to bottom right glyph marking  on West Gable end of Campbell's Chamber. This wall has glyphs that turn inwards towards the joint/seam of stones.

Egypt Khufu Cartouche  Goerlitz Relieving Chambers Campbells Cartouche Das Cheops Projekt Colette Dowell Upper glyph marking on left, close to glyph that turns inward on right towards joint.

Egypt Khufu  Cheops Cartouche  Goerlitz Relieving Chambers Campbells Cartouche Das Cheops Projekt Hieroglyphics Colette Dowell Pointing to glyph that turns inward at joint.

Khufu Cheops Great Pyramid Campbells Relieving Chamber West wall Hieroglyphics Inscriptions Colette Dowell Relationship of glyphs on West end of Campbell's Relieving Chamber - upper left glyph and glyph to right of turning in towards joint.

Khufu Cheops Egypt Howard Vyse Great Pyramid Campbells Relieving Chamber West wall Hieroglyphics Inscriptions Colette Dowell Closer up - this glyph is used at times for the argument that the glyphs (quarry marks)  must be authentic as it would be impossible to paint this particular glyph in modern times as it wraps into the ancient joint.

Khufu Cartouche Das Cheops Project German Archaeologists Khufu Cheops Egypt Howard Vyse Great Pyramid Campbells Relieving Chamber West wall Hieroglyphics Inscriptions Colette Dowell Grand view of glyph -but the question is this: Robert Bauval claims he was revealing an "EXCLUSIVE" on the Mis Enigmas Favoritos video show - that  these glyphs are truly authentic (now) because a person who will not reveal their name, just basically said so and suggests there is photographic evidence....story and comments above.   Is this the glyph the unnamed person is referring to? Robert Bauval contradicts his previous interviews (I highly suggest if you are interested in the story of these Germans "stealing" samples from the great Pyramid, that you follow the Hall of Ma'at's forum that contains many important links to various news articles and interviews ranging from the beginning of the breaking scandal to ongoing). Bauval threatens to sue Zahi Hawass, yet seemingly incriminates himself and the Germans; contradicts his previous stories and claims, thus questioning his credibility. I doubt these contradictions of Bauval's (and also the Germans) that are now to be found on multiple sites over the internet are going to help him in any legal battle; actually , I suspect quite the opposite.  THE GIST of the recent Capricorn Radio Interview. 


I found the Video on Youtube -----

Mis Enigmas Favoritos [Jean-Paul Bauval y Robert Bauval][La Gran Pirámide][26-12-2013]


Mis Enigmas Favoritos: “graffiti is original” shock
Posted by: Martin Stower (IP Logged)
Date: December 27, 2013 11:47PM,580469,582562#msg-582562

Brought to my attention:


From about 50:30 . . .

Bauval states that somebody “of very high reputation” (but who can not
be named), who “has photographic evidence”, found a joint which was
covered with mortar, touched the mortar (which broke) and found
graffiti behind the mortar. The implication being that the graffiti is
“original”. (One can see the interviewer’s discomfort.)

Compare the point here:


On past form some will say that the mortar is part of the forgery.
Bauval seems not to realise that the forgery scenario can be (and
often has been) elaborated to meet such objections. The argument
rather is that the story resulting posits levels of foresight and
ingenuity which stretch credulity.


Re: The Bauval Hawass Görlitz saga continues (15 12 13)
Posted by: Hermione (IP Logged)
Date: December 21, 2013 10:58AM,580469,582421#msg-582421

Dominique Görlitz ‘Pyramid Testimony’ with Robert Bauval
Posted by: Martin Stower (IP Logged)
Date: December 29, 2013 12:55PM,580469,582604#msg-582604

Link to Dominique Görlitz and Robert Bauval 'Pyramid Testimony'

Published on Dec 29, 2013

Colette writing now.........

The Gist of Dominique Görlitz and Robert Bauval 'Pyramid Testimony'

From all of the videos and interviews I have watched and listened to and taken notes, from a legal standpoint, NONE of these guys sound credible. They have changed their story too many times and if any thing, this will hurt them in Court. The more they speak, the worse their credibility gets. They have totally incriminated themselves. I thought the other interviews were pretty bad, this one is very bad.

