The God Hypothesis


The God Hypothesis:

Extraterrestrial Life

And Its Implications for Science and Religion


by Joe Lewels, Ph.D

Introduction by Rev. Dr. Barry H. Downing


1997, Wild Flower Press / Blue Water Publishing /

Granite Publishing LLC; 2nd ed edition (February 8, 2005)

ISBN:  0926524534

Review by Dr. Colette M. Dowell, N.D. 1998


      The God Hypothesis


        For the past decade there has been a wave of books published about UFO enigmas ranging from benevolent beings interacting with humans in order to help us save our home planet Earth, to hard evidence of spacecraft technology being drafted and engineered into our modern-day Star Wars program. Physical abduction of humans by extraterrestrials was among some of the scariest phenomena ever reported. Many serious and non-serious researchers of UFOs and other related paranormal topics have accounted for actual videos, photographs, possible alien artifacts and also first-hand verbal accounts by witnesses or experiencers of paranormal events. The God Hypothesis is one book covering varied studies of ufology and independent researchers' views. The researchers' views are reported from their own personal niches in the field . Joe Lewels, Ph.D., offers an accounting of mainstream ufology along with his own personal interpretation of who or what is doing whatever, when, how and why. Where does the heritage of aliens and spacecraft begin? How long have human abductions been taking place and why?


Lewels considers himself a 'common' man---

a man whose childhood was filled with devout Christian faith

 and common sociological thoughts and typical mainstream consciousness.


        His journalism occupation led him to a Ph.D. journalism program at University of Missouri and to a position as Editor of the Freedom of Information Digest and Reports. He thought he had a really healthy, normal life, but something lurked in the back of his mind haunting him. Previously, while on an Army flight mission in 1969, somewhere in Alabama, Joe and his companion Army Colonel Bob Jones, both witnessed a glowing orange ball of light hovering at high altitude ahead of them. This was a night for Joe to ponder for many years, for what he saw was an unidentified flying object.


        It wasn't until 1992 that Lewels' desire and sincere approach to ufology guided him to actually research the phenomena. His religious background targeted him towards theology within ufology by way of peculiar patterns of relationships he noticed between modern-day UFO-related happenings and early Christianity. Rev. Dr. Barry H. Downing's interpretation of the UFO phenomena and its curious parallels with theology coincides with Lewels' conclusion that our modern-day aliens are in fact history's ancient Gods as related in the Bible and other ancient sacred texts. Indeed, there are some quite stunning relationships between events, 'beings,' Gods and spiritual theme from ancient to modern day texts.


The God Hypothesis partly is Lewels' interpretation of his own personal spiritual transformation and ability to accept more than what is typified in mainstream consciousness.


        He describes his 'conscious' moments when he suddenly realizes there is something more out there than he had earlier perceived, and expresses his shock, joy and wonderment about the event. Lewels totally went through a positive transformation of his personal state of being, and his acceptance and tolerance of other realms--realms other than what he can perceive with his senses or rational mind. I am sure while on his earlier venture into the depths of ufology, and upon his startling realizations and memorable moments such as coming to terms with cattle mutilations and human abductions, he must have really freaked out. He speaks of aliens as possible angels to some, and to others, the Devil or Satan. He has a very strong religious scenario scoped out in his findings.


        His overture is honest; as he writes he reveals and shares his excitement and his nave state of being as he reports on his newly found paradigm. I could picture him with compelling force running from UFO conference to conference and hanging out with 'select' speakers in hopes of hearing about the latest UFO happenings and related topics. In total fascination he details his search and writes about his understanding of the UFO phenomena and queer correlations to specific biblical text and varied mythological legends. He intertwines his beliefs with aliens, much as other researchers try to incorporate their own personal beliefs into the subject, i.e. "What ever they are into at the time that may be different than some one else." -- for the "Vogue Minded" individual only.


Lewels presents images of ancient wisdom teachings

and Bible stories to your mind.


        Who were the keepers of the tablets, and where were they really from? He discusses the problem with different modern languages translating the Bible and other Sacred Scrolls from the original ancient texts. He also presents important chronological historical theology and the differences between 'era'-related transcriptions and revisions of the Bible. I found this to be very interesting and it helped me understand certain changes within earlier civilizations' government and religious thoughts of the time (but not relating to aliens, moreso governments). Lewels exposes the hypocrisy and manipulation of the sacred texts that induce major changes of consciousness and control of the majority of peoples throughout the world.


Lewels 'tracked' the UFO phenomenon accurately

by passage of his own experience and understanding of it.


        His perspective is shared by many who pursue the obscure and mainstream UFO myths and beliefs. Like every true-blue UFO researcher, Lewels expanded his way of thinking into other possible realms of realities. He associated himself with the holographic-universe concept of Michael Talbot and recaptured moments of consciousness as related to modern-day quantum physics. He even goes into the Mars Mission, led by Richard Hoagland, which in earlier years investigated the notorious 'Face on Mars,' deemed by NASA as a "trick of light and shadow". Lewel's seems to follow the crowd and wants to make his niche in the world of the paranormal and that of aliens interbreeding with humans!!!! What more is there to life that will be revealed to us by researchers such as Lewel's who convey such extreme abstracts? What next on the alien agenda?


        The God Hypothesis is a very informative book encompassing many details about synchronicities (in Lewel's mind) that relate to Biblical texts and modern UFO realities. Many readers who are new to this particular theory and diverse explanation of certain parts of human history will arrive at a newly found awareness of (possible) other realities. I consider The God Hypothesis a contemporary mainstream ufology book written for those interested in sensational topics.





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