Bauval, Görlitz and this Capricorn guy James Swagger....all very bias; Görlitz is confessing to crimes, blaming Hawass on the fact he got caught removing samples from the GP without permission. Says it should not be about politics, but that is mostly what they discuss....dumb, dumb, dumb stuff...........Bauval said he is not a Politician, yet he tells Görlitz that he will handle the politics....don't worry.

I understand what Zahi said, but he CLEARLY is not to blame for making those boys steal samples. Zahi assumed Bauval was involved and spoke too soon, but then he kept quiet; Bauval is assuming Zahi's behavior over the past 20 years and never shuts up.

Bauval says Zahi has made blatant lies before -  Accused John West, Robert Schoch, John Fletcher -to name a few...........

This is interesting what Robert Schoch has to say about contradicts what Bauval, Swagger and the lot of them say.

            "..............I can understand and be sympathetic to the predicament of the person who is in charge of the Giza Plateau, and whose responsibility it is to protect the monuments, namely Dr. Zahi Hawass. Despite all of the rumors that continue to fly, I honestly believe at first and foremost Dr. Hawass is trying to do his job as best he can.

            "..............Likewise, as part of his responsibility of caring for the Egyptian antiquities, Dr. Hawass has to be careful and judicious in what research projects he allows and when. I know from experience that there are often many practical, economic (for instance, interfering with tourism, which is an important part of the Egyptian economy), and political reasons that he has for either allowing or not allowing certain research projects to take place at certain times. Despite what people may think and say, and I have heard plenty of anecdotal stories and rumors that even involve my own research and whether or not I was allowed to do this and that, I do not have any evidence that Dr. Hawass is purposefully restraining research because he is afraid of the results or discoveries of such research............."

Contradictions: I know when these guys need or want some thing  they suck up to those whom are in a position of power. They say they do not want politics in Egypt so they can get on with their research.....well, that is a lot of what they play - "Politics on the Plateau."

Dominique Görlitz: 

"It is possible to say that yet in the end Zahi Hawass is responsible for everything...."

About the graffiti Görlitz removed the paint from - he said he did not know what the graffiti meant: "I have no idea what it really means"................The gist of what Görlitz stated: No one was aware of what I did...........The inspectors did not know what I was was not their fault - blame Zahi ........... 

Basically Görlitz said no one knew what he did before  Zahi ratted on him and James Swagger says Görlitz sounds like a "Genuine level headed guy."

James Swagger:

"Zahi Hawass is part of the old regime and unfortunately he has dragged you into this whole scandal and made this into something else"......"At the end of the day it is for the good of science".....

Well, what good for science is it when Görlitz removes the paint and disfigures the markings not knowing what he was removing paint from and can't use the samples anyway? 10 (ten) locations now, first it was one, then it was 2, now it is 10 locations -including the King's Chamber......Where exactly are those supposed drawings of the ten locations Görlitz and his gang took samples from, are they posted for public view or are they private?

Now Görlitz says Erdmann has been in the GP at least 3 times with Zahi's permission, so Görlitz could not basically understand what he had done wrong by removing the samples; after all, it had been done before. Pleading ignorance of the Law and acting naive does not set you free. PERMISSION is the KEY WORD is not okay to go do some thing without permission because your partner at one time in the past received permission from Zahi. It labels the person who has removed material without permission a thief, and a non-trustworthy individual. Görlitz claims he is a businessman and has a family and would never put his family or any one in harm's way. Hypothetically, if you were looking at a Character Reference sheet on an individual with a history of this nature, would you hire that individual to work for you and entrust that fellow with accounting or inventory?  How about allowing him into your home to baby sit?

Is Görlitz's partner Stefan Erdmann the fellow who can't be named for breaking the mortar and claiming the graffiti is authentic? Who is claiming this? Schoch, Stefan Erdmann?  Who? None of those people have such high reputations that I am aware of and Bauval won't say.....Why does Bauval play such games?

Anyway, young James says:

"You guys have been noble........"            "...........Noble from the very start."

"The truth is out......"

(NO, it is not............this is all getting too weird.....well, it started out weird, so I shouldn't expect for it not to get any weirder.)

This is truly a Hall of Ma'at weighing in matter.


My question, "What is this?"  Martin posted some good links to old historical illustrations drawn depicting the various glyphs.,580469,582646#msg-582646

Colette writing now: Here I am asking what mark Bauval was claiming mortar was broken exposing its authenticity after Martin Stower posted info on the links to some very historical illustrations.

Breaking Mortar Exposing "Authentic" Glyphs? Altering History -Come Forward Man


If maybe the glyphs/markings on the East Wall of Campbell's Chamber are not what Bauval is exclusively claiming some one of very high reputation broke some mortar off and found graffiti underneath claiming authenticity, could this possibly be the marking? This is the one near the Cartouche that Dominique Görlitz took a sampling from. It has mortar around it and is next to the horizontal seam to the vertical South Wall and an inside corner joint to the West Gable end of Campbell's Chamber.

This photograph was taken in 2006----

On those glyph illustrations of  the Reisner / Mycernius PDF #12

I notice (I think it is on Plate 12), Figure #83 is hard to find? Is it missing?  I wonder what it is? But, I would like to see if the marking in 2006, compares with the illustrations of the markings or photographs from earlier times. If this is the area that some mortar was broken away exposing some more graffiti, could it be the bottom part or to the right of the marking? Bauval does not make himself clear on those issues -just a marking turning into/towards a joint/fold (Bauval states it a few different ways while professing his exclusive claim on the Mis Enigmas Favoritos interview of December 26th, 2013). If the marking was altered, then what? Did a lot of mortar break off and take part of the mark away with it or what? Why would that fellow be so afraid to come forward about breaking the mortar if he was in the Chamber officially and he is of high reputation? Was it an accident or was he taking samples too (without permission or with permission?) or what? The importance is to know of any alteration of any particular marking that has taken place so the alteration from what was originally found can be documented. Come forward Man for Science -not Politics; explain what you did and saw, if you took photographs before and after the mortar broke, well then please display them. Bauval claims there are photographs of the situation involving the breaking of mortar and exposing the markings proving they are authentic. I repeat, "Come forward Man."

One hundred years from now, the glyphs in the GP are really going to be messed up by modern Dummies.......The earlier Explorers in many ways seem to have much more respect for the GP. Sure they had to blow some stones up to make passages; there were Tomb Robbers and the likes -but there really seems a genuine interest in preserving glyphs contained in the Great Pyramid in general; they did not remove them, they attempted to preserve them by illustrating them and then tried to transcribe them -completely opposite of what Dominique Görlitz and Stefan Erdmann are demonstrating for their Das Cheops Project. I am just wondering how much these markings have been altered? When they are altered, they are not the same image and that would change their meaning. If Bauval's exclusive claim is true: "Come forward Man - come forward."


Elena Konstantinou was the Russian Lady Film Producer who has won awards for her work. Robert Bauval insulted the Russian crew on his Facebook page; "Russian Amateurs." He failed to say that he himself was interviewed for her documentary. See #3 Youtube.

1.Trailer from Russian Documentary: Secrets of Giza Plateau: Great Pyramid Queen chamber by Elena Konstantinou - I played my Flute in King's Chamber -sounds beautiful.

2.Trailer from Russian Documentary: Secrets of Great Pyramid: Relieving Chambers  by  Elena Konstantinou - Robert Schoch, Colette Dowell & Others         

3.Mysteries of Giza: Great Pyramid & Orion Belt by Elena Konstantinou Robert Bauval and John West talk about the shafts in chambers

Here is the an outside link if you would like to follow the actual German amateur "archaeologists" thread on the Hall of Ma'at:,580469,580469#msg-580469  ;


This page will continue to be under construction as able while scandal evolves and unfolds.

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